Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cankle Dreamin'

Last night I soaked my crankle in Dead Sea salts because they are so much better than Epsom. And then continued the ultra fun night by using my arsenal of running related massagers to dig deep into my calf. Started with the foam roller then progressed to the TP foot baller. I even lightly foam rolled the ankle. Ouch. I took an aleve before bed for another ailment and fell asleep.

I had a dream where I was at a hotel and had to get to a race start. My cankle still had the same crankiness as it does in real life so I was concerned about running the race since that would be the first time I ran in a while.

I also had to get to the start of the race- which I ended up choosing my bike because taxis would take too long in traffic. I got to the start and checked my bag and lined up for the start.

And then I woke up.


I tried to go back to sleep because I wanted to know the outcome of the race. Mainly if my ankle would hurt or not. (I MEAN CMON THATS THE ONLY THING I CARE ABOUT NOW)

I woke up this morning and my ankle wasn't nearly as cranky as before. In fact it almost feels normal. I'm contemplating a very short run (like one mile) after work to get my bib for the Original 5k that I'm running or "yogging" this weekend.

I'll be cycling to the start of that race, just as in my dream. I hope my ankle is up for an easy 5k Saturday morning.

I'm looking forward to running the The Original 5k Saturday. I've got some sweet Chicago sweatbands to compliment the "throwback" theme of this race. That is, if CB lets me have them back...


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Another fabulous week in the books.

Only 50 miles this week. All cycling. Nothing to write home about. I took some extra rest days because I felt like it. I'm not training for anything, so no sense in feeling "guilty" for only working out 3 hours and 42 minutes last week (not counting strength training if anyone is counting).

My new swimsuit fits, but when I went to use the resistance pool it didn't turn on. FML. So now I'm looking into a few options for swimming laps. I have to keep reminding myself this ankle issue is temporary and if I continue working out in a way that doesn't piss my ankle off, plus stay diligent with strength training, I'll be better off than before this "injury."

The first time I was called "Sharlon" this year. Lol.

I'm surprised how "chill" I am about this whole ankle thing. I mean, it will totally get better at some point. Races will still be waiting for me with open arms. Boston will have a place for me when I finally do qualify. Just no use stressing over something that needs some time. I'll probably try an easy run or 2 this week to see how it's doing.

To continue off of last week's week of firsts, I took note of even more firsts that happened. I got my first pair of "Chucks."

I got a fitbit. So snazzy in an obnoxious green color like my Chucks.

I spectated the Soldier Field 10 for the second time. I'm on the "run every other year plan" for this race.

I cycled south on the lakefront and got to see nearly everyone I was "cheering" for. (I'm terribly awkward at cheering encouraging things to strangers, so I cheer for my friends and take loads of photos) It really couldn't have been a better day for a race.

After the race I went to the "West Loop Craft Beer Festival" for the first time. It was in a block party format with over 60 breweries- many of which I had never heard of (read: very small local ones) and all had delicious beer.

The weather was perfect.

All the beerz, all the smiles.

Check out dem pretzel necklaces below.

All the beerz and all the friendz.

We finished out the holiday whirlwind weekend with friends and grilled foods and a 41% abv beer "Sink the Bismark!" By Brewdogs. Needless to say we didn't come close to killing that bottle...

My "goals" workout wise for this week mainly include getting back to 7-8 hours of workouts and doing more strength training. And finally swimming a few laps. And hopefully running a few miles if the ankle cooperates...


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Whole Entire Week of "Firsts"

My first triple digit week! Boom. I won't recap any of that since no one (including myself) would want to hear how I was on the stationary bike for hours and hours reading Running Times.

During this week I also cycled 20 miles (at one time)  my furthest ever. There were also some elliptical and a few running miles mixed in this week too.

I ordered my first legit swimsuit this week. I used a tape measure to measure myself so I would ensure the suit would fit- because like duh. Size charts are there for a reason. The suit ended up being ridiculously small. I'm confused. So now I'm ordering one 4 sizes bigger and will be playing a game of trial and error. So dumb.

