Monday, March 20, 2017

Boston Marathon Training {Week 14}

Another week full of being stressed out at work and super busy. There's a light at the end of the tunnel, but it might be a train.


On Sunday I ran the March Madness Half marathon. Spoiler alert: I got a PR by 2 minutes. It was completely unexpected and awesome and wow. More on that in another post.

crappy "photo of my medal in the parking lot because I didn't have my squad with me" selfie


Despite being swamped at work again due to changes, I had one of my highest mileage weeks (running wise) again.

One of the things Ive been working on the past few weeks is to take my easy runs much easier. After reading Pete's blog about 80/20 running, I decided to be more mindful about my pace during runs. Sometimes "easy" is 8:30's for me, yet that's only 35 seconds slower than my marathon PR pace. Lately Ive been taking easy runs at 9:00+ a mile and find I'm more rested and have more energy.

I just ordered the book 80/20 by Matt Fitzgerald and look forward to reading it in my limited spare time.

The highlight of this week of workouts was my speed sesh consisting of a fartlek where I alternated each song at a fast pace 7:20-30 followed with a song at a slow pace of 8:30. The other highlight was my new half PR.

Training Plan

Monday- easy 6 miles @ 9:13 pace

Tuesday- Fartlek every other song @ 7:30-20, with 2x400's @ 6:30 pace

Wednesday- 3.25 miles @ 9:30 pace

Thursday- 7 miles @ 9:18 pace

Friday- 3 miles with the pup (11:33), 3.75 miles @ 9:25 pace

Saturday- 10 miles progressive avg 8:20 pace

Sunday- 13.1 miles 1:42.34 avg 7:49

Goals and Stuff

After Sunday's half, I'm much more confident that I can run a sub 3:30 in Boston. I felt good enough on the hills and will continue doing body weight exercises and stairs post hard efforts.


I ran outside with CBdog on Friday after work. Runs like these make me super happy- I remember the days we used to run 18 miles in Alameda, CA together when he was 6. Now 3 miles is our limit since he is 12 and it takes a toll on his body.

I really need to run outside more. When I'm outside, I love running along the lakefront. But sometimes (most days) it's hard for me to get out there. I hate the cold and how it makes my hands hurt despite having some really nice gloves. I also can't get all the crime I read about out of my head. But on the other hand, running inside my hot gym is great Heat acclimatization in case Boston is a sauna.

Looking Forward

I'm going to make an effort to run outside this week.

I also need to be more mindful of what I'm eating. Ive cut back on alcohol, but need to stop binging on food. I'm much better than I was, but need to stick with proper portion sizes and drink more water.

13 Days to go until Shamrock Shuffle

28 Days to go until BOSTON!


Monday, March 13, 2017

Boston Marathon Training {Weeks 12 & 13}

These past 2 weeks have been a blur. Some major changes at work brought stress and added hours- but looking back, it was good to keep working out so I wouldn't focus too much on work or obsess about running.


I posted this pic on my IG last week and ended up winning a pink ticket to Mikkeller Beer Celebration. As a result, we started looking into flights to CPH, And now we are headed back to Copenhagen for the 3rd time. I'm really excited to see all of our friends and eat good Danish foods, and drink amazing beer.


Week 12 was better than week 13. I just felt more put together. Week 13 had a lot more stress + early AM meetings so working out before work was limited. (And I have no desire to work out when I get home)

The highlight of week 12 was 7x800's @ 3:20 (6:40 pace). I felt great. Another highlight was 6x1200's @ 7:30 pace in the middle of my 12 mile long run on Saturday.

Week 13 was ok. I didn't cycle at all. I took 2 rest days- which is unusual for me. Monday I was tired, and had a 7am meeting- so Morning workout was out. Friday I felt kind of sick in the morning so I decided to wait until the afternoon for a workout. During the course of the day on Friday, my left foot started hurting pretty bad- it came out of nowhere. I was convinced the side of it was swollen, and each step hurt pretty bad. Saturday morning, I woke up and was fine. Dafuq.

The highlight of week 13 was 4x1.5 miles @ 7:30 pace. I felt really strong during this workout. The low light of this week? How about low lights: Feeling sick on Friday, my foot hurting randomly, and cutting my 16 miler to 11 because I didn't feel good. Oh well.

Goals and Stuff

I still feel on track for a sub 3:30 finish. I also need to run outside again some time soon so I can have additional confidence. (At the minimum I'll run outside on Sunday) I should probably do more with hill type stuff, but for now the squats and jumping squats and squat press with 25lb weights and all the stairs I take seem enough.

I also need to buy a fresh pair of kicks for the marathon. My neon Newton Distance shoes only have 180 miles on them, but I'd prefer to have a newer pair for Boston and beyond.


I cooked posole soup in the slow cooker this week and it came out really good! Pic didn't do it justice so you'll have to imagine a rich broth with hominy and a little spice.

Looking Forward

Ive got my first race of the year this Sunday- the March Madness Half. I don't plan on "racing" it for a time due to the crazy elevation profile, but I do plan to give a good effort to see where I'm at.

My Daad won a pair of glasses at a 5k recently and sent them to me. The dog promptly called dibs and loves them.

6 Days to go until March Madness Half

20 Days to go until Shamrock Shuffle

35 Days to go until BOSTON!