Tuesday, May 1, 2018

CPH Marathon - IM LOU Training 2018 {Week 1-2}

Week 1 and 2!!

Weekly Miles  {2 week total} 

Running: 50.91 miles, 7:36 hours

Cycling: 42.55 miles, 3:30  hours 

Swimming:  00:00.00

Yoga/stairs: 00:05:00

Total Miles for this cycle {April 16- October 14} 

Running: 50.91 miles, 7:36 hours

Cycling: 42.55 miles, 3:30  hours 

Swimming:  00:00.00

Yoga/stairs: 00:05:00


I am still over the moon about the Boston marathon. I can’t think about it without tearing up. But, it’s time to move onto the next thing(s).

When L and I were at a cafe in Malmö, Sweden last year, we found a postcard ad. “Welcome to the Party” became my theme for 2018. People “fear success more than failure,” and I made sure that when I wrote out my goals for 2018, that they were representative of  living without regret or fear. No need to be secretive about my 3:10 ambitious as hell marathon goal. Telling people just solidified that this was real and I was serious about it. Like many, I could have kept the goal a secret and lived in fear - fear of not achieving the goal, fear of what people would think. But that’s a shitty way to live- to make decisions based on other people. 


Our flight home from Boston getting delayed 8 hours- especially since I had an early flight for work the next morning. 

Washing my marathon kicks and the lace getting torn up. I’m replacing them with neon green laces. 


Running Boston and knowing my fitness was appropriate for a 3:15-3:10 had the weather been better. 

Running in 2 new to me states! While in Omaha I ran to Bob the Bridge and stood in Nebraska and Iowa at the same time. (I also ran to the Iowa side).

Running with MRC 4 tines last week. We had 2 guests from the Copenhagen Chapter, and ran with Rick Astley’s keyboardist And tour manager. We did get Rick rolled 2x. 

Starting to run with Ze Pequeno. The hands free leash is great! And he’s been surprisingly better than I thought he would be- no erratic movements, no chasing cyclists or squirrels. 


Im pumped about the next few months and excited to get back into some solid training. I’m holding myself back from doing any speedwork for a few more weeks- it’s difficult because I feel recovered but know it’s best to take a little time off. 

I keep telling the boys that health is super important and should be on the top of their to do lists. Regardless of how omg busy they are in this season of life, they need to make some time for working out. Doing the bare minimum is unacceptable.   CB has a fitbark and always smashes his step goal (true story. We own one). Ze goes to school and plays ball 2-3x a week and now runs 2x a week with me. I attribute CB being in such good heath now at 13.5 to running (up to 20 miles) with me before his retirement last year. Heath is sexy. Health is so important. 

Looking Forward

My next race is the Danish world beer mile championship. I will practice chugging sparking water to prepare- since my only area of improvement would be drinking time. Currently I run a mile faster than drinking 4 beers. 

Drinking out of a boot in Omaha. 

Later that week I’ll be running my second Copenhagen marathon. I loved the race last year. When I saw it was the same weekend as the beer fest we are going to, I had to sign up. No goals for this race other than have fun with friends, and drink beer during the race again with Mikkeller Runnung Club. 

October is Ironman Louisville. I’m excited to tackle this craziness again. I made a list of things I could have done better after IM Wisconsin in 2016 and am looking forward to another incredible experience. 

Welcome to the Party. 


  1. Ooo, this is going to be an awesome party!

    Good call on holding back on speed for now! Do you think you will have much in your plan as you train for IM Lville?

    Do you usually wash your kicks?!

    Yay for new running states! Your bridge run sounds really cool!

  2. Sorry to hear you guys got Rick rolled 2x!