On Friday I had my first PBR. At least according to untappd. I doubt I would have had a PBR pre-untappd days because I don't generally drink beer flavored Koolaid.

The PBR was consumed at Wrigley field for the Cubs game. Because drinking shitty beer and watching baseball go hand in hand. Clearly.

I also spectated my first race of the year- the Chicago Spring half! It was fun seeing Kim, Bobbi, Amanda, Marcia, Nicole, Eric and even my neighbors out there enjoying themselves.

CB even came out to spectate and was a hit with the runners.

I ran-walked a bit that morning and my ankle didnt appreciate it at all. Well, it warmed up and then turned back into the Crankle. It needs more time off.

I've been debating going to a doctor or PT or whatever but keep coming to the same conclusion: I honestly don't care about a diagnosis for my ankle. (It's probably peroneal tendonitis since it fits most of the symptoms.) and I don't need anyone to tell me to rest and not run. Im doing a bang up job of that currently. I'd rather get an assessment for my gait, leg length etx to see if there's something structurally wrong that causes issues consistently on my right side. But I was injury free for over 1.5 years before this. And I have zero interest in orthotics. So I'm not sure where that leaves me currently

CB even met a new friend.....

Later on after the race I went to the new Goose Island Barrel Aging warehouse for the first time for "Sunday Funday." It's Chicago Craft Beer Week #CCBW and there's loads of events going on at the breweries and restaurants.

The facility is enormous.

"Sunday Funday" had free beer, a dodgeball championship between the breweries, a live band, and more free beer.

They were pouring many varietals of Bourbon County Stout- my favorites being the Weller and Proprietors blend. And they were pouring their signature sours like Gillian, Juliet, and my favorite: Madame Rose. Sours are my jam and I was in heaven.

Because spending time with good friends + all the best beerz is always a Funday. TOTES.

Barrels for dayz.
One week of awesome in the books, looking forward to another, because why the hell not?

Now if only the cankle would stop being cranky so I could enjoy running the lakefront again.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stupid cankle, why you no like me?

Reading a Running Times while cycling in an 85 degree stuffy gym is so totes amazeballs. NOT

Taken on My last run before the ankle got mad at me.

I'm on a self imposed running hiatus, length unknown. That sounds way more dramatic than it is. My ankle started bugging me in the same way it did before Fox Valley in 2012. So being the mature, responsible person I am, I decided to call it quits with running for a bit. Well, at least after a few runs on the Highline, West Side Highway, Central Park because I was in NYC and how could I NOT go run!? I also had one last run with Kim in Chicago because she wanted to run with me before work and how could I say no to her!?!

The good thing is there's no swelling, and it warms up after 3-4 miles. But leaves my Cankle throbbing once I get cooled down.

Dressed up all fancy Black tie for a wedding only to sit at the bar the entire night while my cankle howled in discomfort.

In this self imposed downtime (last week I ran 5.5 miles and had a whopping 6 days of no workouts!) I realized some things.

•I'm happy to have not registered for any future races. I wasn't too jazzed about anything anyways except for Fleet Feet racing team. But FF and races will be there for me when I'm ready to return.

•Not working out makes my mood take a nosedive.

•When not exercising regularly it is not advisable to eat all the things and drink all the booze.

•Balance is super totes important. I have annoyed the shit out of my husband with running talk and thankfully have managed to get that under control. My god there's so much more to life than running, training and OMG races.

having fun on the lakefront where no running was involved. *gasp*

I'm using this minor annoyance as an opportunity to become a more well rounded athlete and person. I'm researching swim stuffs like suits and goggles so I can finally use the resistance pool in our gym. I'm also taking this "time off" to strength train a lot more than my usual half assed 2x weekly sessions.

I miss NYC way more than I ever thought possible. I do not miss Times Square however.

I'm just hoping this ankle thing is a one off and clears up quick so I can get back to running the lakefront again or NYC or anywhere pain/ discomfort free.

- xaar