Monday, May 11, 2020

Life 5.4.20 - 5.10.20


Been in the office 2x now. L drove me again due to crap weather. I hope to take a bike next time if the weather is more agreeable. 

The one highlight of having to go to the office is being able to go to Whole Foods on my lunch break. They are doing a great job at making sure the store is not over crowded and have also made aisles one way- which I didn’t notice until I was checking out. I don’t generally shop in the middle of grocery stores- but occasionally I get some pasta, chips or other non perishable stuff, so it’s a nice feature. Everyone had on face coverings which was great. 

Ze is happy and lives a very easy life. I put his racquet balls into the volcano and in true millennial fashion, started whining when he couldn’t get them out. 

He sulked by the volcano for a while and then took a nap because being pissy takes effort. 


Zé ordered takeout for us Friday night. 

We’ve been cooking during the week and ordering out a few times on the weekends.  Highlights from this week- a rhubarb pie from Marz, bbq from Marz, pasta from firehouse and egg sando post run from spoke n bird. 

We also enjoyed some Big Mich Michelada. 

Since we weren’t at MBCC, I used the glass to drink my evil twin seltzer. 

We made pizza Sunday night. A prosciutto, fig Jam pizza and pepperoni & ham pizza. Both came out great. I really enjoy making pizza at home- the dough is scratch made from my sourdough starter and I love putting new combos together. 


I hit my goal of cycling 100 miles and was happy to run more this week than most of the preceding weeks. 

We are 10% across the state of Tennessee right now and expect to finish before August 31. We count our running miles as well as our walking miles for this as 5 miles a day running will break us both. 

We are getting creative with our running routes. 

It was nice to run with L a few times too. The weather was a bit chilly, but perfect for running. Last week we were wearing tank tops. 

More fun loops 

I’m still shocked at the selfishness of people who don’t wear a face covering while outside. We encounter enough people while running or walking that we leave our coverings on the entire time. The amount of people who feel above wearing a covering is so gross. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. 

I completed my first virtual Ironman event last week- a 3km run, 40km bike, 10km run. It was fun to run with L and Ze for this challenge. 

Goals for this week: 
• complete the Ironman Virtual Race 7
• complete organized strength work 
• continue to gradually increase running miles + speed work 


Incompetence sums it up again nicely. Seeing other countries with leaders who give a damn about the people makes me want to move elsewhere. USA is basically a 3rd world country (with a white picket fence American “dream” facade). You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. We don’t have universal healthcare, we don’t have paid family leave, we don’t have free education. I don’t understand why people think this is acceptable. Current status: raging dumpster fire. 

I also found This Article Very interesting. 

Basically there are 2 pieces to how pandemics end- when the actual sickness is eradicated and when people’s fear of it goes away. 


8:30pm singalong is still happening. It brings some smiles after long days. 

I feel quite bummed we weren’t in Copenhagen and Stockholm this past week. I’ve looked forward to this trip for the past 6 years- and to not be there is sad. I always feel renewed and inspired when I return- inspired to be better- to cook better food, to live more simply. To not have this reset is gnawing at me. 

MRC copenhagen x chicago 

Until then, I’ll just start making food out of my cook books and continue reading blogs about the places I want to go. 

Food from cafe baryl 2018, Copenhagen. 

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  1. I don't get people not wearing the face covering either, especially here, where it's mandatory now. :( Most of the people I encounter on my runs (very few, but still) do not have one. They do get over to the side and I pull mine up well before I get to them.

    I didn't think about how your trip is usually a reset for you, but it totally is :( There is no way to do that here, now. I am sorry you're missing out on that, and all the fun adventure there :(

    Your eats look so good! That breakfast sandwich OMG heart eye emojis. Was it amaze? Going to WF and picking up some treats sounds fun! If I could do that, I would go to the pasta aisle and pick a funky pasta. Ha.

    I don't think we'll ever have those things other countries have (healthcare, leave, schooling) unless we have a MAJOR party shift here in the US. I know some politicians are pushing for it.