Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September recap

The main event of September was running my heart out for the Fox Valley Marathon where I smashed my previous 26.2 PR by 25 minutes for my first sub 4 finish with a 3:40.

The other not so notable event was what happened on August 31 while out on my last long run when i injured my peroneal tendon. This caused me to get one of the lowest mileage months in a while since the hip flexor injury of January-March.

Nearly half of the 58 miles was from the marathon.

Since September 16 (FVM), I haven't run a step. I want to give my ankle the best opportunity to heal going into this Sunday's Chicago Marathon.

I've cycled 4 times since the marathon and possibly for the first time this year, I did not work out at all for an entire week.

I walk to work and back each day- 2 miles total but I won't count that as "working out."

Because of the weakened state of my ankle, I've rolled it twice in the past week and a half. The first time it caused mild swelling which hasn't gone down and pain. The second time it didn't seem to get worse but certainly didnt help it get any better.

Ive matured more this year in regards to my health than any other year. Taking a week or a few off from any activity is beneficial to let the body heal, especially when there is an injury. Could I run right now? Sure! Would it prolong the healing process? Absolutely!!

I cringe when I see others blogging about their injuries, but keep running, swimming etx and complain that the problem is not going away. The answer is obvious as to why they aren't getting any better. It's a tough pill to swallow by having to scale back on goals and activities you enjoy, but in the long run your body will thank you. Obvious but often ignored.

We also saw a new antenna being installed at the Willis tower. That white piece hanging from the helicopter was about 40 feet long!!!

So in short, September was filled with the extreme joy of the marathon coupled by the reality that I'm not super woman. Bummer!

Looking forward

After all I've said above about being smart concerning my injury, I will still run the Chicago marathon this Sunday with my man.

The weather is shaping up to be perfect for Sunday which makes me jump with joy!

I'm really looking forward to running the streets of Chicagoland with my best friend for his very first marathon. I'll be his support and cheerleader as we tackle the 26.2 If it's not too cold, I plan to take loads of photos along the course to capture the Chicago marathon spirit.

If you're running the Chicago marathon be sure to come to the Chicago running blogger lunch on Saturday. I'll see you there!

Good luck to all racing this weekend!

- xaar


  1. Look at it this way, you still ran 2.5 times more miles in September than you did in February. :-) Cool pic of the helicopter installing the antenna. BTW that antenna installation cut off reception to all of the channels on my tv Sunday morning (first world problem)! Hope the ankle gets better quickly. Good luck in the marathon!

  2. I read a blogger who has been injured for a long time and wanted to do Ragnar so bad... she did it and got worse. Sigh. It's good your taking time off... until Sunday ;)

    1. Silliness! I'm looking at a bigger picture now :)

  3. That pic of you running the FVM looks so bad ass :) and I'm so glad you'll be able to make it to lunch on Saturday!

  4. You look determined and like you're just out for a sunday morning jaunt in that pic, haha.

    Good luck with your ankle, that is not good that you've rolled it twice in the past week. Hopefully your ankle heals up, or else if you keep rolling it, it may become a recurring problem. I think that my right ankle stress fracture may be related to the 2 major ankle sprains that I had in my right ankle. Not sure about this though.

    I wouldn't say I'm running completely pain free, but I'm still out there running which is good. And I seem to be getting faster too. I will say that in general I'm noticing less and less pain which is good. We shall see!

  5. You are so smart to take it easy post-marathon, girl! I think the same thing when I hear about people running while they're still injured (even if just a bit). I'm looking forward to seeing your pics of the CM course after I finish Twin Cities. Have fun out there!

  6. I don't think I have seen very many September recaps that were all about lots of mileage, seems like nearly everyone has had to cut back for some reason or the other. Great job resting, hope your ankle heals FAST!

  7. It was so, so, SO good to meet you in person today!!! I am really glad that you are giving your ankle the time it needs to heal. Ankle injury or not, you and L are going to ROCK the Chicago Marathon - and think about how amazing it will be to cross the finish line with him for the first time!!! Rest up tonight and I will see you and all your awesomeness bright and early tomorrow!!!!!