Sunday, February 2, 2014

Knoxville Marathon Week 2

Monday: Ballerina Fight Club. 1 hour

Tuesday: 5 Miles, Easy 42:00

Wednesday: 6.5 miles total. Speed. 2x 2 miles at 7:18-20 pace.

Thursday: REST

Friday: 4 miles, Easy 32:30

Saturday: 5 Miles, 6x 20 second Hills. 40:00

Sunday: 12 Miles. 5 @ GMP (7:55-8:00). 1:45.17 


The first 2 runs of the week felt so off. My heart rate was elevated, and for the "easy" pace, the effort was way too hard. Figured it was probably from last Saturday's long run and just feeling overly exhausted from running in the sub freezing temps and wind. Because there was NO WAY it was from putting an incline of "1" on the tread... I stopped going to dance classes the rest of the week to ensure I was well rested and recovered for my remaining runs.

Felt like myself again Friday and was instantly full of confidence again.

Sunday's long run was *almost* a dream. It was freaking cold (no surprise there) and when the wind picked up, the sub zero feels like was almost too much to take.I made a deal with myself to run the first 6-8 miles outside and do the remaining GMP miles on the tread. Surprisingly I felt wonderful and decided to carry on outside. I ran north into the wind first and even tried to run half a mile in the snow field past Oak St Beach during mile 5.. but that was just stupid so I turned around.  For the GMP I ran by effort and did not look at my Garmin much.I use the Garmin as a tool, and not a "be all end all." I do not trust it is accurate 100% of the time.  I did laps to include a few hills to get my legs acclimated to Knoxville's rollers. The headwind was not bad, and I felt so fantastic overall during this run. With 8 weeks to go until game day, I'm feeling very optimistic that with Coach Britt's plan, and my current fitness I will be prepared to run marathon #11 well.

CB was happy to play with his Tornado again this week.. As long as there's treats involved.

CB also went to the vet this week for his semi annual checkup. He received a clean bill of health and is starting on supplements to help prevent arthritis.  I just have a problem with the vets calling my dog old. He is my baby and acts like a puppy. But he is now 9 years old... :(

For seemingly not liking the cold, CB really enjoyed running through the snow storm on the way to the vet. Boots make all the difference!
Yeah, I crossed that barrier and ran 400m past it through 5"-8" of icy snow. Not fun at all.
Leading up to the barrier. The rest of the path was super clear- minus by the Aquarium which was a little slippery.
Looking forward: I can't wait to cross off another week of training. I also plan to go to a few more dance classes during the week to get my core/strength work in. (it's much more fun in a group) I hope the weather gets a little more mild,but so far it's not looking that way any time soon. I just really want to avoid running on a tread for more than an hour- but adding "hillz" makes the time go faster. Feeling great going into week 3.



  1. I love your puppy...I actually got another cat last year because Bogie was 10...I completely understand.

  2. Your pup looks so young and healthy still, hard to believe he is nine and starting on arthritis meds

    1. It's mainly a preventative.. But also because he has tested consistently (over the past few years) for elevated liver enzymes... and they said arthritis might be a cause of it even though he doesnt show any symptoms..

  3. Glad you had such a great run today! You're already kicking so much ass, just imagine where you'll be in 8 weeks!

    Aww, it's definitely weird to think of CB as "old." Meko does kind of act like an old lady sometimes, so I guess it's less shocking for her lol. CB does look like he's having a blast on his way to the vet!

    1. Thanks! The run was good, but now Ive got a serious hangover from it (not as bad as last week) but running out in the sub zero really takes a toll on the body... Im so excited for Knoxville now :)

      Aww poor Meko. I need to meet her this year. She sounds like a sweet pup. Ham acts like a princess... but I was shocked by the mention of arthritis... even as a supplement for prevention... They said his consistently high levels of some liver enzyme might be caused by arthritis.. they also recommended an ultrasound to check for tumors on his liver.. sigh. The usual vet we speak to hasnt mentioned that before- and was ok with the elevated enzyme levels after extra tests we had... ok this is long enough.. Our pups are just too awesome :)

    2. Hmmm.... you probably already know this, but I'd get a second opinion before you get any tests. Often they're super expensive and amount to very little, but also if it's anything where they need to sedate the dogs... I just get nervous about that.

      But yes, we do have some pretty sweet pups! :) Meko and Jude would both love to meet you. Jude's super playful, if CB ever DOES play with other dogs. Meko would probably just hover over him and follow him around, as she does with her cousin. She has to be in charge lol

  4. Good to hear you felt like yourself again on Friday. That snow field run sounds like a tough workout! :)

  5. Love the video of CB playing with the tornado! And yay for a great run!!! That is awesome that you went past the police barrier on the lakefront path. Way to push through, both literally and figuratively! The Ballerina Fight Club sounds really intriguing. I have visions of women in pointe shoes wearing boxing gloves. =D Please share more about those dance classes in a future post!

    And so glad to hear you are feeling 'you' again. I think we all go through those times! xoxo You'll rock this marathon, I just know it!