Friday, April 13, 2018

16 April, a very good day

I love Timehop and seeing memories from years past each day.

Instead of bitching about the weather- I’d rather focus on something more positive.  Being in a great mindset heading into a race is so important!

16 April. It’s a date that for the past few years has brought me immense joy. 

16 April 2016

The date of my first BQ. After 3 failed attempts- missing by a few minutes to 12 seconds, I finally punched my ticket to Boston at the Carmel, IN marathon with a 7+ minute cushion of 3:28.34. When I got to the start line I just knew it would be an amazing day. 

“I F*CKING DID IT!!!” — me to L at mile 26 

Read about that race {HERE}

16 April 2017

Sweet baby Ze Pequeno was born. I knew that one of the pups born that day would be joining our family- it gave me a boost at Boston the next day knowing my future running partner was here. I feel bad we will be missing his birthday this year- but we will make up for it when we return. He’s been a great addition to our family. 

From butterball to big nose. 

16 April 2018

My 3rd Boston and 2nd as a qualifier. I have no doubt that Monday will be magical and amazing and everything I’ve hoped for hell or high water. 

All smiles for 26.2 miles 

2017 Boston Race Recap {HERE}

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