Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Boston Marathon Training {Weeks 15 & 16}

2 weeks of being ridiculously busy. I sound like a broken record lately. When people ask me if I'm excited about Boston, my response is "of course I am!" The reality is that work has been insane and it's when I look at my workouts or a calendar and think "holy shit I'm running a marathon in 2 weeks!" Yeah, it's probably good I don't have much free time to obsess about this running hobby or work. But damn, I'm running the Boston freaking marathon in 2 weeks!


The first of my 2 week's worth of motivation is receiving the runners passport and participant guide for Boston in the mail. I cried. Perhaps it was out of excitement, but also could have been out of exhaustion.

The second motivation I had was getting my fresh Marathon kicks in the mail. The newest Newton distance shoes! I was so exited for them. I didn't wear them the first weekend due to crappy conditions outside so I waited until this past week to wear them. I put one on and immediately realized they were too small. Zappos sent me the wrong size shoes. DOH! Needless to say they are on the first ups truck back and I'll get a refund. I just ordered some Nikes which I'll wear for the marathon which is a huge departure for me since I've exclusively run in Newton Distance shoes for all my half marathons and 26.2s since 2012.

Week 15

Recovery was slow after the half marathon. My calves were very sore for too many days. This is also a reason I chose to return the wrong size Newtons- I think they contributed to my soreness due to the heel toe drop. I love Newtons, but change is good too.

The highlight of this week (15) was my 19 miler. I ran inside because I didn't feel like running in cold rainy windy conditions.

The low light of this week was stepping off a curb and almost spraining my ankle. The tendons on the outside of my right leg were sore for a few days.

Week 16

Week 16 was my busiest yet. I had 2 rest days. I was exhausted. I spent 12 hours at one of my accounts doing walk throughs and was on my feet for way longer than normal- which exhausted me. My legs were so sore by the end of the week from all the walking and early 7am starts for work.

The lowlight of the week was crying on the treadmill Friday morning from exhaustion. No worries about overtraining tho- i was running on fumes by then.

The highlight of the week was Shamrock Shuffle- I executed a good race and did pretty much as I expected to do. I was pleased clocking my 3rd fastest Shamrock 8k at 36:03- less than 50 seconds off of my PR.

Goals and Stuff

I'd like to say my goal of sub 3:30 still stands for Boston. I had a nice 10 mile run outside this past weekend and felt great once I broke through the rust. I want to requalify for Boston 2018, but also want to soak up the entire Boston experience- kissing girls at Wellesley, drinking some beer at BC and maybe even snapping a few photos here and there. Ah, but my competitive spirit will likely kick in and I'll try to get a Pr or something.


I'm pissed at myself for not realizing my new kicks were the wrong size until a week and a half after receiving them. I'm hoping the Nikes will be ok- I'll take them for some runs this week and next. YOLO.

Looking Forward

I need to eat better and cut out alcohol the next 2 weeks. I want to feel better for Boston.

I also need to figure out my race kit. But that's pending the weather forecast- Boston just got a foot of snow this past weekend- so I'll have to monitor it more closely next week.

13 Days to go until BOSTON!



  1. I'm sorry work is suffocating you :( I hope the trip to Boston is a nice distraction and break, and that your trip to Denmark is, too.

    It sounds like it's a good thing they sent you the wrong Newtons since you think that is why your calves were so effed up!

  2. I can empathize on the work front. Big hugs. Are you worried about changing shoes so close to Boston? I am sending lots of high fives, I know you'll rock your race!

    1. I hope work gets better for us! There's only so much quicksand I can tread before drowning.

      I'm not too worried about the shoes- although they are a different model than ones I've had previously, they have more of a heel-toe drop than the Newtons. I think the 2mm drop of the Newtons contribute to my calf pain- as I haven't been wearing them as much. I'm sure (hoping) the Nikes will be ok. I have a backup pair of shoes if I don't like them this weekend. :)