Friday, February 22, 2013

I've forgotten the basics

This is week 3 of my half marathon training/ build a strong base of running and I've seemingly forgotten everything that makes my longish runs successful.

But before I get into my "running routine," here's a photo of the happiest runner dog enjoying himself on the path.

Which promptly turned to this for the rest of the day:

After our 4 mile run.

Week 1's long run felt terrible. I was hungry and over dressed for the weather.

Week 2's long run went better, but still had some issues. I was definitely underdressed for the sub freezing temps. Although, I did manage to take a Gatorade prime pre run which helped. I also ate my weight in spaghetti the night before. Ick!

*and felt really crappy the rest of the day (probably due to not consuming enough electrolytes) Even a huge steaming bowl of ramen couldn't help me.

Now going into week 3's long run, I'm determined to set myself up for success by looking back at what worked so well for me during Fox Valley Marathon training. My gawd, I feel like such a newbie. Hehe

Night before long run
•Don't carb load. Eat a huge burrito instead (no hot sauce). "Carbloading" makes me feel heavy and bloated. And slow. Somehow a huge burrito doesn't.

•Drink a beer or 2.

Morning of long run
•Eat Honey Stinger waffle 1 hour before

•Drink a quarter cup of coffee. Anything more and ill feel like death.

•Drink Gatorade prime 15 minutes before run

•Take a salt pill with the Gatorade prime.

During Long Run
•Carry water and drink when I feel like it.

•Don't use Nuun, or other electrolyte drink (minus Gatorade) because why on earth would you train with something that wouldn't be available on race day!? Unless of course you bring your own bottle of said drink to carry on race day.

•Only take a gu and salt for runs over 16 miles- usually midway through run. *Unless its really hot.

•Be careful to dress appropriately. This is hard because I hate hate hate that initial shock of stepping outside into freezing temps after being in my warm apartment. Must remember I'll be warm after 10 minutes.

Post long run
•Take a salt pill (if it was hot) or if I sweat a lot. Might try this after my long run tomorrow to see if last weeks funk was brought on by lack of potassium/sodium/magnesium.

•Have a small protein shake to feed the tired muscles.

•Bring debit card on long run to stop at Caribou on the way home to get their fabulous Lemon Earl Grey latte.

•Massage calf muscle with the Trigger Point Kit. Getting that knot-tightness out is key to staying healthy right now.

So that's the reminder to myself on what works for me for longer runs.

*I'm sure what works for me might not work for you. I've analyzed these components of my routine a lot and found great success/ consistency when I follow this schedule.

Do you have a running routine? What works for you?

- xaar


  1. Well since I feel like a newbie again as well, I feel your stress! Thankfully I have been OK with this shortened and brought on quickly training for a half, but I know once May/June gets here and its time to start training for Chicago (YAY!!!) I will have to revisit a lot of things as well. I might try some new things out too!!

    1. oops! that was my alter ego/blog name!!! LOL. This is June!!!

    2. Hehe Julia/June :)

      It's tough to find a rhythm after time off. I was all smug thinking ill just head out the door for my 12 miler a few weeks ago. Then I crashed and burned. Consistency seems to make these runs much more manageable.

      And I'm sooooo happy you're coming back to Chicago!!!

  2. Hopefully it will be 3rd times' the charm with your run this weekend! Best of luck! CB might rival pepper as happiest looking running dog! HAHA

  3. I have a standard routine too, yet somehow I still manage to mess with it from time to time and wonder why! Looks like the happiest runner dog around!

  4. Great reminder about the Nuun! Why train with something that isn't readily available at races.

    1. Yes! I used to use it on all my treadmill runs and then the lightbulb came on one day- why was I using it in training and not on race day. Good way to eliminate issues :)

  5. winter has been messing with my routine! I always end up under fueling when its really cold. It's not so much that i'm lazy, its just that - actually wait, it's because i'm lazy. I have to drink lots of coffee before a run, or i feel totally zapped - i learned that last weekend!

    I can't eat lots of pasta before a run either - i tend to prefer the burrito!

    1. Lazy! Yes. That's exactly what it is!!! I'm all like its cold out I don't need to do as much when it's hot. WRONG! :)

      I think I've read rice is generally easier to digest than pasta. Maybe that's why I love me some burritos :)

  6. It's so easy to forget the basics sometimes! I've definitely been guilty of that a bit lately. I attribute a lot of my successful runs to Friday night beers. :) Cheers!

    1. YES! A few beers the night before seem to make my long runs better too... Better sleep? More relaxed? I dunno but it works!


  7. I have to be careful or I will mistake my nervousness for hunger and I will try to eat too much the morning of a race. I now have it down to a bowl of oatmeal and a GU or a prime 15 minutes before the race and no water after one hour before the race. I love seeing other peoples

  8. It sounds like you've got it down to a science! I actually love coffee before a long run, along with PB/toast/banana!

  9. Foam rolling is a new MUST-DO for me after my long runs! makes such a difference for me!

  10. Lemon Earl Grey latte?! That sounds tasty!

    It's so hard to figure out a perfect long run routine! I feel like mine is constantly changing! It's great you remembered yours 3 weeks in!

    Funny, my husband always said he preferred the burrito for fuel too. I just need to make sure I eat enough, doesn't matter what, as long as it's not greasy! :)

    1. I'm the same way. I just need to eat something substantial (i.e. protein) before a run and I'm good to go.

  11. I was really diligent during marathon training to prepare for every long run with a "safe" dinner, lots of sleep, and then the same boring breakfast + coffee the morning of. I'm training for a half right now and have been winging it so far, but I need to remind myself that if I want to perform well, I need to take this training just as seriously!

  12. I do best with pasta or pizza the night before a long run. And two beers. Sometimes I run best when I get a little tipsy the night before. Strange. Hah.