Friday, June 12, 2015

The Original 5k 2015

Time: 21:00 a new PR by 13 seconds!

96/877 OA (top 10.8%)**

16/501 women (top 3.2%)**

4/131 AG (top 3.1%)**

**Yay stats and analytics!

I couldn't resist signing up for the second running of The Original 5k. I ran it last year and had a blast even though I was injured with peroneal tendonosis. I love the theme of this race "1970's original running boom" as well as the $19.72 entry fee. No frills, no shirt just an extremely well organized race put on by Fleet Feet. We did get a super cool hat though- much better than another tech shirt IMO.

The night time start made logistics challenging for me since I like to run on a near empty stomach. But after consulting with Kim, she suggested eating a larger than normal breakfast which helped a lot. I had a breakfast burrito that was much more plain for me than usual since I didn't want spicy things dancing around in my belly for a 5k. I ate a turkey sandwich around 2pm and felt good for the 7pm start.

The weather couldn't have been any better- low 60's relatively low dew point, overcast, no wind and intermittent light drizzle. I really expected it to be 85 degrees, windy and humid.

My goals for the race were to break 21, and-or PR. I was feeling good going into the race, but didn't feel I was quite at the same level of fitness I was at for the Vancouver 5k. Losing a bit of momentum running wise + eating and drinking all the things in Europe left me feeling a bit more sluggish. Plus I've been adding miles the past 3 weeks and had to back off on intensity because more miles and more intensity equal injury.

L and I took a bus to the start of the race- 5 miles away and 45+ minutes, And got there nice and early. We ran into Vicky who was super awesome to come out in the dodgy conditions to spectate. We also ran into some Fleet Feet Cheer team members and had fun taking some photos.

I warmed up for a bit with some strides and positioned myself near the front of the race. After the national anthem, we were off!!

Mile 1: 6:35  "I love this! This is so fun!"
I felt really comfortable the first mile- and though I could hold this for a while. Heh.
Photos courtesy of Vicky and L

Mile 2: 7:02 "Things are getting difficult. That is expected. Just a little more to go."
Every. Single. 5k Race. I fade the second mile. My effort was the same but I was comfortably uncomfortable now. Around mile 1.5 a girl clipped my heel and then passed me. Like seriously why run so close to people especially since we were pretty spread out by this point.
Photos courtesy of Vicky and L

Mile 3: 6:53 "I currently feel like shit and will never do another 5k again."
I kept chugging along and saw Vicky and L cheering for me which was nice. I started picking off folks and passed the girl that clipped my heel. Shortly after she clipped my heel again trying to pass me and I got pissed and sprinted off and left her eating my dust. Like once, forgivable accident but 2x!? WTF is wrong with people? I checked the results later on and was pleased to know I got a faster time than her.

Mile 3.1: 33 seconds (5:57 pace) "Collapse and die."
Hyped up on adrenaline, I sprinted hard. I also knew sub 21 was THISCLOSE. I kept my head down and ran as hard as I could. I stopped my garmin after the finish and saw 21:02 so I knew it would be close.  I saw the results posted post race and was pleased to see 21 freaking flat. Which reminds me of the time I was trying to go sub 2 in the half and got a 2:00:00.58... My next 13.1 I smashed that by 8 minutes. Im expecting a similar breakthrough to happen in the 5k- jut not 8 minutes worth obvs.
Finish photos- by Pete

I quickly found Vicky and L and ate some watermelon and 5 minutes later forgot how uncomfortable I felt running 5ks and joked I was ready to go again.

We found Pete who took some great photos at the finish and chatted for a bit.

Then we ran into more Fleet Feet cheer folks and took some photos.

We celebrated my new shiny PR with some PBR.
And then we went to 5 Guys for a celebratory burger.

I'm really happy with how this race turned out. I do feel there is a mental hurdle I need to overcome to race more efficiently at this distance. I know I could keep 6:3x pace for longer than 1 mile, but somehow I let myself give in and back off. Since I like challenges, I'll be working on embracing being uncomfortable more which means a few more 5ks are in my future.

