Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Take The Bridge: Atlanta Natties 2020 {race recap}

After running a longer than expected shakeout with Naz Elite, and spectating the trials, we went to the Georgia Beer garden to check in for Take the Bridge Atlanta. 

We met in the alley behind the beer garden and got our numbers. We then hung out inside the garden until 15 min before the race because it was still cold and windy.

Take the bridge is an unsanctioned race. There’s no chip timing and entrants are limited to around 25 women and 25 men. 

The premise of the race is to be the first to get to all the checkpoints and then be the first to return. Cash money prizes attract some fast ponies.

After hanging in the beer garden and wondering how many of the folks inside celebrating were Oly Marathon trails runners, (it was the tracksmith cheer headquarters during the race) we went outside for the pre race meeting.

During this briefing the location of the checkpoints were disclosed. It seemed as if 95% of  the participants were not from Atlanta so we were all working together to google map the bridges. 

The first one was easy to locate as it was just a few blocks up from us. The others- well we needed assistance to find. “It’s the bridge in the park by the reservoir, not the one by the skate park.”

5 minutes before the men’s race, the order of the checkpoints were disclosed for the men. Their race started at 7:00pm.

Soon the men were off on their journey. Left behind were all the women and spectators. The women’s race would only start once all men returned. 

A few minutes after the start of the men’s race, a woman came up to our group in the alley and was all “I just saw Molly Seidel inside and got to talk to her!” 

About 20 women surrounded this girl TELL US MOAR!

She said molly was there because her sister was running the race we we were doing. 

Soon, Molly showed up.

photo by @Deandigamon

She was so down to earth talking about the trials while drinking a beer. 

She said it was her favorite marathon ever, and that it probably ruined marathons for her going forward lol. 

She also said race officials took her shoes and had to cut them open to make sure they complied with all regulations. After press and drug testing, she was at the Beer Garden with us.

She still had her trials kit on under her sweats. It had been a crazy day for her. Obvs.

photo by @Deandigamon

It was so cool to hear this raw recap of her experience. 

photo by @Deandigamon

The men came back one by one and soon it was ready for the women to take the bridges of Atlanta.

photo by @Deandigamon

5 minutes before our race, the directors gave us the order of our checkpoints. 

My only race plan was to keep someone in sight because I had literally no idea where I was going.

photo by @Deandigamon

Charging up the first bridge at a blistering 6:00 pace. Oops. Then I held back a bit.

photo by @Deandigamon

I ended up sticking with a few women for the duration of the race. One of them knew where to go. #soblessed

We worked together - warned each other about potholes and stuff. It was so cool to have a squad in this race. 

I finished 18/25. Molly’s sister won. 
She was wearing her sisters trails bib during the race lol. It was so fun. 

photo by @Deandigamon

Aftermath of the checkpoints.

Post race we had a beer at the beer garden and stuck around for the awards. 

Our team “west” lost to “east.”

Once again, we had a lot of fun running this race. I can’t wait to run one of these again. I just need to work on my speed and navigation skills.

photo by @Deandigamon

Until next time...

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