Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day in the life of Xaarlin, Saturday edition.

Couldn't resist making a "Day in the Life" post because so many others are doing it today, and because last Saturday was so crazy!

5am: wake up hit snooze x20, piss off L.

6am: get up and go to the gym. But first take a photo of the gorgeous sunrise.

6:22am: Run 3 fast miles.
Photo from another run where I was goofing around.

6:45am: take a shower, have a coffee and quickly get ready.

7:25am: leave with CB for his vet appointment.

7:35am: CB decides he doesn't want to go to the vet and stops half way on our walk/run and wont budge. People begin to wonder if I've stolen my own dog due to his resistance for going on a walk with me.

7:40am: We finally get to the vet and he backs out of his leash and starts running around the parking garage.

7:45am: I corral CB and we go into the vet and find a long line. I appreciate the time the vet techs/office staff spend checking in each pet to listen to our issues etx. Luckily it moves fast enough.

8:00am: I run home one mile from the vet in jeans.

8:10am: I eat a ham egg and cheese croissant in record time.

8:20am: We leave for the train. (Because I worked out late, and because I left late to the vet, I was thinking we would miss the train)

8:40am: after a brief hustle to the train, we are seated comfortably.

10am: arrive Gary Indiana and walk to the 18th street brewery.

10:10am we start waiting in line for the 2 hours until the brewery opens. We were there for their special release of Hunter Coconut stout. <Spoiler Alert: It was worth the wait>

11:15am: still waiting in line. The vet calls and we discuss our next steps with CB. He has been drinking too much water for the past few weeks. No other symptoms. I agree to additional blood work to figure out what is causing him to drink every last drop.

11:30am: we are still freezing our asses off outside.

11:50am: The line starts to move and we can go inside and buy the Hunter Coconut.

11:55am: we buy our allotment of Hunter Coconut and find a seat to enjoy some beer!

11:59am: I buy a round of Hunter Coconut for L, my Daad and I so we don't have to open our bottles. It is delicious and chocolaty and coconuty and everything I had hoped it would be and more.

12:31pm: I drink a delicious Cone Crusher IPA from 18th Street

1:05pm: I go in line to buy another beer for my Daad and L.

1:06pm: I drink a Bitches Bank imperial stout from 18th Street. Man was this one delicious. Stout with cinnamon and other spices- almost reminded me of a boozy Mexican Hot Chocolate or mole in the best possible way.

1:15pm: I go use the rest room before hitting the train and take a photo of this sign.

1:20pm: we walk to the train

1:25pm: we get on the train.

2:47pm: we arrive Chicago

2:54pm: arrive Porkchop and get food.

3:24pm: arrive at my place, chill for a while.

5:15pm: leave to go pick up CB

5:30pm: go to Whole Foods.

5:38pm: go to the vet. Wait a very long time because the Vet was in a surgery. Speak to the vet for 10 minutes. Get some answers, get recommendations for more tests to find the underlying cause of the excessive drinking. Elevated kidney enzymes indicate the possible onset of early stage kidney disease or early stage kidney failure. Vet doesn't seem too concerned at the moment, so I breathe a sigh of relief- especially since CB has been acting normal- the only thing out of the ordinary was the excessive water consumption.

6:30pm: head home with CB.

7:00pm: Arrive home and chill the rest of the night.
9:18pm: While trying to go to sleep, I start crying thinking about how my dog will not live forever. And while there's no serious diagnosis, my mind goes to the worst. I start researching home remedies for kidney disease and info about changing his diet and go to bed because it's been a long day and I am drained emotionally and can't stay awake any longer.

WOW that was tiring to write.

And now that I've looked it over it was kinda boring and tedious to read. I must work on my day to day activities to make them more interesting for blog content. But, the more I think about it, This is a somewhat usual Saturday for me- minus the vet visit.
Until next time.



  1. Sometimes I think about the same thing with Olive. She's perfectly healthy, but she's about 8, which is probably "middle age" for cats. And she's just an ungrateful cat, so I can only imagine the same feelings for a dog :(

    Other than the vet stuff, sounds like a great day!

    1. I had no idea Olive was middle aged.. She looks so young to me. It killed me last year when the other vet called CB "senior." I wanted to punch her in the face. CB is not very outgoing or grateful either - unless he wants something. But he has me wrapped around his little paw with his 5 minutes of butt wiggles and excitement when I come home :) other thab that he is like a cat and does his own thing...

  2. Yes, please make your days more interesting and blog-worthy. That's what counts.

    Meko had the same issue with drinking a ton of water (I swear, she and CB have a TON in common!) a few years back. The vet gave the same recommendation and she's been fine ever since. CB has arthritis too, right? I can't remember the exact connection, but I know we were thinking that the water had something to do with either arthritis, or maybe some of the medicine she takes for it.

    1. Totes.

      Wow. Meko and CB are like long lost twins! CB does have a touch of arthritis in his hips but I'm not giving him anything for it now. She really didn't give me any direction asides from the ultrasound. Being a crazy dog lady- I googled what I could do.. (Not always a great idea! Especially before I went to the vet.. Interestingly enough- kidney disease never came up.) we are actually now convinced he was licking the salt off of his legs after going outside. Ever since Sunday night he hasn't been obsessed with water. Hmm

  3. ...and now I am very, VERY thirsty...

  4. Have his blood sugar checked as well...Hope he is ok!

    1. Thank you :) They did check for diabetes and everything looked fine. We are actually thinking that he was licking his legs after walks (where he kicked up ice melt and rock salt) and got thirsty from that. We've been wiping his legs and he's been drinking waaaay less this week so far.

  5. I did not find this in the least bit boring or tedious. Tell CB no funky kidney issues.

    1. Aww thanks :) I reread it and just thought wow. What a load of words! :) I agree- no kidney issues for the CB dog! I need him in my life for a while longer.

  6. What Anne said. Also, there weren't nearly enough selfies or mirror pics in this for me. Work on it for next time ;)

    I've never heard of 18th street brewery, but then again, I don't often visit Scary Gary.

    1. I will be sure to up the selfie/ mirror posts for next time. Thank you for the suggestion and reminder! I knew I was forgetting something in the post- that was certainly it!

      If you like good beer, this is the place to go. It's a diamond in scary Gary. And it's right off the train. Totally worth a visit.

  7. Any day that has me drooling over beer is worth writing about!

    1. This beer is one of the best and worth a trip to Gary! :)

  8. LOL! I was going to write "good thing it wasn't too cold out for your wait outside"... until I saw the comment about freezing your asses off. Happy it was worth it!

    Gah. It's hard when you are worried and the vet is like "it's all chill; it's normal." We want advice! (At least, I do) We don't want to google it and scare ourselves (at least, I don't). I hope CB's kidneys (and the rest of him!) are fine, and the water drinking was just some funky phase to mess with ya!

  9. about 2 years ago, I realized Bogie (our cat) wouldn't last forever, so I started looking for another cat. we have now saved Bella, and she isn't the cat I was hoping for, as I feel she was abused at some point, but she loves us

    sending prayers