Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Carmel Marathon Training: Week 11

Adaptation has been a recurring theme for this training cycle. I used to get so frustrated if I had planned on a running workout only to get to the gym and the treadmill was in use already. I realized after a few weeks that swapping my cycling/running days would not impact the overall cycle and that it wasn’t worth getting so frustrated over.  This Tuesday I had planned on 10x800’s. The 1st interval at a very conservative pace of 3:30 felt tough- like all 1st intervals do. The 2nd 800 still felt more labored than normal for the pace so I made it a point to run a 3rd to determine if I should continue with the workout. The 3rd 800 was by far the worst (when usually they get much easier for me)- the pace felt like it was very difficult vs the “comfortably hard” it normally is and I also had the worst side stitch in recent memory. Instead of getting frustrated and going back home, I abandoned the remaining 800’s and ran until I completed 7 miles. I was happy I adapted my workout and still got a good effort in. I analyzed the shit out of my day to try to figure out what went wrong for this workout, but there was nothing out of the ordinary. It was just an off day unfortunately.  I do get upset when I cannot replicate the good workouts though- being a performer for most of my life taught me that you could be the best singer, musician, athlete- but if you cannot replicate that magic, you are no better than the masses at that particular craft.

Monday: 6.5 mile with Kim! Highlight of the week!!
Tuesday: 10 x800’s turned 3x800’s. 7 miles total.
Wednesday: Rest Day!
Thursday: 15 mile cycle, 2 mile run (BRICK)
Friday: 8 mile run
Saturday: 7.5 mile run
Sunday: 19 mile run- more on this below

Total: 65 miles for 7:54:27
Running: 50 miles for 6:46:57 (my highest mileage week possibly ever)
Cycling: 15 miles for 1:07:30


Thursday L asked me if I wanted to go to a concert with him Friday night. My first thought was about how it would impact my final long run of this cycle. Knowing that he saw this band perform in 1991 in Sao Paulo, I said yes. I would adapt my run so we could go to the concert, and also because running isn’t everything. 

We had a great time going out to dinner followed by standing in the pit for the performance of The Cult. I wasn’t familiar with them, but they put on a great show. My back ached from standing for a few hours at the House of Blues, and my ears were ringing for 24 hours post concert, but I wouldn’t have traded that experience for sitting on the couch because I had a long run to do. 
Saturday morning we woke up late and I went for a run and got a donut for CB to celebrate his 11th anniversary of the day I adopted him. He was happy to eat human food like always. 
Saturday evening we went to eat at Umai and I had delicious ramen- perfect pre long run food. We decided to go to one of our favorite bars in Printer’s Row- Villains, and have a beer before heading back. Luiz invited some friends and one beer turned into more beer and staying out way later than I planned. We finished the night with a Malort shot, followed by a bourbon shot and a pickle back. They said If I could run long successfully in the morning after this night, I would slay the marathon. I do not regret a thing.
Sunday morning I woke up feeling hungover (not a surprise). I couldn’t even stomach the thought of eating my usual pre run crumpet and jam. I had an espresso, some OSMO pre load and some Beet Boost before eating a handful of dried apricots. I gathered some bananinhas, a gu and some salt pills for the long run. My plan was to do 16-20 miles, maybe some at goal marathon pace. I felt pretty crappy so I decided to ignore pace and just run to cover the distance. I wore my Lulu skirt to test how it would be for long distance since the last time I wore it was in July. I also wore my nike hyperwarm long sleeve plus a jacket so I could be over heated for this run so I can remain acclimated to a warmer temp. 
At miles 4 and 8 I ate a bananainha. At 8 I also ate a salt pill. Mile 12 was GU and salt pill. I also brought 25oz of OSMO with me to drink. At mile 8 I started to have some pep in my step and mile 9 I decided to try for some GMP. The splits were all over the place, but I was happy to be under 8:00 for 9 miles. I run by effort and ignore the garmin for the most part since I know it spikes and is not 100% accurate. Overall I was surprised with this last long run given the less than ideal circumstances leading up to it. Instead of getting mad and expending energy on stuff I couldn’t (or didn’t want to) change, I rolled with the punches and adapted and still had a decent run. Of course I have no plans to consume Malort and bourbon the night before any races.
Looking forward:
  • I need to nail down what I will wear for Carmel. I will wear my MRC singlet for sure. I wore my Lulu skirt and it was ok for this 19 miler, but im not sold on it yet. The Nike Pro shorts or Lulu shorts are high up on my list also.
  •   I wore my Adidas shoes again with Lulu socks and my big toes/balls of my feet got hotspots again. I have no other shoe options so this is beginning to stress me out. I’ll try them again with my swifwick socks to see if it makes a difference. I’m sure I’ll be fine, but this worries me.
  • Continuing to eat well and get enough rest is very important over the next 3 weeks.
  • I’ll be running the Shamrock Shuffle for the 5th time this Sunday. It will be a nice hard effort post back to back 10 milers. I’d like to use my time as a predictor for Carmel, but I’ll be on tired legs. Regardless, it will be fun running through the city and then celebrating with brunch afterwards with friends.
  • Continue adapting and not letting stuff out of my control bother me.


  1. The fact that you ran 19 miles is impressive enough, but the fact that you were feeling the drinks from the night before and were still able to run under 8:00 for 9 miles (on top of the 19) is even more impressive! I sometimes have better long runs the day after drinking a couple of beers than on days when I've had no alcohol the night before. Perhaps it's the carbs? Happy 11th to CB - that is sweet that he got a birthday donut! Congrats on the weekly PDR! Each of those miles will pay dividends in Carmel. I'll see you at the Shamrock!

    1. Hehe I'd never recommend that pre race routine to anyone! Lol. Maybe a little alcohol before bed helps us sleep better, plus the carbs- so that our runs are better? See ya at the shuffle- we will try to meet up beforehand at the corner of Jackson and Columbus again. (North east corner).

  2. Way to go on rolling with the punches, still living life, getting out there and having a good time, and also still nailing your training. Adaptation is really important, both mentally and physically. Like you said, every day is different and it's darn near impossible to replicate anything from one day to the next. I've had so many of those days where things didn't go well, but couldn't nail down any reason why. If it were that easy, we'd all be champion runners, yes? Your mental strength and clarity is very inspirational.

    See you at Shamrock this weekend!!!

    1. I always feel I can maintain a decent balance of training hard and social activities- most of the time at least. Since I'm not a pro who solely depends on earning money from races, why not have a little extra fun too :) it does get frustrating at times though because I don't sign up for races for fun. I always am training to Pr at whatever distance so I still have to be mindful of how the extras are impacting my training because I want to PR for as long as possible and give it the best effort since races are so much $$$.

      See ya at shamrock!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! Shuffle will be a fun run for me this year. No pressure- just the way I like it :)

  4. I've had the same experience as Pete on post-drinking runs. I've actually gotten a few race PRs that way!

    I hope I see you at the Shuffle on Sunday :)