Monday, July 28, 2014

Another OWS, CB's unexpected vet visit and Beer Camp. OH MY!

Another fabulous week in the books...
It didn't start out all festive and merry however.

I worked out a little over half of what I've normally been doing. I just felt fatigued and kind of sick by the middle of the week.

Those days when it's 90 degrees out and the next morning and it's 59, really throws me off.

CB was cute. As always. He's so stinkin precious.
He played dress up as Yoda when Fido to Go came around.

Wednesday I was feeling icky but was happy to go meet Kim and her husband for dinner. Definitely pulled me out of my funk for like 2 hours,..

Got home and played with CB for a bit. Around 10:30 we were getting ready for bed and I noticed the area around his right eye was swollen.

I freaked the eff out. Googling symptoms at 11pm is never a good idea. Ever. I put a cold compress on his eye and stayed up with him until midnight. Other than the swelling, he seemed fine.

The next morning I was able to get a vet appointment and left work early (also because I had the chills/fever) and walked CB to the vet. Clearly he was miserable on our walk. I had given him some Benadryl once I was able to get some from the store and it seemed to help reduce the swelling over 2 hours.

The vet called me around 4:30 and said she didn't see much swelling and that I did the right thing by giving him the Benadryl. No definitive cause could be determined.

We walked home and he laid like that for 5+ minutes, staring at the wall. High on Benadryl??

Saturday morning I did my 2nd OWS. It was gorgeous and calm and the water seemed really cold.

I warmed up for 8 minutes and then forced myself to swim a half mile. Holy shit. Swimming a half mile is really really far. I felt like crap, with the 63 degree water not aiding my headache and just wanted to go home. So after my half mile I peeled out of my wetsuit and cycled home.

After I got home I went for a run with the CB dog. We walked 3:00/ ran 2:00 and I felt ok. He was pissed not to run more.

I'm debating on whether or not to get a second script for PT since my first will run out in a few weeks. I've made a ton of progress with the ankle and hip strength, but there is still lingering pain- which caused a change in diagnosis to "tendinosis." (Osis because there's pain but no swelling) a quick google search yielded enough info to make me understand that this is a no joke chronic issue and could take up to 6 months to heal.

I am not sure if I should continue with PT until the discomfort is nearly gone or if I should try to be on my own for a bit and take things easy with my return to running and being diligent with all my PT exercises. I could always return to PT.

For a birthday surprise, I took L to "The Aviary" which is one of the best cocktail bars in the world.

It's described as a 4 star restaurant for drinks (although the small bites of food we ordered were also amazing). The time and care put into these creations is just mind blowing.

It's a place that appeals to all of your senses- the visual of a beautiful drink, the smell, the texture, the presentation. The cocktails were so delicious.

Sunday we went to Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp across America tour.

It was held at Navy Pier (aka the tourist trap Shit Show) but turned out to be a cool venue at the very end of the pier.

We got tasting glasses and sampled many new to us beers from breweries in the Midwest and beyond:
(new to me) Beers I tried:
•Urban Chestnut-"Zwickel"
•Nevin- "Summer sesh"
•Mobcraft- "Bat Shit Sour"
•3 Sheeps- "Really Cool Waterslides
•Pipeworks- "Simcoe IPA"
•Blue Nose- "Archer Ave"
•Figure 8- "Ro Shampo"
•Argus- "Strawberry Brogurt"
•Big Dawg- "SOB Ale"
We had a great time. And drank many many delicious beers.

•Dark Horse- "Barracuda Blue"
•Sierra Nevada-"There and back"
•Country Boy- "Knotty Pine"
•5 Rabbit- "Guava Paletas"
•Alpha- "Cantaloupe Sour"
•Destihl- "Mango IPA"
•Cigar City- "Jai Alai"
•Sierra Nevada/Cigar City- "Yonderbock"
•Sierra Nevada/New Glarus- "Electric Ray"

It was a fabulous end to the week and a great way to kick off L's birthday week.

The live music was also fun. We danced and had a great time before meeting up with some friends for dinner.

And to think this was only day 2 of L's fantastic birthday bash week....

Can't wait for all the fun events we have planned this week- including going to the Shedd aquarium, and the main event..... Lollapalooza!

I'm going to need a vacation from all of this.



  1. Are you going to Lolla all three days? I was lucky enough to have a pair of tickets to Friday fall into my lap (have yet to get them in hand or in my inbox yet though ... they are coming from a friend of a friend). If it works out, I'm excited to see Phantogram!

    I love that CB is kind of photobombing you in the pic before the Aviary, and I love your dress!! Glad you both seem to be on the mend.

  2. I'm so glad to hear CB is ok!!!!! Happy bday week to L, (my hubby's bday week too!) and you look amazing in that dress! Hope this week is better for you funk wise...xoxo

  3. Congrats on your OWS! I am in such awe of people who can swim that long, and in the lake, too! And The Aviary. Sigh. What an amazing place!

  4. Oops, I should have read this before lunch then we could have talked about other things! Hee hee!

    I am happy CB is better. Does he want me to come take him on a run one morning? LOL. Be patient, CB!

    Yay for L's birthday week!!!! ;) I hope you enjoy the Shedd tomorrow!

  5. Such a bummer to hear about CB. =( How is he doing now? Based on Kim's comment is sounds like he is doing better, which is great!

    SO pumped for your tri. What day is it? If the timing works out, I might even try to come and spectate! I've never spectated a tri before and this would be a great way to do so for the first time.

    YAY for Lolla! I've got several coworkers going and they are already planning their weekend strategy, LOL. Can't wait to hear more about your experience!

    Happy birthday to L!!!!!!!!!