Thursday, July 30, 2015

Painting, running, drinks and a new record

I've been in a rut in regards to running for almost a month. Life has been absolutely fantastic otherwise. When I don't exercise as much and eat/drink a lot I feel crappy. When I feel heavy and sluggish the last thing I want to do is workout. I'm breaking that vicious cycle though, and the time away from any serious training has been nice. I've just readjusted my goals for working out (and have been eating/drinking less) and feel happier already.

It's been awesome to be able to spend so much time with our friend Cris while she has been in Chicago studying English. We've gone to many traditional touristy spots as well as a few new ones (to us) like The Green Mill- Al Capone's former favorite hangout.

CB and I have ran a few times over the past few weeks- but it is very difficult for him now that it is much hotter outside. His enthusiasm is infectious and I have to reign him in so he doesn't sprint the entire 3 miles.

The highlight of this week so far was going painting with Vicky and Cris Tuesday night. I wanted to surprise Cris with something cool to do that she hadn't done before that also doesn't exist in Brasil. I purposely chose the night with this painting so that she would have a nice memento from her time here.
We had a blast drinking wine and painting. I definitely want to go paint CB next time.

I ended up buying the full download of my photos from the Rock n Roll Chicago half. While I had a miserable time running it, I made sure to ham it up for the cameras in hopes of getting a few good shots.

My work paid off with a record 39 photos from the event!!! I was super happy that most of them came out great.

It's so funny how even though I had a shitty time running the race and felt awful, that I could put on a plastic face for the cameras and look so happy. See kids, photos are not accurate representations of life that you see online.

This weekend is also shaping up to be awesome. With Lollapalooza tomorrow and a trip to a brewery Sunday, summer in Chicago is in full swing and I seriously can't get enough.
And that concludes this week's fluff post.


  1. We've only been to the Green Mill one time. Sort of. It was a weekend night, we paid the cover to get it, realized not only was there nowhere to sit, but really nowhere to stand, so we turned around and left. Kind of a disappointment (and a waste of $20 or whatever). Maybe someday I'll make it back at a less crowded time.

    1. We went right after work and found a booth- and there wasnt a cover. But an hour later, there was a cover. It is a cool place worth checking out!

  2. Glad you could get to the Green Mill! It's on my and T's bucket list of places to go before we move away, but I went there a couple times when I was much, much younger and living in Edgewater (just up Broadway).

    You should totally paint CB! I love that they have a night where you can paint your pet. And that B&B makes anyone an artist :) Your paintings all turned out great!

    Have an awesome time at Lolla this weekend! Who are you looking forward to seeing?

    1. It is such a neat place! I wonder what it looked like when Capone was frequenting it...

      Thank you :) We were intimidated by the art at first but BB definitely explains things so well that everyone's art comes out awesome.

      Oh my- Lolla was awesome. I was so excited to see Glass Animals, Cold war kids, Alt-J and Paul... And it worked out amazing they were all playing the day we went :)