Monday, August 17, 2020

The Happiest Day (in 155 days)

Yesterday, we woke up and just like any other Sunday, I hopped onto the trainer. I completed a race in Zwift and then walked to the grocery store to pick up food for the week. 

When I returned home, the lobby to our condo was flooded.  A valve was leaking/in need of emergency repair and consequently, we were now without running water as of 9am with no estimate on when it would return. 

We decided that after working out that we would ride our bikes to go get brunch- something we have spoken about for a while but had not done yet. 

We decided to go to Marz. At only 4 miles from us, it was a good test ride to see how cycling in the city would work.  

They have a huge spaced out patio. I was able to wash my hands with water and it felt so great. I knew I washed my hands a lot, but now that I couldn’t at home, I realized I wash my hands more than I thought. 

Ordering is contactless- pay through the app, and when your food/drinks are ready, they call your name to come pick up your order. Must wear a mask while not at your table. Safety is king here. 

We ordered spam musubi to share. Always so so good. 

I got Kitsune Dreamer to drink. It had a fox on it which reminded me of CB. 

We both got Loco Moco for lunch. It was so out of this world good. 

I even bought a plant from inflorescence. I had bought a plant from them 6 months ago and it was thriving, and I felt it needed a friend. I couldn’t resist the pothos planted in the newly released “Talking To Plants” ipa can. 

We checked our emails for updates on the water, and since nothing had changed, we decided to cycle to Whiner beer. 

We got Monsieur Monster and Bleu Tub. Both very good and refreshing while outside. 

Eventually it was time to return home. Our return trip was just as uneventful as the trip to the breweries. 

12 miles of cycling for the day (and first ride outside in a long long time. Felt nice to be able to coast since that’s not an option in Zwift 🙃)

We got home to no water and took Ze for a walk. 

Around 4:30 the water returned and we quickly got cleaned off. Hot water. Water in general never felt so good. 

With the return of the water, I started meal prepping. 
First was a white bean, tomato, cucumber salad for lunch at work. 

Next up was dinner- purple smashed potatoes with lemon and parsley. 

And one pot chicken with red onions, apples, garlic, thyme, dill, and apple cider vinegar.  (Potato And chicken  recipes from “Eat Race Win.”)

Cycling to the breweries and  cooking at home made me feel so happy. This was the happiest I’ve felt in a long long time.  Or more precisely, 155 days- since shelter in place/covid phases started.