Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Mikkeller World Beer Mile Championship 2018 {Race Recap}

On Tuesday night I boarded a plane for Copenhagen, Denmark. It was an uneventful flight and I slept a few hours. 

I landed in CPH 8 hours later-  around 1:30pm, got my stuff and headed to the air bnb we rented in Vestebro. 

We got a shawarma (Kylling Duram) from the world famous Kebabistan and got settled. 

A few hours later we headed to Baghavn to participate in the 2018 Danish World Beer Mile Championship. 

I love Baghavn. It is located on the water and has an amazing view of Copenhagen. 
We immediately started running into friends- like Henrik. 

After hanging out for a bit, we got our bibs and started getting ready to tackle this beast of a race. 

I stretched out my calves and did some strides. I wondered what a proper warmup would entail for a beer mile- should I pound half a beer and run 200m? 

I stood with the other women in the heat and tried to look serious in the setting sun. (I think we started our heat around 9:10pm) 

Got my beer mile game face on. 

My PR from last year was 15:xx- half  the time was drinking half was running. I knew my only area for significant improvement was to drink much faster because I knew I wouldn’t be running a 3:30 mile ever to compensate for the slow drinking. On Tuesday at work, I chugged a la croix. Nailed it. 

I had put down that I would drink/run 10:20- after submitting it to the race organizer I immediately thought how in the world would I ever shave 5 minuets off my time? Yolo. 

I was nervous. I didn’t want to come in last- my competition looked fierce. I also didn’t want to feel like crap. 
Some people even made sweet signs!

After watching the elites in their heat, I was shocked to learn we would be drinking out of bottles. I was worried because I had only practiced with cans. I never went over the logistics of opening a bottle - something I rarely do now since most beers we buy are canned. I also haven’t drank out of a bottle in ages. 

I started my watch and fumbled with the bottle to get it open and started drinking as fast as I could. One by one, the ladies started taking off for their run. I was still drinking. 

And soon I was DFL still drinking my beer as everyone else was out running. Shit. I took off running and started catching people. 

About 200m into the first lap I realized I forgot to clock the beer split. Damn. The first 400 consisted of trying to burp as much as possible to make space for the next 3 beers. 

I passed a bunch of women on the run which made me feel better- and then I was back at the table for #2.  I  fumbled with the bottle again to open it. 2nd beer was just as tough as the first. 

With 2nd beer finished, I took off around the warehouses picking off faster drinkers. Burps And burps on burps for this lap. 

3rd beer was easier to open and seemingly more difficult to drink. I was uncomfortable. The beer would be ok to drink- but as soon as I stopped to take a breath, it would foam up making it difficult to consume. 

3rd lap felt gross. More burps- and a near miss for puking. I would have been ok with puking at this point but it was just a crazy big burp. 

4th beer/lap was a welcome sight. I was ready to be done. There was a lady in our heat that could empty the bottle in no more than 5 seconds. I was fixated on her each time I saw her drinking. It was magnificent. I couldn’t wrap my mind around how she could drink so fast. 

4th lap was more of the same- although I pushed myself really hard the last 200m because I heard someone coming up behind me and I didn’t want them to pass me. I crossed the finish and was so happy to be done. And I didn’t get passed. 

I got a new PR by 5 minutes! Insane. Since I sucked at getting splits I can only offer the following insight as to how I shaved 1:15/lap off my time. 

I was competitive AF. Instead of laughing and taking 3 minutes to drink a single beer, I focused on trying to drink as fast as possible. I’m sure my beers were consumed in less than 45 seconds each. 

I’m sure I didn’t run markedly faster than my last 2 beer miles. I’d imagine I ran around 7:00-7:30 tops. 3 minutes of beer drinking seems reasonable to me. 

After coming back to life, I spectated L for his heat of the beer mile. Going into this race he held the house record for beer mile. Would he remain the champ?
Soon he was off and I was cheering and snapping pictures of him. 

I was annoying and asking him how he felt while drinking. Sorry k?

After 4 beers and 4 laps, L finished in a respectable 11:xx. The house record was now mine. 

We had to take selfies to cement this memory for perpetuity. 

