Monday, February 10, 2014

Knoxville Marathon Week 3

Monday: REST

Tuesday: 6 miles, 46:00 4 tempo miles @ 7:24.

Zi-Cardio, 1 hour

Wednesday: Easy 5, 40:30

Thursday: Long run. 14 miles, 1:54. Progressive with last 6 avg sub 8.

Friday: REST

Saturday: Easy 5, 40:30

Sunday: Easy 4, 30:40


I didn't run outside at all this week and I'm 100% ok with that. The 14 miler was almost a dream on the treadmill until midway through when the heat got turned up. I'm now convinced that running outside in temps below 30 is just not worth it and is too harsh on the body. My last 2 long runs outside left me feeling like crap the rest of the day which is a stark contrast to the insane energy I felt post 14 miler which I completed before work.

The result of week 2's post long run hangover. A new lulu running skirt. Thing is, I don't wear running skirts. WTF was I thinking!?

The main reason I did 14 miles before work was to make sure L and I could spend as much time with our BFF, H who was in town for a quick vacation. Mucho good times were had and we look forward to seeing her again soon.

I was just starting to think about shoes for the marathon which is fast approaching in 7 weeks and happened to look at the bottom of my beloved Newtons. I was surprised to see a "blister" on the bottom which had torn. These shoes only have 380 miles on them! ("Only" 380, because I've heard they should last a lot longer.) I was surprised to see this since I've never destroyed a pair of shoes before. According to Newton, they are fine since "technology" part of the shoe is intact. I'll probably be buying another pair for the race anyways since these would end up with over 500 miles by 3/30.

I started looking at my weekly recaps from FVM version 2.0 and am happy with where I am at currently with my training. While I am about 5-10 miles less a week (compared to 7 weeks out from FVM,) my paces are much faster and I'm feeling fantastic. Looking back has given me a lot of confidence over the past week and I really can't wait to see what I can do in Knoxville.



  1. 14 miles before work? You are seriously my hero!

  2. Aww yeah, you are totally in good shape! Quality, not quantity! :)

    I can't wait to see the new shoes you end up with. Newtons has the most fun colors!

    I hope next week's post includes that while a < 30 temp will not get you outside that you will do it for me. <3 <3 <3 I hope that doesn't run your day, tomorrow!

    Maybe in the next two weeks I can try a dance class with you!!

  3. Wow!!! Another great training week, yee-haw!!!

    Yeah, I definitely agree with you that running outside is freezing temperatures is quite hard on the body. I wish I had access to a real indoor track (i.e. not one that requires you to run like 16 laps for one mile). It would make the long indoor runs easier, for sure.

    That running skirt is really cute! I don't usually wear running skirts, either, but I own three of them and figured they'd be a fun way to shake things up once in a while.

    Yay for H's visit! It's so nice to have visitors when the weather is so blugh - they brighten the spirit. =)

    Looks like you've been getting some really good use out of those Newtons! I normally don't destroy shoes, either, but I recently found a pinky-toe hole in one pair of my Asics shoes. It was really surprising! But hey, I am up for any excuse to get a new pair of shoes. I am looking forward to seeing what your next selection is!

  4. just awesome. great work this week! glad you had fun friend time, too.

    and dude. you look like you're gonna knife someone with that icicle.

  5. the skirt is cute! at least it doesn't have ruffles…that would be too much.

    and i think you're in a fabulous place right now! sure your average mpw are a wee bit down, but your quality is up which is very promising. i like the icicle photo of you, looks like you're ready to cut a b*&%$. happy tuesday!

  6. wow, 14 miles BEFORE work! You are a rock star lady. You are kicking butt with training, and I can't wait to hear how your marathon goes. I love skirts in the summer!

  7. what time did you get up to get 14 done before work? If it was me I might as well not go to bed ;)
    I don't know if I have ever told you, you have the most beautiful eyes. And I love the skirt, I saw it is time to be wearing them.

  8. You know, you can always send the skirt this way if you aren't going to use it! I Kid!...kinda..not really..

    I'm happy to see you didn't let running dominate a weekend that had extra special life stuff going on! Great reschedule and great runs!

  9. Wow impressive blister! I've never had that happen to any of my Newtons. How great you're feeling so good!