Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Fluffy Stuff

I caught the sunrise for the first time in a long time and it was everything I hoped it would be. Usually I miss it by 15 min- but this time I was early and it was so gorgeous.

I went to Zumba last week with Emmers. It was so fun and such a nice change from running or cycling. It was hot and sunny out and I am pretty sure I sweated out my soul but I had a big goofy grin on my face the entire time.

Cb and I have been running a few times a week. We have a lot of fun on our runs of 3-4 miles.

Between work getting ridiculously busy + some stress in my personal life, I'm really happy that I'm not training for a marathon, or anything for that matter. I can do whatever I want (or do not want) to do workout wise- because usually the last thing on my mind when I leave work late is to go workout.

Which also reminds me that I've been pushing back on social media a lot lately. Reading blogs and looking at IG used to be relaxing- seeing fun photos or reading about running or personal stories. But now most blogs are poorly written shills or "how to's" from people I would never ask advice from (non experts). And Instagram is full of shitty "fitspo" photos/"quotes." So with both, I've been unfollowing accordingly. I don't need to read something that invokes a negative feeling because I didn't work out or push it hard enough that day. That shit is just super spammy, not "inspirational" and not worth my time.

After Cb ate my sunflowers a few weeks ago, I planted more seeds And now I've got 5 sunflower plants! I put them on a table so they would hopefully be a little less enticing than before when they were on the ground.

When I planted the sunflowers, I looked to see what type they were. Supposedly they will grow to be 8-12' high! It will be interesting to see how big they get in this small pot.
While life has been super busy and quite stressful at times, I'm always thankful to come home to my small family who always put a large smile on my face.


  1. Have you seen "Lilo and Stitch"? Your title reminds me of when Stitch yells, "I LIKE FLUFFY!!!" =)

    Zumba was AWESOME. Want to plan on going next Saturday (8/22)? Hopefully things are moving smoothly with all your preparations these days!

    AMEN to how social media has become so plagued by advertising. I see a lot of folks whose daily Instagram posts are either the stats on their sports watch, and/or a selfie proclaiming their workout completed. I see a TON of those "inspiration" quotes, too. Sorry, folks - I want to see actual PHOTOS on Instagram!

    Look at those sunflower plants grow!!! It might sound cheesy but I think it's so joyous to see plants get bigger and mature under our care!!!

    1. I LOVE LILO and Stitch!!! I forgot they say that :)

      Yes to Zumba on 8/22! You will be missed tomorrow.

      Couldn't agree more with all the "look at me I finished a workout " posts too. I mean sometimes it's hard not to share how awesome that last 20 miler was... But every workout gets to be too much for me. IMO. I'm just getting burnt out on social media with everything- I love running for runnings sake and nothing more. Many times I just want to be oblivious to the online side of running ;)

      Yes! I love watching plants grow too :) my fav was having veggie gardens and coming home to water them and pick the veggies. It's so cool to see them mature :)

  2. Yes, that is a fantastic sunrise picture. In the summer it's extra hard to get up early enough for a sunrise. I guess that's one advantage of winter? I agree with you guys about blogs. I was initially drawn to running blogs because I could relate to people who set goals and then go about achieving them (or not but still learn something from the experience). I could care less about the latest sponsored posts about a protein shake or the latest craze in fitness classes. Also, sometimes those "how to's" are rip-offs from more reputable magazines and are more filler than anything. Anyway, I enjoy "spam free" blogs like yours! Sounds like you are enjoying your stress-free summer. I'm looking forward to a long break like yours after the marathon! Hope your sunflowers get super tall!

    1. Aww thanks Pete. That's also the reason I enjoy reading your blog too- training and analytics really interest me. I just really dislike the contrived nature of much of the stuff I see lately on other blogs/magazines.

      Now that the sunrise is closer to 6am it's much easier for me to go for a quick run outside before work and catch it. A few months ago when it was 5am there was no way! Haha

      Hope your training is going well for Chicago- I can't wait to cheer for you out there in October!

    2. Thanks. The training is still on-going, however this year I'm doing two quality workouts and a long run each week so I am kind of dragging. Definitely looking forward to a post-marathon break. Last year I just focused on mileage and I felt fresher. Looking forward to getting a high-five at mile 23ish from you in October!

  3. Hi Xaarlin,

    Great blog post. It looks like you are having a great summer.

    What was the reason you decided not to run a Fall race? It's always nice to take a break. I have 2 half-marathon's scheduled this Autumn (one in Columbus and the other in China). Both reasons are 6 days You can read more about China on my blog.

    Yeah, social media is interesting. People who have a lot of sponsored posts just want to do their job I guess but all their constant sponsored posts can get annoying because the person posting them may not seem authentic. And OMG, those 'How to's" are somewhat hilarious sometimes. For example, "how to have a better life in 10 steps" - what da heck? Haha....

    Where is that sunflower pot from? It's beautiful. And I love your apartment with the great view of the city :) I MISS CHICAGO.


    1. I meant, both **races** are 6 days apart (not **reasons**), typo!

    2. Hiya lady! That is amazing you are going to run over in china! And 2 half marathons so close together should be super fun too! I must pop over to your blog and read more about that- sounds like a fab opportunity!

      I'll probably do some shorter races this fall- but with taking on extra responsibilities at work plus some extra stress it just kind of happened that I didn't sign up for any marathon (plus I'm a bit apprehensive about long distance training even though I'm a year past my peroneal tendonosis that sidelined me for nearly all of last year) I'm just really enjoying not being tied to any training plan and just doing whatever I want work out wise ;) for me, enjoying workouts is always #1.

      I think the sunflower pot is from Ace hardware. ;)

  4. I have pulled back a lot from social media too. I also had some computer issues, and now able to read blogs again. I hope you haven't completely unfollowed me, I need to find some mojo again.

  5. Love the sunrise pic! I was thinking the same thing as Pete - it's much easier to catch in the winter! LOL! When I drive back home from teaching Efit in the winter I get to see some beautiful ones!!! In the summer it's light out!

    I deactivated my instagram this week. Not because of fitspo crap, but because I just don't need another social media app. Blogging and Facebook are enough for me. I don't want to feel like "Oh! I haven't check insta in awhile - better get on that!"

    And it's sad that blogs have become that. Some of the opportunities bloggers get are cool, but I miss what blogging was - story telling. Now it's selling out. Or SEEMS that way.