Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ironman Wisconsin: Week 1

One week down and 19 more to go! Yay.

Since I was only 1 week removed from the marathon, I amended my training plan so that I would not over do it and cause injury. The 2 year anniversary of the reappearance of the peroneal tendonosis was fresh on my mind since it was during this week that it happened- yes I keep track of it. (I also felt some twinges in my ankle which spooked me even further- I gave it some extra TLC and it went away just as fast as it came. Thank god) I will continue to amend the training plan as necessary- especially the next few weeks because of travel, and because of marathon recovery. Even though I physically felt 100% a few days post Carmel, I know there's a lot more at play during recovery. No need to rush it. I'm not concerned at all.

When all was said and done, I had worked out a total of 6:06:21 for 59.3 miles. It was a good start to IMWI training.

Swim: 46:50 for 2300 yards

Bike: 3:04:31 for 41.23 miles

Run: 2:15 for 16.76 miles

I'm starting to incorporate specific workouts and drills while I'm at the pool vs just swimming random yardage. It felt good to swim fast for 50 yard intervals- especially since I won't be getting that rush from running for a few more weeks. I'll start doing the same for cycling soon also.


Soldier field had a nice firework display for the NFL draft.

Saturday we went to Three Floyds Dark Lord Day. It's a day where FFF releases their Dark Lord Stout- they have bands and people share bottles of beer- it's a cool festival. We rode to Munster, IN in style on the Reggies bus.

And waited in a long line to get in- but we were sharing beer with people so the time passed relatively quick.

It was cold and rainy the entire day- luckily there were tents.

We were thoroughly soaked after a while. But, we were having fun hanging out with friends and sharing bottles.

We picked up our allotment of Dark Lord and then got our variants- and went back into the rain.

I'm firmly convinced these events are 100% better with friends. Yeah, the rain and cold sucked- but we still had so much fun.

Yay Dark Lord, yay.

It was pretty sweet, but good. I can't wait to try some variants on tap next week.

DLD is best enjoyed with friends.

Thank goodness for tents.

And then we decided to go home back on the Reggies bus. We pushed our way on because there were easily enough people for 3+ buses. It was eat or be eaten at this point. Luckily we got on and were on our way home and not stuck waiting for the next bus.

Despite the shitty weather, we had a fun time, but were exhausted. Even though we said at the time we likely wouldn't go back, I have a feeling we will be buying tickets again once that time comes next year.

Looking forward:

Train as much as I can while traveling but don't beat myself up over it.



  1. I'm excited to follow your training, and see what cool areas you get to explore while traveling!

    Man! I would be pushing my way on to that bus so I didn't have to wait, too! I hope next year has better weather if you guys go again! :)

  2. Great start to your IM training! It's great that you are already starting to incorporate specific workouts and drills in the pool - I'll bet you'll start seeing results right away! I love your mindset of training hard but not beating yourself up over it. Go get 'em!!!

    Ahhhh, I was wondering what that Dark Lord event was! I saw all your pictures and was very intrigued. The Reggie's bus looks like party central!!! I hope you have better weather next time, too!!!

  3. I was wondering how people were able to drink so much at Dark Lord Day and still get home! The Reggie's bus explains it. Sounds like a crazy time. Probably best experienced with good friends like you did. Yes, better to respect the post-marathon recovery phase than to overdo things!