Monday, January 14, 2013


So maybe I'm just going to stop thinking about running goals for a while because every time I start feeling good (no ITB or ankle crap) I begin to obsess over spring races. Then without fail a few days later my ankle gets a little cranky and my dreams are dashed- and i back off of running for a few days. (imma smart runner and staying healthy is #1!)

Maybe there is added pressure seeing my other bloggy runner friends starting to train for Boston, and wishing that I had run 5 minutes faster in Fox Valley so I could be joining them. Oh well, Boston 2014 or 2020 here I come.

This weekend we got to enjoy some 50 degree temps and went for a nice run.

Churro dog was super happy to run with us.

I couldn't believe how nice it was, especially considering as I write this Monday morning it's around 12 degrees with a feels like of 4. Awesome!

We saw the Polar Dash race going on too

Saturday night we went to the United center to see the Bulls take on the Phoenix Suns. It was my first NBA game ever.

Jordan statue outside the arena, Scottie Pippen statue inside, and one of their championship trophies.

I'm no NBA fan, but I can appreciate the teamwork/hard work to attain 6 titles.

Our seats were fantastic, and I especially loved the inflatable "Benny the bull" flying around during the time outs.

We had a great time, even though the bulls lost.

Now comes the time to start gathering up my stuff for my trip to Brasil which is happening very soon. I hate packing because I always want to have options for what to wear- thus making me over pack. The past 2 years I've managed to get this under control (and fit it all in a carry on) but those trips at the most were only half the length of this one.

(Most important items to pack: my colorful summery dresses, my long formal gown for the wedding, and most important- Zzzz Quil for sleeping on the 10 hour flight)

Figuring out my running clothes- and what to wear for the race is also killing me. I've decided against my "USA" race outfit in favor of a more country neutral neon Lulu top which I've worn several times in races. (I'm mildly concerned about safety now after the repeated warnings from L- I always retort "But I lived in Mexico" and he gently reminds me that crime was invented in Brasil.) Fitting "in" and looking like a "Paulista"(native from São Paulo) in Brasil is not a problem until I open up my Gringa mouth because the population is a mix of white, black, European, middle eastern and Japanese people (the largest population outside of Japan!)

What does a Brasilian look like? Everybody.

I wish I could take this foot eating cutie with me... But he will be boarded and will probably not miss us at all.

I'm super excited to fly south and trade 14 degree Chicagoan winter for 80 degree São Paulo, Brasil summer. (Except I'm not excited about the flying part)

What do you bring on the plane for long flights?

-I'm bringing sleeping pills, my iPod, and a few magazines as a cary on. (The less stuff the better so i can just sleep) I plan on taking the Zzz Quil as soon as we are "wheels up" so hopefully I just wake up in Brasil.

- xaar


  1. I have not heard of this Zzz Quil stuff! It sounds heavenly! Ha ha.

    LOL @ crime being invented in Brasil. I bet you will be fine. L's fam can probably recommend some safe running routes to you.

    Ugh. Long flights, a book. But I think your plan to pass out is better.

    It's going to be so awesome to be in those warm temps!

  2. The same exact course that is used for the Polar Dash Half will be used for the Chicago Get Lucky Half in March. The GL Half times out perfectly for a Boston tuneup (4 weeks prior), so I will likely run it. Anyway, do you wear an ankle brace of any kind when you aren't running? Do you do any exercises to build strength around your ankle I had some minor ankle pain and tingling at the end of last week (however, it was nothing compared to what you have been experiencing over the last few months). Anyway, I put the brace on for a couple of days (in-between runs) and the pain/tingling went away (hopefully for good). Anyway, I try to read as much as I can on a long flight. I'm usually excited to get to the the place I'm going, so I try not to stress about sleeping on the plane. However, I will close my eyes for a couple of hours to force myself to rest and count that as sleep. Sounds like an awesome place to visit. Enjoy the warm weather and have a good race!

    1. Hmm the GL sounds like a nice race. I'll have to look into that one. And what perfect timing to test your legs before Beantown!

      I find compression socks really help my ankle - especially when running. The pain is almost nonexistent now, but I definitely back off when I can feel it. I also sometimes wear a brace made to treat shin splints which stabilizes my ankle enough to take some of the pressure off the tendon giving me trouble. That stinks your ankle is tingly. Good that it seems to be a short term issue. I'm convinced mine is either tendinitis or from stepping on uneven pavement during my last long run before fox valley (that's when it came out of no where) yet I don't remember rolling it. It was just a gradual pain that got worse to the point of limping after a few miles.

  3. Churro dog is so cute! Have fun on your trip and be safe. The furthest I have traveled is Washington state to Puerto Rico. I don't like spending all day traveling, I just want to get to my destination. I have no patience. :-)

    1. Thank you! Luckily it will be an all night flight so hopefully I'll be exhausted from working all day and will just sleep on the plane. I also have no patience. Wish I could just snap my fingers and forgoe the traveling part and be at my destination :)

  4. Don't sweat Boston hon, if it's meant to be you'll get there...and remember you've done so much more than so many! Be proud of your acoomplishments! xoxo!

  5. I hope you have fun in Brasil! I have been to Brasil once- Porto de Galinhas and it was so amazing. I hope one day to go back and explore more- especially since getting a visa was such a pain. Need to use it to the fullest extent:). Can't wait to hear about your trip.

  6. Ooooh... your formal dress for the wedding is GORGEOUS. What a beautiful color and cut!!!

    Sounds like you had an amazing time at the United Center for the Bulls game!!! Great atmosphere and Benny the Bull is so fun, isn't he?

    Ugh, I'm not a fan of long flights, either, but at least you won't really have to deal with too much jetlag when you arrive since the time differences are minimal. And at least L will be with you to keep you company! I've done a few trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific flights alone, and they go much more slowly without company.

    Can't wait to hear more about your trip!!!