Night fell on Baghavn and it was even more beautiful. 

The awards ceremony was held and we didn’t place. The lead women finished in 8:xx. Blazing fast. The first guy finished in 5:26 I think. 

We met the Swedish beer mile team. They are a bunch of cool dudes who travel around Europe doing beer miles. We asked them how many beer miles they’ve done, and they replied 70-80. 

They also mentioned that before they go out for the weekend, sometimes they will do a beer mile. They also kicked ass later in the week for the Grill Pong Championship And won first. 

Against all logic, I had one more beer post beer mile- a delicious passion fruit sour from Baghavn while we chatted with friends. Around midnight we walked to catch a bus with a friend to go back to town. 

We got back to the center station and started walking towards our flat. On the empty street we suddenly heard “MRC Chicago!” And turned around to see fellow MRC Copenhagen runners who were also walking to their place-a totally random encounter. We stopped for another shawarma Kylling Duram (chicken shawarma wrap) from another place because we were hungry. 

We ended up going over to our friend’s place for a few more beers and ate our Duram while we chatted and then went home around 2. 

First night in Copenhagen was crazy and awesome. 

I love this town. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

CPH Marathon - IM LOU Training 2018 {Week 1-2}

Week 1 and 2!!

Weekly Miles  {2 week total} 

Running: 50.91 miles, 7:36 hours

Cycling: 42.55 miles, 3:30  hours 

Swimming:  00:00.00

Yoga/stairs: 00:05:00

Total Miles for this cycle {April 16- October 14} 

Running: 50.91 miles, 7:36 hours

Cycling: 42.55 miles, 3:30  hours 

Swimming:  00:00.00

Yoga/stairs: 00:05:00


I am still over the moon about the Boston marathon. I can’t think about it without tearing up. But, it’s time to move onto the next thing(s).

When L and I were at a cafe in Malmö, Sweden last year, we found a postcard ad. “Welcome to the Party” became my theme for 2018. People “fear success more than failure,” and I made sure that when I wrote out my goals for 2018, that they were representative of  living without regret or fear. No need to be secretive about my 3:10 ambitious as hell marathon goal. Telling people just solidified that this was real and I was serious about it. Like many, I could have kept the goal a secret and lived in fear - fear of not achieving the goal, fear of what people would think. But that’s a shitty way to live- to make decisions based on other people. 


Our flight home from Boston getting delayed 8 hours- especially since I had an early flight for work the next morning. 

Washing my marathon kicks and the lace getting torn up. I’m replacing them with neon green laces. 


Running Boston and knowing my fitness was appropriate for a 3:15-3:10 had the weather been better. 

Running in 2 new to me states! While in Omaha I ran to Bob the Bridge and stood in Nebraska and Iowa at the same time. (I also ran to the Iowa side).

Running with MRC 4 tines last week. We had 2 guests from the Copenhagen Chapter, and ran with Rick Astley’s keyboardist And tour manager. We did get Rick rolled 2x. 

Starting to run with Ze Pequeno. The hands free leash is great! And he’s been surprisingly better than I thought he would be- no erratic movements, no chasing cyclists or squirrels. 


Im pumped about the next few months and excited to get back into some solid training. I’m holding myself back from doing any speedwork for a few more weeks- it’s difficult because I feel recovered but know it’s best to take a little time off. 

I keep telling the boys that health is super important and should be on the top of their to do lists. Regardless of how omg busy they are in this season of life, they need to make some time for working out. Doing the bare minimum is unacceptable.   CB has a fitbark and always smashes his step goal (true story. We own one). Ze goes to school and plays ball 2-3x a week and now runs 2x a week with me. I attribute CB being in such good heath now at 13.5 to running (up to 20 miles) with me before his retirement last year. Heath is sexy. Health is so important. 

Looking Forward

My next race is the Danish world beer mile championship. I will practice chugging sparking water to prepare- since my only area of improvement would be drinking time. Currently I run a mile faster than drinking 4 beers. 

Drinking out of a boot in Omaha. 

