Friday, July 11, 2014

Birthday week. Birthday week.

It all started with a surprise dinner at Maude's. Delicious cocktails were had along with some really fantastic food.

We went to my new favorite coffee shop in the loop again- Dollop. I got a maple latte and a quiche. Delicious.

I was silly post maple coffee.

And then we played frisbee with CB.
And later on had beerz because we enjoy beer.

Another morning Churro Bear "CB" was silly.

On my birthday I went to work. Then I left early to watch the Brasil v Germany game. It was so ridiculously heartbreaking to watch. Sigh

I also went to my PT appointment on my birthday because, why not? Cankle doesn't take a break from being a whiny bitch...
L took me out to dinner at an undisclosed location.
We went to Japonais by Morimoto and it was out of this world fantastic.

THE Iron Chef Morimoto even showed up, but I refused to go all fan girl on him and get a photo. Instead I was mesmerized watching him talk to and instruct the sushi chefs.

The Air Cheesecake was mindblowing my delicious- as was the rest of our meal.

The 2 couples sitting at the tables next to us were also celebrating their birthdays too. Crazy.

It was a fabulous week leading up to my birthday minus the horrendous Brasil loss.

CB requested a solo appearance.

And I also registered for my first triathlon. I'm really excited to experience a triathlon since it's so different than anything I've ever done before. I'll be rocking a cute TRI suit*, my hybrid mountain bike and probably walk/running the 5k portion since my ankle is still a cranky asshole.

*why is 99.99999% of TRI apparel so fugly? And yes I realize the function of the outfit is more important than looks, but I'm a firm believer of "look good, feel good." And I refuse to look like Violet Beauregarde....the blueberry girl from willy wonka.

It will be fun.

Figured I might as well put all my swimming and cycling to good use. :)

I also bought a wetsuit which should arrive today.** Based on my measurements it should fit, but after my swimsuit snafu I'm not holding my breath. I want to try some open water swimming as well as force myself to go further than 50 yards at a time.

The wetsuit fits, I think?  Its very snug but I can move. My only other experience with a wetsuit was when i went SUPing in Monterey bay last year but that was a different type of wetsuit for a different type of activity.

I just have to get over swimming in the lake.


*I grew up in Florida with salt water. Lakes are something I avoided like the plague. Heat + bacteria = really unsafe lake. At least Lake Michigan is bigger....


  1. Looks like you had a great birthday week, sorry about Brazil losing, I didn't see many world cup games but I did happen to catch 6 minutes in the lounge that day at work that were not so good for Brazil but Germany was loving.
    Your little dog is so pretty!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had a great time.

    I saw the game too and was also disappointed.

    Good luck at the triathlon!!!

  3. Yay, looks like a great birthday! :) Our 10th [dating] anniversary is this coming week, I think Japonais looks like it might be a good spot for celebrating!

  4. I'm so disappointed in you not getting a photo with Morimoto! Gah! My man went to Graham Elliott a few weeks ago and got a selfie with the man himself and I am out of control jealous. Still.

  5. I CANNOT BELIEVE you did NOT get a photo with IC Morimoto!!! FAIL! LOL, jk...when I met Graham Elliot, I TOTALLY went all fan girl, and believe a tear or two was shed I was so darn giddy.
    I'll have to check this place out, for sure!

    Happy Birthday, and can't wait to follow your tri journey!

  6. What a fun birthday week although I think the universe was unusually cruel to have that huge loss on your day!!!!

    Can't wait to hear how you like the wetsuit once you try it out! :)