Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Spectating the 2014 Chicago Marathon

On Sunday I went out to spectate the Chicago Marathon. I was especially excited to see the elites because I never get to see them in action- I'm usually eating their dust- following in their footsteps in the same race. Some of my friends were running and I was happy to cheer for them and lift their spirits at mile 24.

I watched the first half of the marathon on TV- which was an awful broadcast. They pretty much only showed the men, and kept cutting to human interest stories instead of showing THE RACE. And I have no problem with the human interest stories, but I want to watch the race. Save that stuff for later.

I rode my bike down to mile 23ish- 35th and state where Goose Island was hosting a fun viewing area. They were giving out free shirts and bottle openers. It also happened to be the best place to photograph the runners due to the position of the sun along the course.

The excitement was building as the lead men were getting closer to where we were.

It was exciting seeing some of the wheelchair participants zooming by.

Then the lead pack of men flew by!

With Bekele trailing.

The insanely inspiring Wesley Korir on his way to an 8th place finish.

More elites, including the first American male to finish, Bobby Curtis.

More elites at mile 23ish.

I was taken off guard when the lead women approached. This was the only shot I got- the eventual winner, Rita Jeptoo.

Amy Hastings who placed 5th and tied her PB.

Lisa Uhl in her debut marathon.

I got to see Pete B, Corey, Manny, Kimberlie, and Joe at mile 24. I should have stayed at mile 23ish because the sun was behind us at 24 and was not optimal to take photos.

It was fun spectating and seeing my friends killin it out on the course. The weather couldn't have been any better for a marathon and it showed.. I believe all of my friends got PR's or Course Records!

When I got home I felt exhausted. Spectating is hard work, yo.



  1. Thanks so much for cheering me on. It was especially needed at that point in the race as I was starting to break down for some reason. Anyway, love the pic of Rita Jeptoo. That one should be in Runner's World! Also, I was wondering why you picked that exact spot on mile 23, but now I know: Goose Island stuff! :)

  2. Houston Marathon does the SAME THING every year...some of the elite men along the course and a BAZILLION minutes of coverage of special interest types of stories about every day joe or mary...

  3. I can't believe I didn't see you! Boo!

  4. How awesome you got out to spectate! Totally agree with you that the broadcast sucked. Especially the coverage or shall I say non coverage of the women? Great to see Amy H killing it out there. Perfect day.

  5. Nice photos! I ended up facing south while spectating, so the sun made it very hard to see people and also take photos. Oh well. I had a schoolbus full of kids to accomodate, and they pulled up on the northside of the course.

  6. I love spectating, and was bummed to miss it this year. Great photos!

  7. That is so fun that Goose Island set that up! Super neat bottle opener.

    Isn't Amy Hastings the cutest?! I love that pic you got of her. Thanks for sharing this! Seeing the elites is so exhilarating!

  8. Looks like fun. Nice series of photos. :)

  9. Awesome on the great photos! Always fun to see elites fly by!

  10. Weird Question; Do you have a 2015 Chicago Marathon Goose Island Bottle Opener?