Sunday, February 10, 2013

I run because

Since returning from Brasil, I started training for a half marathon and depending on how that goes, maybe a spring marathon. Just depends on how my injury prone self and 94% healed ankle issue hold up.
This week I got to thinking about why I run and do races. I can only imagine that I've written about this before.

I run simply because I like it. This is the one sport that I get along with. I've never been on team sports (save for cross country) and like that I only depend on myself.

I run because the solitude is soul cleansing. Although runs with friends occasionally are sooo fun! And nothing beats a run with my man or my pup :)

I like exploring my city and seeing it from angles I wouldn't have otherwise seen it from.

I run for this above- the email from my Daad after nailing my first "longish" progressive run of this training.

Nothing makes me even more jazzed to run than seeing my Daad proud of me. And after thinking this run went bad, I was pleasantly surprised to see the splits above for miles 6-10.

I run to improve because I'm competitive with myself. But I also run because of health. If I had the time, I'd love to just cruise up and down the lakefront for a couple of hours each day and not think about PRs or races.

I never struggle with motivation to run, just the motivation to go outside when the conditions are crap. I don't need those "motivational" posters to remind me that "I will only regret the workout I don't do, or strong is the new skinny" or other BS. **I refuse to be "guilted" into working out or made to feel bad if I skip a workout- just the same as feeling bad about being a certain body type. If those motivate you, then good for you.

Again, I run because I like it.

I do get incredibly bummed when I have an injury and cherish the times like now when I'm in a relatively healthy state. So to take advantage of this, I hired my favorite Running coach to help guide me to the start of another race or 2. Because having direction in my workouts makes me happier- even when I begin to question my goals and fitness and over-think everything. (Thanks Daad for the over analyzing genes!) :)

There's nothing like a good sweat (or a few tasty beers, or both) to clear ones head after a long day. Or dont forget a delicious Bloody Mary too!

Even with dodging icy patches yesterday, the 11 miles were worth it for the scenery and fresh air.
That's why I run.
- xaar


  1. Amen, sister! I love the reasons you run, and I run for the very same! It sounds like your training is off to a great start!

  2. Lovely pictures! I feel the same way about running, and about "motivational posters." Although I'll admit, I have been lacking motivation lately with this weather. Moreso the darkness than the weather.

  3. Ah those pictures make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Nothing better than an abandoned snowy lakefront. Miss those giant floating ice chunks. Run for yourself now and always! That progressive run makes me have a HUGE smile, can't wait to talk to you about it Thursday!

  4. I run because I enjoy it as well. I'm in a bit of a running funk right now but know the love for long distance will come back. For now, I enjoy shorter mileage as my stress relief!

  5. Excited you are working with Britt again! I miss her! I am not ready to train though. Maybe soon :)

    I have been reading a lot about types of workout motivation, specifically intrinsic and extrinsic. Most people are mostly extrinsic (do it for outward reasons - lose weight, be social, etc.). But I think you and I have a lot of intrinsic in us - we just love it :)

    I do wish someone from my family took interest in it too. That is awesome that your dad does :)

  6. here, here! I agree, i wish we all had time to just cruise the lakefront every day for as long as we want. I guess the fact that we have to squeeze it in makes us work harder and appreciate it even more! :)

  7. Great post. I'm the same way with pretty much everything on here. I have played some team sports before - little league baseball and soccer. But focused on XC and track in high school since I wasn't good enough for the baseball or soccer or basketball teams in high school. I do like running for the fact that there is no one to blame. If you fail it generally is your own fault. No prima donna personalities are allowed since when they fail there is no one to blame.

    Anyone who runs where there is snow on the ground deserves some kind of award =) And that last pic is fantastic.

  8. Yes, enjoy your healthy state! Love the pictures. I will be out there again, soon...

  9. You take fantastic photos! I run because I like it and it makes me feel strong. Plus races are just so much fun! I hope you stay injury free so you can enjoy fun spring races! I am excited you are doing Chicago! I can't wait and it is only Feb.:)