Friday, April 23, 2010

Entry confirmed!

Just received an e-mail saying I will be running the Nike Women's Marathon 10.17.10 I am super excited! This will be my 2nd marathon, the first being NYC in 2002. I was hopelessly unprepared to do it, but somehow managed to finish. Perhaps it was my dad's promise to buy me a crystal apple from Tiffanys with my time inscribed on it that got me through the 26.2 When I complete the NWM I will get a necklace from Tiffanys. Nice how things come full circle!

My goals for the race:

Train train train! (I will start an 18 week training program from Hal Higdon in June)
Finish in 4 hours
Finish with a smile on my face =)
Get the Tiffanys necklace handed to me by a guy in a tux and be proud of my finish

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