Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Windy Day

Today was very blustery when I got home, so I decided to stay indoors and do 4 miles. Ended up with 2 on the elliptical, 1 fast mile on the tread, and 1 final mile on the elliptical. I felt awesome- really wanted to go outside and run another 3 miles, but need to stay healthy and not over do it.

Had polenta with fire roasted veggies in a balsamic-butter sauce for dinner. YUM!

In other news one of my best friends will be running the Nike Women's Marathon with me! I am super excited to have found the college entry Nike has for the race... Now I will have a great running companion with me! This is going to be awesome!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

4 more!

4 miles on the elliptical/step machine tonight. Felt great. I almost went to do my usual 3 mile course afterward and smartly decided to take it easy and go home. The soleus muscle is not bothering me today as much as yesterday. I'm hoping to rid myself of this annoyance sooner than later.

Exercising is a great way to reduce stress and clear one's head. If only it could help me find a new, better job....

Nike Women's Marathon 2010: 172 more days!

Muddy Buddy June 6: 39 days
Need to hit the trails soon to get some experience with trails on the bike and running.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Update

Did 5.5 miles on Saturday. Felt great!

Did 3 miles with Hampton today. Felt hot and tired. Was 70 degrees while running. Had to dodge all the beach goers on the trail today. 75% of them should start a fitness program. Walk more, eat less, no more fast food. Was really sad to see kids and older people severely obese. That didnt stop them from wearing skimpy tight shirts that let everyone see their many large rolls... UGH... How can people be so careless about their health, their children's health???

Goal for this week is to hit 20 miles.. Need to establish good consistent 20-30+ mile weeks before starting the higdon plan. I have a decent base, but need to be more consistent.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Entry confirmed!

Just received an e-mail saying I will be running the Nike Women's Marathon 10.17.10 I am super excited! This will be my 2nd marathon, the first being NYC in 2002. I was hopelessly unprepared to do it, but somehow managed to finish. Perhaps it was my dad's promise to buy me a crystal apple from Tiffanys with my time inscribed on it that got me through the 26.2 When I complete the NWM I will get a necklace from Tiffanys. Nice how things come full circle!

My goals for the race:

Train train train! (I will start an 18 week training program from Hal Higdon in June)
Finish in 4 hours
Finish with a smile on my face =)
Get the Tiffanys necklace handed to me by a guy in a tux and be proud of my finish