Thursday, April 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday: HS XC

I haven't been able to shake the thoughts from what happened last Monday at the Boston marathon. It was and still Is something that shook me to my core.

As I mentioned a few times I feel the bombings weren't an attack on runners, but an attack on innocent people. it could have (unfortunately) happened anywhere at any event.

Bunker Hill monument and I circa early 1990's

I've got a lot of memories in Boston because my Daad is from there, and because L also has ties to the area. Boston is a wicked awesome city.

Running the 2011 Boston Marathon with Daad & Tribu, and spending 4th of July 2010 with L in Boston.

What I'm doing to help...

I wanted to do something to aid the survivors of the tragedy, I have decided to donate one dollar for every mile I run for 2 weeks to The One Fund.

On a lighter note...

My Daad sent me some old photos recently which put a huge smile on my face.

Can you spot me in this photo?

1998 HS Cross Country Team

Powering through a drainage ditch. Belch.

I ran XC 2 years (sophomore & junior) in HS, was plagued with injuries and eventually quit to focus on music my senior year.

I improved a lot over the 2 years- my very first race in 1997 I ran 30:00 for 3 miles, and then was Injured the entire year. I was an expert at strength training & pool running and came back the last race of that season with a 24:00.

I still run like that...

The 1998 season afforded me more races & slightly less time being injured. I dropped my time to 20:59 for 3 miles. (I wish I kept better records of my times!) I was nowhere near the fastest runner on our team. I sometimes helped our team out being the 4th or 5th finishing runner on varsity.

I'm thinking this year I might finally run faster than 7 minutes a mile in a 5k & beat my 15 year old PR.

My Daad also sent me an old photo from a 10k he did in 1983, where he ran a 37:xx. I thought we look a lot alike in these photos :)

I wonder if any of my old teammates are still running races.

Running with a big goofy smile since the beginning.

I think "quitting" running for a while helped me physically. I'm sure my best days of running are still ahead of me if I stay injury free.

Did you run cross country or track in high school?

-I wish I had stuck with track in middle school. But all I did was 2 seasons of XC in HS.

- xaar


  1. I love these old photos!! I ran track my freshman year in high school, then I quit because I was not fast at all. I really regret not trying out for cross country but I was intimidated. :)

    I want to hear more about your music though...

    1. Cross country was intimidating! I had no idea what i was getting myself into when i signed up :)

      I'll be sure to do a Throwback music post soon :)

  2. Is your hair blonde??? Like how even back then you had that knifty side kick ;) Think that this for sure is your year for that sub 7 5k pace, you are on quite a roll lately! Love the pic of you swim running. Wish I had photos from back then, but I think I only have 1 & its hanging on a wall at my parents. Makes me feel ancient when I see it.

    Hang in there lady! Think you're doing a good thing. Boston's events have played with my emotions quite a bit too, haven't really been able to get my head around it and the feelings it has been stirring up. Just. Keep. Running.

  3. Agreed. I wish 'some' people out there would quit talking about it as if it was all about runners. It had NOTHING to do with runners, but with Americans.

  4. I love all the throw back pics! Ahh! Your knee is behind your other knee.. behind you! Crazy runner form! Love it!

    Do you keep in touch with any of your fellow XCers? It would be interesting to hear what they were up to.

    You are such a dedicated strong runner. I bet this is the year you go sub 7:00 at the 5K! You put in the work! All you need is a flat course, a non windy day, and some good weather. Hee hee.

    I do find it confusing to me, seeing all the talk about Boston and "runners aren't the group to mess with," stuff. Some of it makes me think "Rah rah, I love runners" but I am sometimes conflicted with, well, it wasn't an attack on runners, just an event with a lot of people.

    Anyway. You know all about that. I would love to visit Boston one day. I would love to hear more about your favorite things there!

  5. I was just going through some old photos today too! I love these pictures of you! Are you wearing a hemp necklace in one of those photos? A sign of the times. Lol!

    I did do track in high school but I was determined to think I was a sprinter. You know, because based on my build, I was obviously built for speed. Har har. I always wonder how I would have done had I listened to my coach, instead of being stubborn, and tried some of the mid distance events. I think I would have been a good 800 or 1600m runner, if I had given myself the chance. Oh well, far too late for that now! Maybe my future offspring has a future in T&F? :)

    1. Hemp necklace, guilty as charged- what can I say, im a child of the 90's hehe

      So funny how we see things differently later in life.
      You can still get speedier! I think none of us have reached our full potentials as runners yet :) Im sure your baby W will love running because of you.

  6. Wow, you were a lot cooler than me in the early 90's :) That's a wicked rad outfit in that first pic! And that's so cool that you ran Boston with your dad! My parents aren't athletic, so I can't even imagine what a neat experience that must have been.

    I didn't do any sports in high school (unless you count archery and fencing in gym class!). But I was in every possible music group we had - orchestra, a jazz group, pit orchestra in our musicals, and the liturgy group (yep, Catholic school) - as well as academic clubs. Soooo I was a pretty cool kid and not nerdy at all.

    1. Aww thanks- I think my wicked rad outfit might have been a jumper. and i had all the scrunchies! hehe It's not too late to get your parents to join you for a 5k! Im hoping one of these days my mom will do one with me. (she is not athletic either)

      Archery & fencing sound cool!

      WAIT, you are a musician??? What did you play/sing?!? That is awesome! (I was 100% band geek. yay marching band!)

  7. Yes, I ran in HS and college. I always laugh looking back at pictures,but I have tons of great memories. I should try and scan some of my old photos in. My mom made me an album for each year with pics and newspaper articles. Loved your photos. :-)

    1. So cool you ran in college too! You need to scan those photos- having a book with the photos/articles is awesome! I was so happy my dad found the cd of photos :) great memories!

  8. I did both in high school but loved track and tolerated cross country. I was not as mentally strong as I am now. I would much rather sprint than do distance back then. I think my fastest 3 mile time was 23 something? but my long and triple jump records still stand at the school :)
    Love all the great pictures of you from high school!

  9. I started running track in 7th grade, and was never fast, nor good...LOL.
    Thanks for sharing these old photos and letting us into your life. Love it!

  10. Always fun to see old HS XC and track pics. Were you on the bottom right in that group team pic? Your running form really is kind of crazy, but as long as it works for you, I wouldn't change it! I did XC for 2 years, and track for 4 years in high school. Some of my best friends are still from the track team. High school is where I was my fastest, but like Christy said above - I wasn't as mentally strong as I am now. But in high school it is hard to handle the workouts mentally sometimes.

  11. Nice pictures! I ran track in 7th grade and cross country in 7th and 8th grades. I wasn't very fast, and preferred team sports, so I played volleyball and soccer in high school. I think I have one picture from a cross country meet in junior high though, I should scan it. I'm running in knock-off converse high tops.

  12. These photos are amazing! I love that you've always been smiling:) I ran track and x-country in middle school but focused on basketball and soccer in HS!