Friday, February 6, 2015

A New Chicago Run Club and going outside my comfy zone

I remember exactly when I started to like craft beer. L and I went to Beer Revolution in Oakland (a top notch bottle and can store with some beers on tap) around 2010 after it opened. I had a stout on tap and L picked out a bottle from the fridge to drink. After our first sips we traded beers to have a taste and my mind was blown. He had selected "Black" by Mikkeller an insanely flavorful deliciously dangerous (17.5%abv) imperial stout. I had no idea beer could be so opaque black and complex and sweet and thick like motor oil and still be delicious.

After that moment, our lives were forever changed for the better. We began to seek out Mikkeller beers and anyone who collaborated with them. We also started going to breweries to enjoy more and more craft beer. That day in Oakland 5 years ago a single bottle of Mikkeller Black was our craft beer "aha" moment and we've been huge fans of Mikkeller and craft beer ever since.

A few weeks ago L surprised me with a Mikkeller running club shirt and jacket. I was so happy (because I can't wait to run with them in Copenhagen this year & now have the official club shirt) - that we posted a photo on Instagram saying how now we have the shirts, the only thing lacking is a Chicago chapter of the club.

 The next morning I had a message from Copenhagen asking if we wanted to start the Chicago chapter of the Mikkeller run club- I said HELL YES! After a few emails back and forth the Northdown agreed to be our official "Clubhouse." I couldn't think of a better place since they have one of the best craft beer selections in Chicago as well as a delicious menu. Hello Pork Frites!
PORK FRITES! Fries, Puled pork, bacon, jalapenos + cheese sauce!

Tomorrow February 7th  is our inaugural run with the club. At 11:15 am  we will run an easy 3 miles starting and ending at Northdown (our clubhouse) and enjoy one beer on the house. I know L and I will be staying for brunch and more beers.

About the Mikkeller running club:

The idea of Mikkeller Running Club is to stay fit through running. That makes us capable of enjoying even more of the good life – which includes state of the art food and drinks.
Obviously our main passion is beer – especially drinking beers – and sometimes (preferably) in large scales.
However, speed is not the main target in Mikkeller Running Club. Having fun and great social relations is our top priority and we´re just proud to see MRC members take part in races and events around the world.
There are now chapters of MRC all over the world- and you can run with them on the 1st Saturday of each month!

Come out and join us!

Google: RSVP

Facebook: RSVP

Official Mikkeller run club gear

Northdown will have some pretty sweet Run club shirts on sale as well!

Between getting the logistics set for the MRC and training for a 5k, I've been way outside of my comfort zone lately and it feels amazing.

I picked "sub 20" as my 5k goal a few weeks ago and have been following a plan. Initially, I thought I'd have to back off on the fast paces prescribed or alter the speed work because I wouldn't be able to hold the paces for the duration of the workouts. But I was wrong. With each of the 3 speed work sessions I've completed, I've realized I'm a lot stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. 10x1 minute at 5k pace. Check. 20 minute tempo at 5k pace + 30 seconds. Double check. 5x 3 minute Fartlek at 5k pace. Triple check.
Shit eating grin stupid selfie post 3 mile tempo avg pace 7:00/mile. just seconds away from my 5K PR pace.

In life, nothing worth anything comes easy and most of the time we end up talking ourselves out of something potentially amazing because of our own doubts. I'm happy I am continually stepping out of my comfy zone to live and do cool things. In 2015 I will be the Chicago Captain for the Mikkller run club- which combines my love of  craft beer (and favorite brewery ever) as well as my passion for running. And I will also break 20 min in a 5k.

 It's time to get shit done.


  1. How awesome!!! You certainly are getting shit done!
    (Also, you used L's name in your first paragraph, third sentence, if you want to edit that.)

    1. Ha ha ha good catch :) that's what I get for writing posts on my phone :)

  2. Congrats on the awesome turnout for the inaugural run! It was lots of fun! How did I miss those delicious pulled pork fries at Northdown? I guess I will have to order them at next month's run. Way to kick some major ass in training for your quest for a sub 20! You will do it.

  3. Awesome job on hitting your 5k training goals! Which race are you aiming for?
    I'll try and join for March run club!

  4. OMG I wish I could eat all those fries! Darn it to hell to my diet! GREAT job keeping on pace. You rock!

  5. I'm definitely in for next month! I couldn't be there last Saturday because I was actually on the seven mile bridge in Florida at that time :)