Thursday, April 18, 2019

Crosstown 10k 2019 {Race Recap}

Time: 46:30 avg 7:30/Mile

1st of 31 AG

2nd of 199 Women

5th of 326 OA

Last Sunday I ran the Crosstown 10k And got 2nd woman overall!

I saw the weather forecast was for snow on race day and hoped it would stay snow vs rain. (Because snow is “dry”) but race morning I took out the dogs and experienced the wind, the cold, and sleety bits. 

I seriously considered staying home because I had no desire to run in shit conditions like this ever again. (See Boston 2018 and IM Louisville 2018 for reference) 

I ultimately decided I couldn’t bail on this race since a few of my friends from MRC were also signed up. I couldn’t let them down- especially since I’m the captain of our club. 

I paid $10 to pick up my bib/shirt on race morning which worked out perfectly. I would have spent more $$ on transport and time to get to RRS had I picked it up myself.

I was pretty ambivalent about this race. Before I knew the conditions would be a frozen shitstorm, my goal would have been to maintain low 7’s. But given the weather I decided to take advantage of the nice tailwind and just trot it back into the headwind.

When I lined up at the front I looked around and thought to myself “I probably should have looked at the course map a little more.”  I’m usually not in the position to podium for women, or overall but I felt today would be a real possibility for scoring high overall.

We listened to the national anthem and soon we were off.

A woman sprinted out but I caught her within the first 100m. I was like 3rd overall 400m into the race. A girl passed me and I decided to stick with her for as long as I could. 

I pretty much trailed the first woman by 5’ the first 3.5 miles (before the turnaround) I would run better tangents and catch up to her and then she would pick up the pace. We did this a lot in the first 3.5 miles.

Once we turned back north it was awful. 20+mph winds, sleet, rain, snow. The sleet felt like small shards of glass cutting my skin. 

The first place woman took off. I wasn’t really feeling like pushing too hard at this point and just kept an even effort.

My glasses were fogging up/ freezing over and it was so hard to see the path. I tried to avoid the large puddles but managed to step into a few and instantly thought “wow the water is warm.” I was worried about tripping on uneven pavement.

I kept pushing towards the finish and was so cold. I was happy no one passed me the entire race except for the first woman 400m into the race.

I was ready to be done. The snow was picking up. It brought flashbacks of running Boston- I felt so emotionally drained afterwards.

I was so happy to cross the finish as 2nd woman and 5th overall. It was a solid effort - not the time I would have wanted, but I was happy with my race execution.

I was so numb by the time I finished. Hands were so cold. 

I was very happy I wore my good Nike jacket which I should have worn for Boston and the IM. I felt warm and dry with it. My mittens were soaked and my hands were so painful. I need to figure out a way to keep my hands dry next time. (Hopefully there won’t be a “next time” running a race in these conditions tho)

My pace slowed a minute per mile once I turned back north.  Wind is my kryptonite. 

Freezing. Frozen. F*cking done. 

I waited for my teammates to finish and cheered them on. They did so amazing too!

For 2nd OA I was shocked to get a gift certificate to RRS for insoles. I was all Damn, should have run a minute faster to get the 1st place prize- a new pair of shoes. 

Went home shivering and took a hot bath and chilled with my boys. 

The race was well organized and fun. Id probably run it again pending the weather.

The shirt/medal etc were nice. The volunteers were great for standing out in the sleet and wind. 


Bélvita biscuit for breakfast
Sis Gel 10 min pre race. 
No water taken on course 

Wore my good nike jacket. (Saved my life)
Mittens were shit in the rain
Wore my coure bib holder triathlon belt thing. So much better than punching holes in my jacket. 

Wore tights. I thought to wear shorts but figured it would be more snow than rain. Mistake. Wear shorts next time so the tights don’t soak up water.

What’s next?

Start training for the Redbull 400, and eventually the Chicago Marathon. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Shamrock Shuffle 2019 {Race Recap}

Ran my 8th Shamrock Shuffle on Sunday! 

TL;DR version: I got my 2nd fastest time and had fun with some great people. 

Saturday morning we ran over to the expo with our neighbors and met up with some of our run club. 

Did the expo thing, got some swag and had fun. It seemed better than last year-maybe more consolidated. Last year I kept thinking “where’s the other room of vendors?”

This year we had a record 41 people and 8 teams running for Our run club- Mikkeller Running club!

When I signed up for the race back last year, I had grand goals to train for low 6’s and try to place in my AG (you never know who’s going to show up, blah blah) but in December I started feeling really crappy. I gained 10lbs and a lot of body fat. I attribute it to the residual effects of Ironman training and elevated cortisol. 

I trained fairly well, but never felt great despite an average of 45 miles per week.  My speedwork was around 6:00/mile but I always felt really tired and not fresh, even outside of running. 

Goal for Sunday was revised to: sub 35 and I’ll be happy. I ran a 10k with Ze avg 7:00, so I figured that not being dog aided (pulled) I could probably hold it for 5 miles.

Woke up Sunday morning, had a coffee and a slice of my latest homemade red fife wheat loaf.  We walked over to grant park to meet our team. 

41 people ran with us. I’m still so blown away at what this community has become.

We dropped our bags after pics and headed to our corrals.

The cool thing about having a running club is that you’re never alone- especially at this race. There were at least 10 people from MRC in the same corral as me.

Obligatory skyline shot. 

We lined up initially close to the start- I remarked how empty it was but then realized it was still pretty early. As the corral filled up, I decided to get out of the herd of 5 minute milers and start at the back. Didn’t want to get trampled- yes I still have trauma over the Chicago marathon 2011 when I got tripped in the first 400m due to idiots.  

A few of us started the race together- which was nice. I felt really good maintaining high 6’s but didn’t feel mentally into this race while running. I stuck with Matt and MH for like 2 miles and eventually they started pulling away. I tried to keep up but was stuck on my pace. 

Crossed the 5k in 21:17 - not bad considering how I’ve felt for the past few months.

(Actual manually lapped splits)

Finished in 34:19. I was happy to break 35 again and was content with my time.  We ran into more teammates since about 10 of us finished within a few minutes of each other. 

Its where we discovered that we placed 2nd in the team division!

We got our bags and walked towards the fountain to chill while our other teammates finished. We ran into MRC Seattle captain John at the fountain. It was great to meet him finally!

We made sure to get a group picture post race too. 

I am just so proud of our entire group- people PR’d like L by 5 minutes!! For others it was the longest they’ve ever run.  So inspired by these folks. 

I wasn’t too far off my time from last year despite feeling quite meh. I have to thank my rabbits Matt and MH- I wouldn’t have run as fast if it wasn’t for them. To see people I knew ahead of me kept me more engaged had I been there all alone. 

8 years of shamrock data. 🤓

We went to Ballast Point to celebrate and hydrate and eat. I love these people.

And then went to Lone Wolf where potentially bad decisions were made.

Overall, I’m really happy with how this race went, and how I paced with relatively even splits. I’m going to go to the doctor soon to see if something is out of whack because I’m sick of feeling dull. And I want to be 100% for Chicago Marathon Training.

8th Shuffle in the books! Looking forward to doing a 10k in a month and then really getting into marathon training. (And also looking forward to figuring out why I feel so flat all the time and fixing it!)

Extremely thankful for this amazing group of people. 

Housekeeping: (40f/calm)

Took a sis gel 10 min prior to the race
No water during the race
Long sleeve with singlet and shorts- overkill. Drop the long sleeve.