Monday, October 14, 2019

Take the Bridge 2019 {Race Recap}

I’ve followed Take The Bridge for a while. The photos from their races always made the event look crazy fun, so we decided this year was as good as any to try it out. 

We got some pre sale entries and signed up- it typically sells out in minutes.  We really had no idea what to expect. 

The race was Friday night- a few days before the marathon. 
We got numbers to put on our hips and a wristband to designate we were in the race. 

We also got a nice Lululemon long sleeve shirt. 

We also got a drink token for the post race party. 

Once we got to race HQ, I asked a bunch of questions on the logistics. Basically you start the race at a designated spot, then run to the checkpoints any route you want to take. First person back wins cash money.  This race attracts some fast folks. 

We went outside to watch the men’s race- it started 9pm and the women at 9:30. It was roughly 5k total distance depending on which way you took.

Hip numbers on and ready to have fun!

The atmosphere was electric despite it being high 30’s and crazy wind. We cheered for the men and it was really fun.

First place guy averaged low 5’s. Insane.

L kicked ass after some high altitude training in CDMX.

Natali and I ran together for the women’s race. We were both running Chicago a few days later and didn’t want to over do it. We stopped on one bridge for selfies and pics because it was so beautiful.

We had a lot of fun chatting and enjoying a crazy race at night. 

We ran into an MRC runner from Seoul that night too.

It was an interesting race experience- I’d consider doing it again if i wasn’t doing a marathon a few days later.

photo by @gnp_photos

You get marked at each checkpoint. We decided 2 checkpoints of 3 was enough. We were super cold by that point.

Post race party was fun- great music, burgers and kombucha.

We took the bridges!

I’m glad we signed up for this as it was a unique race experience. It gave me some ideas for MRC event/races in the future.

It was a fun night with good people. 10/10 would try again. 

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  1. Oh wow! I haven't heard of this before, but what a fun idea!!! That's so cool it's sort of "choose your own adventure" (with checkpoints). Did you see Colleen Quigley there? I saw some pics on her insta that looked similar to this!