Monday, February 3, 2020

January 2020

January 2020

I started out the month by taking the RRCA level one coaching class. I had always wanted to take the class so I was so happy when the opportunity came up. I passed the 100 question test a few weeks later and now am officially a running coach! I made an 8k training plan for our run club as practice.  I don’t have any plans to make a side hustle out of coaching, but I’m very happy to have the certification and knowledge. 

Our run club, Mikkeller Running club Chicago won chapter of the year out of all MRC. We celebrated with a special run.

We celebrated 9 years in Chicago. 

Fancy work dinner awards: My company has an awards banquet for the office staff each year. I received a special achievement award for going above and beyond with helping out my coworkers by writing fabulous useful reports in BI. I also won a gift card to Lettuce entertain you. #winning


Less mileage year over year, but more total volume. I’ve got no specific goals for 2020 running at this moment (other than keep running)  so I just try to maintain 5-6x a week running, sporadic speedwork, 2x cycling and some stair climbing.  It’s weird not having a “goal” race but I’m enjoying not doing long runs and heavy speedwork after averaging close to 80mpw during the summer. 

Ze and I ran 3 times for 16 miles in January. 

We were So proud of L for PRing at his recent half. 

The coaching side of me is very fulfilled witnessing L’s growth over the past year. PR city! In all reality, consistency pays off. He’s doing all the hard work. 

Looking forward to February 2020 (January was such a long year!)

  • Celebrating the 5th anniversary of our run club, MRC Chicago 

  • Running my first trail 13.1 
  • Completing my 3rd, Hustle up the 875 (Hancock)
  • Going to Atlanta with L, Kim and S,  to watch the fast ponies run the Olympic trials marathon
  • Running the Atlanta Publix 13.1 
  • Eating some Publix  subs 
  • Dinner at a new to us restaurant + returning to an old fav we haven’t been to in a while
  • Mom’s  popup at Marz, because it’s an awesome combo. 


  1. Oooooh very jealous of Publix (or as Terry and I call them, "Sublix," because we're so clever). The place his family stays at in Longboat Key is right across the street from a Publix and OMG I get the hype. That and fresh fish is worth staying with my in-laws for a few days, ha!

    I think even unofficial, non-side hustle coaching, sounds like it would be very rewarding for you! Sometimes in my classes I end up stepping back and helping newer members master something that's new to them and it feels just as good as getting my own PR. I imagine coaching is similar :)

    1. SUBLIX!?! Omg I’m dead over that. I’ve never heard that before but it’s brilliant!

      I like helping folks too- like giving solicited advice :) just not sure how far I want to go with it. I love hearing that you’re able to help the newer members learn - it’s got to be so fulfilling. And helps them feel much more comfortable and confident. I wish I could join your gym!

  2. You had so many awesome achievements in January! Good thing it was so long to get all that in. LOL. Congrats on your coaching cert! And congrats to L - I am so excited for his PR and future PRs :)

    I have heard lots of raving about Publix! I am curious to check it out. That was one of the first things I thought when I saw they were the main host or whatever it's called.

    Ooo, a trail run in Feb! Is this in the midwest? Might in be in the snow?!