I also feel that I'm better suited for longer events like half marathons because I can sustain a moderate uncomfortable pace over a longer distance and push through that discomfort better than the extremely uncomfortable feeling in a 5k where I give up relatively fast.

It was a great evening and I had a lot of fun doing this race.

Next up: Rock n Roll Chicago! My first half in over 2 years.


  1. Way to be mentally tough and push through. Congratulations on that PR, girl!

    1. Thank you :) it's getting easier, but still need more work on my mental game to feel more successful at this distance. I'd rather go run a half any day!

  2. Yay PR! What was with that girl clipping your heel twice?! Sounds like she was either not very experienced in racing or she was trying to "derail" you! At least her behavior served as motivation to pass her, which may have contributed to your faster third mile! I am always trying to hold back the first mile of a 5k, and it's difficult when everyone and their grandpa is flying past me (and it feels so easy). Now that you have a legitimate 5k time, you kind of know your fitness which you will be able to use for pacing future races. Anyway, it was nice seeing you guys. I'll have to try to do this race next year. I think my legs might be a tad faster in a 5k in the evening, since they are a lot looser than in the morning! Congrats again, looking forward to the RnR!

    1. Thanks! Yeah it was weird that it happened 2x... Reminds me of the time I joined a marathon training group and someone clipped my heels a few times on one of the group runs- so annoying! But I definitely have her to thank for a few extra seconds off of my Pr. Ha ha ha

      It was so nice of you to come out and take photos! I hope you can run it next year- it's a super fun race. They changed the location- last year was at Montrose. I'm still not sure how I felt about running on the crushed dirt the entire time. You are so right- to have a legit 5k time is great for planning future paces. I really tried to hold back a bit in the first mile and felt really good and not the usual "OMG slow down" that I experience. But I still faded. I must work on this. :) good luck in your mile tonight!!

  3. Congrats on the PR!!! I am so happy you had decent temps for the race and were able to finish in 21:00 flat! Amazing! But why can't you take 8 mins off that 5K time?! HA HA HA, jk.

    During a 5K I definitely get to the "never doing this again," feeling. But you rallied back for that last mile!!!! I bet you will get better at being uncomfortable :)

    Congrats again!

    Oh, and happy that the bigger am meal worked out! :)

    1. Thank you!! I'm so happy everything came together and that I had no major "excuses" to blame my poor performance on- like flying across the country, excessive food and drink intake or something else.

      So 8 min off of 2:00 is 7%, and 7% off of 21 is 19:30. That's doable in a few months- and when I lose a few lbs ;)

      Since you were spot on with the bigger breakfast, how do you overcome the mental weakness? I tried all my tricks- repeating my usual mantra of "just f%cking GO" as well as singing to my iPod songs. But no jam.

  4. I love your mile by mile thoughts. SOOO true. LOL!! Great job!!

  5. The most impressive stat in your blog is that you averaged 6:45 per mile while your bus to get to the start only managed 9:00+ minutes per mile ! No pressure, but we expect to see a sub 20:00 5k by the end of this running season !

  6. You are super speedy, girl! Congrats on a great race! 5k's are all mental, at least for me. Now you know you can push yourself past the uncomfortable moments.

  7. Woohoo super awesome speedster! Congrats on a PR! I love 5ks for the crazy intensity, and hate them for the same reason. That middle mile is always the hardest I think. Great job!

  8. Nice race! I feel like 5Ks are always where I experience the whole range of running emotions "I feel really good" to "FML never doing this again" in the quickest amount of time. What was up with that girl clipping your heel? I can understand that is sometimes happens especially at the beginning of races when it is super crowded, but when it is spread out? Maybe she hasn't run many races?!

  9. wow awesome job! I might have body slammed that girl who clipped you. ;) I like L's beard!

  10. Well that's about as close to a sub-21:00 as you can get! :)

    And embracing being uncomfortable is a good thing to do for life in general, so of course it will help with your 5k time!

  11. Way to rock a PR! Love you Chi sweatbands--so perfect and fun for this throwback race.