Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Another fabulous week in the books.

Only 50 miles this week. All cycling. Nothing to write home about. I took some extra rest days because I felt like it. I'm not training for anything, so no sense in feeling "guilty" for only working out 3 hours and 42 minutes last week (not counting strength training if anyone is counting).

My new swimsuit fits, but when I went to use the resistance pool it didn't turn on. FML. So now I'm looking into a few options for swimming laps. I have to keep reminding myself this ankle issue is temporary and if I continue working out in a way that doesn't piss my ankle off, plus stay diligent with strength training, I'll be better off than before this "injury."

The first time I was called "Sharlon" this year. Lol.

I'm surprised how "chill" I am about this whole ankle thing. I mean, it will totally get better at some point. Races will still be waiting for me with open arms. Boston will have a place for me when I finally do qualify. Just no use stressing over something that needs some time. I'll probably try an easy run or 2 this week to see how it's doing.

To continue off of last week's week of firsts, I took note of even more firsts that happened. I got my first pair of "Chucks."

I got a fitbit. So snazzy in an obnoxious green color like my Chucks.

I spectated the Soldier Field 10 for the second time. I'm on the "run every other year plan" for this race.

I cycled south on the lakefront and got to see nearly everyone I was "cheering" for. (I'm terribly awkward at cheering encouraging things to strangers, so I cheer for my friends and take loads of photos) It really couldn't have been a better day for a race.

After the race I went to the "West Loop Craft Beer Festival" for the first time. It was in a block party format with over 60 breweries- many of which I had never heard of (read: very small local ones) and all had delicious beer.

The weather was perfect.

All the beerz, all the smiles.

Check out dem pretzel necklaces below.

All the beerz and all the friendz.

We finished out the holiday whirlwind weekend with friends and grilled foods and a 41% abv beer "Sink the Bismark!" By Brewdogs. Needless to say we didn't come close to killing that bottle...

My "goals" workout wise for this week mainly include getting back to 7-8 hours of workouts and doing more strength training. And finally swimming a few laps. And hopefully running a few miles if the ankle cooperates...



  1. Have you looked into lap swimming through the Chicago Park District? It's $40 for a 3 month lap swimming pass, they have various indoor pools throughout the city (and the outdoor ones are opening soon), although they have very limited hours for designated lap swimming. I've gone a few times to the pool closest to my current apartment and it's very bare bones but it gets the job done. http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/facilities/swimming-pools/ --> Click on Lap Swim Memberships

    1. I'm about ready to check out the new pool by my house- a Chicago parks district one. :) the hours are limited though for open swimming...

    2. Yeah the limited hours are a real bummer, but if I plan around it (like I would plan for a fitness class), it's a good affordable option. I looked into a membership at the South Loop Xsport, since it's cheap and they have a pool, but the reviews on Yelp scared me.

  2. Totally second the recommendation for the lap pass - the summer swim schedule starts this week, so it's perfect timing :)

    Not being in training for anything and being a little injured... why do we feel so guilty for not working out as much? I needed to read this, as I've been debating taking a run at lunch today, even though I majorly tweaked my back yesterday. Why is it so hard to take a rest day or cut back a little, even when we know that's what we should do?

    Anyway, I enjoyed our Saturday together :)

    1. I hope the lap pass works out. There's a pool a mile from me- but has limited hours for free swimming... Must do more research. :)

      Just take a rest day!! You only regret the workout you do that causes injury!!!! I think it's so difficult because working out regularly is part of our routine. It's so hard to just take a step back sometimes.

      It was so lovely seeing you at SF and then the beer fest :)

    2. Because we enjoy running!! Sometimes I enjoy it more when I'm NOT on a training plan.

  3. It was awesome seeing you again--twice in one week actually! The snazzy tights were totally eye catching.

  4. Char! It was so good to see you along the course this past Saturday. Thank you so much for coming out and spectating! Loved those tights you were wearing!

    You have such a great attitude about your ankle. I'm thrilled to hear that you've been enjoying your cycling workouts. Hopefully the resistance pool will get back in order soon!

    That beer festival looks like it was a blast! And I know we talked about brunching over the last two weekends but it didn't work out either time. We must get our next brunch scheduled soon. =)

  5. love the knew kicks and the fitbit. I want one of those too.

  6. I hope you find a place to swim, now that you have a suit that is not all up your wazoo ;)

    I am curious to hear what you plan to do with your FitBit information! I think it would be interesting to have one track my sleep, but that is the only thing I can come up with that I would care to know (I don't care about calories burned, steps walked, etc.).