Friday, May 17, 2013

8 happy miles

One month from today starts Fox Valley Marathon 2.0 training with the training plan of the fabulous Coach B. I couldn't be any more excited to start the 14 week plan because I had such great success working with Coach B Last Year.

Fantastic foto from last weeks 5k!

I've backed off of speed work save for last weeks freaking hilly 5k with Kim in favor of getting used to running 40+ miles a week comfortably. My goal for this week of base building is 40 miles.

Wednesday night the CB dog and I ran 8 miles. The weather was crisp and a little cool on the lakefront and we enjoyed every step together. It was a very happy 8 mile run.

Seeing my little man enjoying himself made my heart melt. After we got home, he passed out but had a huge smile on his face. It's these moments that I absolutely treasure, not nailing paces on a speed workout or getting a PR. Those are nice too, but never my sole purpose for lacing up.It's enjoying time with friends, family or having time to myself that gets me out on the path each day. I run because I enjoy it.

Last night, I had one of the "worst" runs ever. I went to Milwaukee for business during the day and had a delicious huge freaking sandwich for lunch. When I got home I decided to ignore my instincts and hit the lakefront for 6 miles. By mile 4, I had to walk because I felt like puking. (I like to run on a near empty stomach). But even with this less than ideal run, I still was so happy to be out on the path amidst all the runners, cyclists and others enjoying another cool evening.

With 4 weeks left of building a good base + impending marathon training, I will continue to go into each run with joy in my heart and also gratitude for being able to simply get out the door healthy.

And as a follow up to one of my Previous Posts I donated $1 for every mile I ran for two weeks to the One Fund.

Happy Weekend!

- xaar


  1. Fall marathon training is coming up. Yay! You will do awesome, especially with a 40 MPW base. I am struggling to get my base that high as I am still enjoying short and fast runs after training for Boston. I need to slow down my runs and just run a little longer each week, even though it is tempting to run fast and short. Love the Chicago pics as usual and the "spastic" photo with Kim is awesome! :)

  2. Your pup really can put on the miles! I'm impressed!

    It is always good to remember the joy of running aside from your end time. Sometimes I force myself to not look at my watch or anything and just take it in.

    I'm like you with the empty stomach running and get hesitant about evening running since I don't know what breakfast and lunch are doing.

    What type of program does Coach B have planned for you? Is it modeled for you or off an altered name brand plan?

    Happy Friday!

    1. Coach B's training plan is uniquely created for me. Not sure if its modeled after one of the popular plans, but from my knowledge of Higdon, Pfitzinger, Hanson, I'd say its pretty unique and engaging.

      CB loves running but I have to hold him back in the summer so he doesn't over do it. He's 8.5 years old now- and I'm surprised he can still run all the miles :)

  3. I love that CB seems to get the concept of selfies - he always looks so happy in your pictures!

    Before I was able to run, I envied runners because of the ability to get out there, enjoy the world around you and just be alone with your thoughts for a while. PRs are great (and almost automatic for me right now - ha!), but you're right that they're not the only thing. Glad to hear you're enjoying running, especially before training starts!

    And I like the idea of donating to charity for your miles. I've been trying to think of a way to make my running tie into my fundraising a little more, so I may borrow that.

  4. Hope to see you at the fvm training runs, I will be pacing the half marathon training runs.

  5. Great idea for you donation. I bought a bic band that donated to One Fund, but I have been thinking of other ways to donate as well. I might donate $26.20 tomorrow after I run my marathon. :-)

  6. Great photos!!

    A few weeks ago I had a delicious lunch at Au Cheval, but that did not make for an awesome run later that evening. Duck heart gravy does not equal good runner fuel, who knew? But it's darn tasty.

  7. Yay! Less than one month now! So excited for you!

    I love how happy CB is on your runs. That must be so fulfilling! I wonder what it is like to run with a dog. Hee hee. I never have! :)

    I hope you have more of the awesome 8 milers and less of the almost pukey runs in the FV traning cycle ;)