Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hot dog battle, Farmer's Market, Crowler and CB dog fetched a stick!

Last Monday:

We went to the beer pairing dinner at Farmhouse Chicago- "Wolves in the farm."

It consisted of a 6 courses each paired with a delicious beer from Surly, Solemn Oath, or 3 Floyd's.

The menu:
1st Course: Aged Goat Cheese Caramelized Cashews, Buttermilk Cracker, Nectarine Butter, Nasturtium Happy Fun Beer, Solemn Oath

2nd Course: Melon Heirloom Beets, Tomato, Pink Peppercorn, Hibiscus Fest Beer, Surly

3rd Course: Indiana Shrimp Fry Charred Long Beans, Grilled Corn, Black Onion Vinaigrette, Shrimp Shell Aioli, Tarragon Patron Saint of Quality Footwear, Solemn Oath

4th Course: Tenderloin of Pork Rose Finn Potatoes, Spent Grains, Lobster Mushrooms, Peppers, Beer Reduction, Citrus Marigold Permanent Funeral, 3 Floyds

5th Course: Lamb T-Bone Cauliflower, Crispy Quinoa & Puffed Wild Rice, Grapes, Lamb Jus, Mountain Mint Rye Barrel Aged Pentagram, Surly

6th Course: Pudding Coffee Cake, Carmel Corn, Espresso, Anise Hyssop Zombie Dust,

I was a huge fan of the 1st and 2nd courses as well as the pork tenderloin and dessert. My favorite beer was by far the Surly- rye barrel aged Pentagram (sour) and the 3 Floyd's Permanent Funeral an exceptionally hoppy double IPA.

CB was sad not to join us...

I cleaned my office this week. I had to take before and after photos, because it was gonna be a drastic change.

Damn you Boston poster throwing me shade every time I'm at my computer. 2016.. 2016....

I worked out on Saturday morning in the gym and there was a dude in our studio room blasting Mozart, having a photo sesh all by his lonesome.

After he was done I went Into the studio to lift weighs and do my PT exercises and had an audience.,,

Saturday L and I FINALLY went to the Green City farmers market. We've gone to the Chef's BBQ a few times but never made it to the regular market.

It was crowded and full of people just stopping to rubber neck at gourds and mums, but the food made up for it.

We had tacos from Cookies and Carnitas and the best grilled cheese ever.

We also had a crepe filled with butter and cinnamon sugar. Delicious. I can't understand why we waited 3.5 years to go there.

Ooh ooh I know! Because I was always training for a marathon and that {unfortunately} took precedence over everyday life.

Later on we went on another adventure.

I wore my new stripey Toms and took silly photos.

We went to the Northdown for the Battle of the Hotdogs!

It was Superdawgs (Chicago) vs John's Hot Dog Deli (Copenhagen, Denmark).

The superdawgs were amazing. One was like a Chicago dog- "The Original." The other, "Whoopskidawg" had an onion bun which I fell in love with.

John cooked "The Stuffed Young Walter" complete with Mikkeller marinated red onions, Mikkeller beer mustard, and GOLD LEAF! All 3 dogs were freaking delicious.

It was a tough call between calling #2 or #3 a winner for me... But I decided on #3. I have no idea who ended up winning the battles overall.

I can't wait to visit John's Hotdog Deli in Copenhagen next spring for our 2nd "lua de Mel."

We went to Dryhop and had a delicious brunch + beers. And we got a CROWLER!  A large 32oz can instead of a glass growler. Theres many benefits to the can vs glass including: extended shelf life, light cant get to the beer, and it's just freaking cool to have a huge can of great beer!

Sunday was chill. CB decided to act like a "normal" dog and fetch a stick. *Usually he is not interested in balls, sticks, toys outside, unless it is a FRISBEE!. He even returned it to us!

He seemed quite pleased with himself.

It was a much needed easy weekend to balance out the craziness that is my job. Unfortunately it won't get better until next month. SOS. Send help, I'm drowning.



  1. Oooh, the battle of hot dogs sounds delicious. And I STILL need to get to Dryhop! Can we go soon, please? :)

    And awww, CB! That's just how Jude looks with a stick, but he sucks at fetch. In that he'll get it one, then sit down to chew it and never bring it back.

  2. I saw the subject line in my Feedly and I was happy that this post did not include a trip to Hot Doug's. Now those people need us to send help.

  3. The Whoopskidawg is my FAVORITE thing from Superdawg. Polish sausage, FTW. I grew up in the same neighborhood as Superdawg, and my dad used to take us there on Saturdays for lunch when we were kids, back when the carhops still delivered your food on roller skates. Dammit, now I need to have Superdawg for dinner!

  4. Looks like no running leads to lots of good food and beer!
    I love how clean CB always looks, the white so white! Cola is never that clean, but he like to hang out in the horse corrals with the horses and the goats.

  5. I love your it crazy that sometimes I want to do what you have done???

    I also love your Dog's eyes

  6. you guys always have so much fun and I love it. Now give me all that food!! :-)