Friday, December 21, 2012

Cold, Wind and Waves... OH MY!

I took today off work and decided to make the most of my extended weekend and head out for a run. Made it 7+ miles, but would have gone more if the path wasn't closed around Oak St/North Ave Beach due to large dangerous waves.

We did get "hit" with the snowstorm Draco last night. I really didn't see snow accumulation any where in the Downtown Chicago area. I was really expecting more based on the "OMG this storm is going to be so super bad, be scared of the wind and 2-4 inches of snow and high winds" per the local meteorologists. What a disappointment**.
Churro Bear and his left over dental chew from last night. Breakfast of champions!
I was intimidated by the conditions- Feels like 16, wind gusting at 40mph- but I wasn't going to let something like that ruin my 1st opportunity to run outside this week.
I wore my brand spanking new Nike Pegasus + 29 Shield's out for their inaugural run to see if the weather proofing "Shield"  lived up to its name. Spoiler Alert: The weather proofing worked.
This was my invitation to keep going north past Oak St Beach.
With a lot of caution, of course.
The "OH SHIT" wave which sent a 3 inch high wall of water rushing towards me while I ran as fast as I could, but not nearly fast enough. The ice cold water went right over my new pumped up kicks. And my feet stayed dry! Thank you Nike for making an amazing shoe.
I knew my limits and just took photos from a distance and did not try to get to North Ave beach, because that would have meant you seeing me being pulled out of Lake Michigan on the 5pm News.
The waves were ferocious.
The path was salted heavily in anticipation for the snowstorm that wasnt.
Navy pier Ferris wheel looking good.
Some new "friends" before they got pissed at me and started hissing.
There weren't many people out on the path today- just a few cyclists and hard core runners like myself braving the wind and cold.
It was a beautiful day... Did I even need to say that based on my photos?!?
Some "self timer" fun with one of the pieces of artwork on the path. 3rd times the charm.
Have a wonderful weekend!

**I want to run in the snow, build an honest to god snowman, and sled down sledding hill. Is that too much to ask?

- xaar


  1. I love the pics! Those waves are intense!

    I too, am dissapointed by the lack of snow. All we have up north is nasty ice under a dusting of snow.

    Awesome to hear that the new shoes held out! Woo hoo!

  2. Those waves look awesome! And yea looks dangerous too, if one knocked you down and pulled you into the lake =). And the 3rd to last pic on here might be my favorite you've ever posted - gorgeous.

    1. Thanks ;) I actually used my cheap cannon powershot to take photos because I didn't want to take off my gloves... Then I put it through instagram, Mayfair filter.

      Yeah, the water was cold an the waves were big but I just kept inching closer until a set took me off guard ;) never a dull moment here.

  3. Those are amazing pictures, especially of the waves and with you in the big red circle!!! I didn't know that they closed the lakefront path down today because of the waves, WOW!!!

    I also didn't know that you got new Nike shoes!!! YAY!!! They look very comfortable and speedy. What exactly is the "weather-proofing" they have? I've heard of Gortex shoes which are supposed to be waterproof, is that what they are made of?

    I was super disappointed by the lack of snow, too. I have been looking forward to running in the snow for weeks!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, as well, and can't wait to catch up with you again next Friday at the Nike event!!!!!!!!!

    1. Even if they didn't "close" te path with a police sign I wouldn't have made it around the turn between oak st and north ave beach. I've learned my lesson with Getting too close to nature. I could see the waves possibly crashing over the big sea wall onto lakeshore drive too. Not something to mess with!

      The new nikes are comfy too. Not sure what te weather shielding is, but my feet were toasty roasty the entire run!

      Wait to see you again on Friday! L is going too!

  4. OMG, what amazing photos. We need to get together and run so I can see some of these cool images in real life! xoxo

    1. Come run with me!! More motivation to brave the cold if an awesome running buddy is involved :) I'll take you on the "beautiful sights of the lakefront" tour :)

  5. Wow, those are some waves right there! And fabulous pics!

    Happy Holidays!

  6. These photos are amazing! What do you use???

    You are my hero for braving this weather. I am such a baby:(

  7. Those waves are huge! I love how how "storms" are so hyped up and then 1/2 the time nothing happens or you get 1 inch of snow when 8 inches was anticipated. I rarely even watch the weather anymore.