Monday, December 31, 2012

Tchau 2012

On the running front:

1245+ miles run
618 Cycling miles
1859 total miles

13 Races Run

The biggest change in my usual running routine was hiring Britt as my virtual running coach. With her training plan and support, I was able to achieve one hell of a PR in the marathon which I am certain wouldn't have been possible on my own.

 3 Marathons.
And a PR of 25 minutes in Fox Valley for a 3:40

Running the Chicago marathon with my L, was an amazing experience that I will never forget.

Ing Miami, Fox Valley, Chicago Marathon Part 1 and Part 2 (slideshow) 
Grinning like a crazy fool for every step of the Fox Valley 26.2
2 Marathons were run with my best friends in the whole entire world. 

4 Half Marathons.
I took 2 minutes off of my 2011 half time for a PR in the Chicago Women's Half of 1:46:15

Rock n Roll St. Pete (FL), Chicago Spring Half, Chicago Women's Half, Rock n Roll Chicago
While RnR Chicago was a bust because of the heat, I had fun and the photos turned out awesome!

1 8K.
I came back from the hip flexor injury and took 2:11 off of my 2011 time for a new PR of 39:57
Shamrock Shuffle
5 5Ks
No PR this year. My 2011 PR of 22:18 Still stands strong. But I did get 2nd AG, and 2nd overall in the races I ran.

New Year's Day 5K,  Run to Remember, Karhu 5k, Grant Park Turkey Trot, Schiller Chiller Trail Run

Churro Dog
Loads of memories made with the Churro Bear Dog.

Concerts/Events attended:
Several Cubs games attended
Flo Rida post RnR St Pete. He put on a great show!

Starship Cobra post RnR Chicago
And Lollapalooza! My favorite band was Amadou e Mariam, but Florence and the Machine, and Jack White were also pretty good. The whole day was just a crazy experience.

2012 was a great year. 

I got promoted at work, saw family and friends, got to visit a few states, drank over 300+ unique beers and fell in love with the town I live in, Chicago.

I'm welcoming 2013 with open arms. Some things in early 2013 i'm looking forward to: a Chicago Bulls game, and a much anticipated trip to Brasil.  

Tchau 2012, it's been fun!

Feliz ano novo!


  1. Love the recap! Although, the CB pics are TOO small. Just sayin' LOL ;)

    You really kicked butt with those PRs. And three marathons?! Damn! I love training with Britt. Do you think you will again this year? :)

    And over 300 beers?! COOL!

  2. Cheers to an awesome year and an raven better 2013! When I think back about your training, I almost feel positive that some of your marathon training workouts crushed that 8k PR. Maybe I'm wrong, or that fact that I e have about 8 hours of sleep In two nights has fried my brain...but that's what it's telling me right now!

    Coaching you was one of the highlights of my year! Watching your cruise through that marathon will be forever burned in my mind, it was a great day. Glad to have made a great friend in you too!

  3. You had an awesome 2012, loved your new marathon PR :) You had some pretty awesome races! ....and a TON of amazing photos :)

    Brazil....oh girl you are going to have such a fantastic time, I'm so jealous. And funny enough, just the other day Tappan and I were talking about doing a big international trip sort of thing and he mentioned Brazil! Can't wait to hear how it goes, I may be following in your footsteps.

  4. What an amazing 2012!! I'm so happy for you and also looking forward to what 2013 will bring! I loved working with Britt too! :)

  5. I LOVE this recap. You certainly had a busy year both in your personal and running "lives". Can't wait to see what you do in 2013! Let me know when you want to grab that beer together :)

  6. You had an awesome year!!!!! So many great things happened with so many more memories and adventures to look forward to in 2013. Happy New Year!

  7. Nice recap and pics. Here's to an even more awesome 2013 (if that's possible)! Happy New Year!

  8. Looks like a great year! I hope 2013 rocks as well. Happy New Year!

  9. It was so great to see you and L last Friday!!!! Congratulations on an awesome, amazing 2012 and cheers to an even better year to come in 2013!!! I am so, so excited to see what greatness 2013 has in store for you. I love the pictures, especially the ones of CB and the one of you at RnR Chicago where you look so happy!

    The countdown has officially begun for your trip to Brasil. What a great way to move past the winter doldrums!!!

    Feliz ano novo to you too!!!

  10. Wow great year and I'm super impressed by your post injury PR"s!!! I still haven't become as fast as I once was after my hip day ;)

  11. You had a great 2012! A lot of great races and PRs set! Your trip to Brasil should be awesome!

  12. I am started to get pumped for your trip to Brazil and i'm not even going! I can't wait to see all the pictures!!

  13. Love all the great pictures of your Churro dog. Always makes me happy. Glad you had such a great year, can't wait to see what is I s tore for you the year!