Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014: All the stats!

2014 surprised me- in regards to working out. While I ran 581 miles less than last year, I cycled a lot and added swimming to the mix. I worked out a total of almost 12 days!

I am most surprised that I ran 161 times, averaged 45+ minutes and 5.29 miles each run. I really thought those numbers would be lower, but with Spring marathon training, it brought the numbers up.

I also spent 1.85 days of 2014 doing Physical Therapy. Not a surprise at all. But the time adds up quick.
On the opposite side of the spectrum, I logged 544 beers in 2014, with 82% of them being unique check ins- beers I have not logged in the Untappd app since I started using it in late 2011- which is pretty much when I started getting into craft beer. I drank 448 unique beers that I've never had before in my life in 2014. Now many of those came from sharing bottles and sampling at beer festivals, I also actively seek out unique beers while at restaurants because it's super boring to me to have the same beer over and over again. There's so many amazing craft beers being brewed, I want to try as many as possible!

My "top" brewery of 2014 was BrewDog with 30 beers, followed closely by Goose Island with 25. I did drink a lot of BrewDog beer while at the BrewDog Bar in Sao Paulo in November, so it makes sense.

Here's a list of my most frequently checked into breweries:
I was not surprised at all to see that DIPA (Double IPA) and IPA's accounted for almost  25% of my beer consumed in 2014. Those generally make up my favorite beers to drink. I thoroughly enjoy Imperial/Double Stouts in the winter, so having those make up my 3rd most frequently checked in beer is no surprise. I am in love with sour beers, so for that to be 4th, is right where I expected.
Now, as for 2015 resolutions, those aren't my jam. I don't believe in setting myself up for failure at the start of the year with a bunch of wishes or dreams just because the masses are doing it. (The difference between a goal and a wish is a goal has a plan.) I feel most "resolutions" are just wishes- to lose weight, to do this, to do that, but there's no plan in place to get to the destination (and not enough discipline to follow through). Asides, making goals or "resolutions" once a year is pretty sad. What about the other 364 days in the year to make a change? Every single day I'm evaluating and analyzing my life and how to make it even more amazing. I don't wait for things to come to me, I go out and make shit happen.

2014 was by far the best year for me, but I also said the same for 2013, 2012, you get the idea. I accept nothing less from my life.

2015 will be another amazing year, I have no doubt!


  1. I'm with you, I prefer to set yearly goals instead of "resolutions." But usually those goals are rooted in a resolutions. I just achieve more when I break them down into attainable steps. I'm trying to convey that same idea to my husband because he seems to be stagnating right now.

  2. I was impressed by your stats, especially the 852 running miles given the amount of time off you took. I guess all of that spring marathon training mileage added up! Too funny that you have beer stats. When I was in my beer drinking prime a typical liquor store might have carried about 10 different brands (Bud, Miller, Coors, etc.). This is truly the golden age of beer! :)

  3. I'm surprised you were able to run that many miles with all the time you took off. Great job! Here's to a fantastic 2015!