Saturday, November 23, 2013


With work being so busy the last few months, I've had some revelations about how my time is spent and how I'd rather be spending it. There are also various things that I currently do that add no value to my life and sometimes add stress.

The holiday season usually makes me feel all "meh" for various reasons. This compounded with the yearly inventory I take on my life- where I'm at, what I've done, where I want to be, usually doesn't put me in the most festive of moods during the "Holiday Season." I like being with my small family and generally avoid the anxiety inducing larger gatherings.

So for some "fall cleaning" I'll be changing some aspects of my life.

•Stop reading most blogs/twitter/FB are high on my list. What was once a source of inspiration has turned into stress triggers for a variety of reasons.*

•My blog is my journal & nothing more. While I'm thankful for the connections I've made, I'm disabling comments for a while. I love going back to read old race recaps and other posts I've written. My only target audience has been and will always be myself.**

Enough with the negative nancy stuff...

Some positive changes:

•Devote time each day to learning Portuguese. This has slipped away due to my professional time wasting skills.

•Keep chasing goals because coasting through life is a life not worth living. Whether it be athletic, personal, or professional I refuse to settle. Ever.

•Continue to relax on the "OMG running, running, running" chat. Running is a hobby, it's something I enjoy but to talk/think incessantly about it is out of balance.

•Cook more at home and make simple delicious healthy food.

•Continue to document thoughts and feelings here on the blog. But never let that get in the way of real life adventures.


And with that, I feel much better.

*Not all blogs.

**If you wanna chat, you know how to find me.

- xaar