Later that week I’ll be running my second Copenhagen marathon. I loved the race last year. When I saw it was the same weekend as the beer fest we are going to, I had to sign up. No goals for this race other than have fun with friends, and drink beer during the race again with Mikkeller Runnung Club. 

October is Ironman Louisville. I’m excited to tackle this craziness again. I made a list of things I could have done better after IM Wisconsin in 2016 and am looking forward to another incredible experience. 

Welcome to the Party. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Boston Marathon Training {Week 18}

Week 18!

Weekly Miles {including Marathon Monday}

Running: 52.53 miles, 7:17 hours

Cycling: 0 miles, 0 hours 

Yoga/stairs: 00:41:00 

Total Miles for this cycle {December 11-April 16} 

Running: 943.13 miles, 133:10 hours

Cycling: 186.63 miles, 14:42 hours

Yoga/stairs: 05:58 hours 


Race week! I felt very calm leading up to the big day. I checked the weather a few times to reaffirm my race day outfit- and when the weather changed Saturday (colder)  it was too late to do anything about it. This left me feeling very nervous about race day and my ability to handle the cold, rain and wind.  I checked SportTracks and it predicted that I was going to peak on the 16th- so that made me feel a bit more confident. 

I was interviewed by SportTracks about the Boston marathon- it was fun reflecting on this training cycle with them.  You can read it 


The boys are good. They have been so hyper focused on me time and self care in this season of life. I told them, if that’s all they focus on, that they will miss life and that they will eventually regret having lattes by themselves  instead of spending time with us. Constantly trying to escape your life means there’s some huge issues that need to be sorted out.  I think I talked some sense into them. 

Latte at Pavement coffee. Delicious. 


Seeing the weather forecast for Boston. I really thought we would have ideal perfect unicorn weather this year. I never played out a scenario of running through a NorEaster. 


Another massage on Friday. 

Going to Boston with L on Saturday morning. The flight was full of folks with Boston marathon gear. It was exciting. 

Eating delicious food in Boston. We went to some great places- Salty pig, Scampo, and Dunkin’ Donuts. Because, Boston. 

Getting my number at the expo was exciting. It hadn’t really felt real until the bib was in my hands. 


Despite being in a new location, the expo was still a shit show- basically so difficult to walk because of the amount of people- and them acting all desperate for free humus and rice. (Lack of self awareness)

This wasn’t a line for free hummus. This was just one of the aisles in the expo. 

Getting to hang with L and friends was awesome and helped me focus on other things than the race. Getting out of my head was so important for me to have success in the race. 

Final thoughts on this cycle:

I wouldn’t change much. Cutting back on beer and food the last month definitely helped me have a better race- and weighing 9lbs less than the start of the cycle also played a huge role. 

MRC members from Boston, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago. 

While I wish I could have run outside more, I know for absolute fact that my indoor runs correlated to outdoor running just fine. The last couple of weeks I ran long and some speed outside and felt great and nailed my paces. I was prepared for a warm race with all the heat training. There was no need to be a dumbass and run outside when the weather was shit and potentially slip on ice or over extend myself due to the cold. 

Right on Hereford, Left on Boylston. Spike knows the drill. 

I felt more than prepared to slay my PR by 10+ minutes had it been better weather. I know that I could have easily run a 3:15 last week if I wasn’t running through a nor’easter. On a flat course in good weather, who knows what could have happened. 

I’m at peace with Boston now- and despite re-qualifying with a solid 14 minute cushion, I have no intention to return. I have other goals to focus on next spring. 

Looking Forward

I’m taking a little time off speed work, but generally feel good so I’ll continue running easy. Since the marathon was 30 seconds a mile slower than what I trained for- I feel like I recovered pretty quick. My left hamstring has been feeling weird since the race so I’m monitoring that to make sure it’s just remnants from running in the cold for a few hours vs actual issue. 

I’ll start Ironman training soon. I’ll also be running the Copenhagen marathon in a few weeks. I’m really excited about everything. 

I can’t thank L enough for supporting me during this training cycle. Thank you Kim for talking me off the ledge and being my unofficial coach. Thank you J and G for keeping me in good spirits during marathon weekend. 

Thanks for following along on this journey with me. 

Onto the next thing.