Monday, December 9, 2013

So this happened

So this happened Friday...
In his defense, I locked him in a room he is not used to, and scary people came to fix my bathroom. He did not approve of this and used his crazy focused Border Collie skillz to GET THE INTRUDERS. Luckily the carpet was the only victim.
And even though I was in complete shock, I wasn't really mad because he is too damn cute so focused and smart. In fact I actually felt sad for him that he was so scared. I should have known better than to disrupt his schedule.
This reminded me of the "feather pillow incident" of 2009. Just moved to my new place in Alameda, CA and for my first day going to work, I decided CB needed a little extra comfort in the form of an old feather pillow. When I got home he looked pretty pleased with himself. Im convinced he didn't destroy the pillow for the sake of destroying it, but instead it was an accident that got out of hand. All of his toys from the past 9 years are still intact. 
CB and I got in the Christmas spirit by hanging our annual live pine wreath.

Sunday I wanted to go run 10 miles outside. CB wouldn't let me leave without him. And after Friday, I was scared to leave him alone for a few hours. We ended up running 6 miles in just over 47 minutes, one of his fastest paces for a longer run.
Happy CB on top of Sledding Hill with Soldier Field in the background.

It was 20 degrees, with a feels like of slap yo face pain, and we literally enjoyed every step. Seeing my little guy so happy melted my heart.

The wind was a bit fierce but overall I felt pretty good running in the cold. I still need a balaclava and to find a way to keep my fingers warm, but double layers (tights+warmup pants, and base layer+ puffy jacket, double gloves) seemed to be adequate for the cold.
The harbors are starting to freeze, and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I see people ice fishing again on them.

Little man was super pooped when we got home.
Right after we finished running, and I parked CB outside at the local Caribou (Post weekend run tradition) so I could get fancy holiday drink,  it started to snow. And it continued to snow all day and all night. The actual accumulation was only a few inches, but it was beautiful to look at from inside my place. And absolutely terrible to walk through the dirty slush Monday morning.

CB is not amused with the snow at all, and I dont blame him.
And now back to another week filled with my company's holiday party, and the usual month end close stuff.

I also bought a Groupon for 1 month unlimited classes at a dance cardio place close to me.  It's been ages since I've taken any dance classes and  i'm pretty jazzed about trying something new.



  1. CB is very cute. I particularly like the pic of him sleeping with his head on the ground and body on the bed.

  2. Cb did quite a number on the carpet trying to get to the intruders! I bet the run was good stress relief for him after that.

    Dance cardio sounds fun!

  3. Aww! My brother's dog did the same thing when we had to leave her at a cabin in Michigan for a few hours. It broke my heart, too! :( CB is such a sweetie!

  4. Poor CB!
    Love the picture where he is half out of the bed. So cute!

  5. Yay! Dance classes!

    I like your wreath! Did you put the ornaments on it?

    Oh, CB. He is too damn cute. He sure did teach us a lesson. Stay at home when the maintenance men come!

    Speedy run! I was going to ask if CB got to run up the hill! :)

  6. lol on the carpet! I like the videos that you put in this post. Saw any ice pancakes yet this year? The weather around the country just seems absolutely brutal.

    Thanks for the Brazil tips you gave me a while back, I've still been looking into going to the World Cup, but likely I will end up passing. The US plays an awful schedule of coast (Natal), amazon (Manaus), coast (Recife). While both Natal and Recife look amazing, I wouldn't want to fly 7 hours to the rainforest and then back in order to follow the US. And to get to Mauaus it is 14 hours, Natal is 22 hours, Recife is 16 hours. Weird that Manaus is the shortest flight, even though it is in the middle of the rainforest. Also recently there was some extreme soccer violence at a game in Brazil - just brutal footage. I'm starting to think that this might be the least attended World Cup in a long time, due to how far away Brazil is in terms of cost and time, and the country just doesn't seem safe enough to host such a massive event.

  7. poor puppy! I am hating this weather. It is super cold with below zero wind chills one minute, the next it is snowing. It is going to be a miserable commute this morning. Stay warm and put the neck warmer (I know what it is called, I just can't spell it ;) ) on your Christmas list.

  8. Oooh I think I eyed that same Groupon but didn't buy it because neither of the studio locations were convenient for me. And I have SO MANY Groupons for Pilates/yoga/fitness that I need to burn through.