Monday, September 18, 2017

Fox Valley Half Marathon 2017 {Race Recap}

On Sunday, I ran the Fox Valley Half Marathon with KIM!!

This was my 3rd time participating in a Fox Valley race and first half marathon there. While running with Kim, I couldn't help but reflect on the 2 marathons I ran here previously, which had 2 completely vibes. In 2012 I had my breakthrough marathon race- taking 25 minutes off of my PR for a 3:40. Contrast that to 2013 and The Death March where I felt like shit for 10+ miles and narrowly missed a BQ by seconds.

We got to St Charles an hour before the race and met up with Kim. I also took pictures of everything and all things fox.

We got our obligatory start line photo -and hit up the seemingly endless line for the porta potty city. (It moved faster than I anticipated).

The weather was around 70 degrees at the start- going Into the race our only goal was to have fun and feel good.

We lined up behind the 2:30 pacer and enjoyed chatting the time away. Those smiles never left our faces the entire time!

After the national anthem, and multiple waves before us, we were off running through beautiful St Charles!

We chatted and chatted and chatted and had loads of fun.

The course is beautiful! (Just as I remembered it)

It was quite warm, but since we were in no rush to get done, we just took it easy and enjoyed every step.

We ran by the windmill- and I had to snap a photo.

The leaves were also turning - which made the course extra pretty.

At mile 12 some nice ladies were handing out mimosas. They hit the spot hard!

We cruised it in and finished in 2:26. We had so much fun together!

I really love the fox medal.

The boys also wanted to wear the fox medal. Zé was unsure of the whole thing but wanted to keep it on as a victory for dealing with CB, while CB commented how the medal was modeled after him.

Post race I was so incredibly thirsty. I drank 500ml of cola flavored SiS on the course which I brought with me plus multiple cups of water. I also took 4 salt caps during the race and a Science In Sport raspberry electrolyte mix around half way.

I had 3/4 of this giant can of chelada when I got home and 2 vitamin waters plus what seemed like a gallon of water and still felt omg so thirsty.

I enjoyed running the race with Kim so much and would definitely consider coming back to do the half again.

Fox Valley is very organized, volunteers are amazing and the course is beautiful and fast. 10/10 would run again!

What's Next?

I'm a month out from my goal race- the Naperville half marathon where I plan to smash my current PB.


  1. Looks like you and Kim had a blast. Love the pics. The course looks beautiful - maybe I'll do it next year! Good luck with your Naperville training!

  2. That medal is seriously cute. And all of the wearers, human and dog, make it even cuter!

  3. Yay what a fun race! I love the idea of going into it just to have fun and catch up with a friend :)

    Heidi wants to know if CB is also a former model (wrt his comment about the medal being modeled after him)?

  4. Are the dogs still fighting over the medal?!

    Man, thank gawd we weren't running for time. I can't imagine trying to go any faster in those conditions!

    Thanks for the present! It truly was a treat! I rarely run with other people, and especially love running with you!!!