Sunday, November 27, 2016

Grant Park Turkey Trot {2016}

Spoiler alert, I got a finishers medal!

Wednesday we went to BeerFriendsThanksgiving. It was full of great people and amazing beers. Bourbon county vertical back to 2006, WUT!?

Thursday morning we had mimosas and quiche and treated the pup to some turkey and mashed potatoes. He was super thankful.

Friday morning CB wanted to see the Chicago Christmas tree, so we ran up Michigan Ave so we could take a selfie with it.

Later on Friday, we went to Goose island and drank a lot of Bourbon County Stout. Coffee, Prop and Rare were amazing as expected. But, made waking up Saturday morning a hard sell for the race.

I had low low low expectations on Saturday morning. Originally I wanted to give a decent effort and see where I was at with my fitness, but post 3 days of holiday drinking and over indulgences, I just decided to run. Without a warmup, I took off running in Grant Park and felt alright.

First Mile 7:03 Whoa flying! Felt decent.

Second Mile 7:23 Still flying but feeling hot and over dressed but starting to feel sick.

Third Mile 7:53 C'mon, my Garmin *must* be wrong. No way I've slowed down this much. Get to next corner- Garmin still must be *off.* Feeling more and more nauseous with each step.

.10 trotted in the finish at a blazing 7:46 pace and was happy to be done.

Photo from 2013's race. Because race recaps need an "action shot"

Finished in 23:17. 4th AG. I'm surprised I ran as fast as I did given how absolutely shitty I felt in the morning.

I learned that bourbon county stout and cherry pie (my breakfast) only fuels enough for 1.5 miles. Lesson learned.

We met up with some other MRC'ers for a quick photo and then proceeded to get some Lagunitas beer at the beer van.

And then I decided I'm done "racing" for 2016, especially when I haven't been training for a particular distance. It's just not worth the $ or effort.


  1. Congrats on 4th place despite not feeling very well after mile 1.5! That pic of the two Bourbon County glasses is making me thirsty! Anyway, I'm done for racing in 2016 as well. I am not even considering racing again until the Shamrock Shuffle 2017. I'm enjoying this "run when I want to" and "getting more sleep" mode!

  2. I'm with CB on checking out the Christmas tree :) I didn't make it to that tree this weekend, but loved seeing everything all lit up!

    Not racing is pretty awesome. I couldn't even bring myself to join Kim at her low-key, untimed Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. I'll start up again in February, but in the meantime, it's nice to just run when I feel like it (just like Pete!).

  3. I think if you would have had TWO pieces of pie you wouldn't have slowed down in that last mile! LOL, I kid, I kid :)

    What a fun long weekend! I love your buffet style bar set-up with the food on Thanksgiving! :) Nom. I didn't get any mashed potatoes on our Thanksgiving and am looking forward to making them when Steven's fam is here for early xmas!