Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 2 of ?? 5k training

This week was a bit of a bust training wise. I was very busy at work and felt "off" all week and decided taking an extra rest day or 2 wouldn't kill me. I still nailed all of my speed work.

Monday: REST

Tuesday: FARTLEKS! 5x 3 minutes at Goal 5k pace (6:22/mile) with 2 min recovery (8:45/mile).

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: Cycled 9 hilly miles

Friday: REST

Saturday: 3 progressive miles followed by 3.3 Miles with the Mikkeller Running Club- More on that soon!

Sunday: Progressive run- 10 min easy, 15 minutes @ 7:12/mile, 5 minutes @ Goal 5K pace (6:22/mile) followed by 3x 30 second hills @ Goal 5k pace (interval 3 on treadmill)

I am still amazed that I haven't had to modify the speed workouts either for pace or time yet. I'd only amend the workout if it felt exceptionally hard. But after 2 weeks, I feel all the speed work i've done so far is comfortably hard- like i'm not over exerting myself trying to keep the pace nor do I feel like I gave 100% effort (I'll be saving that for the goal 5k!). After each speed workout I feel energized and like I could have kept going. These workouts leave me craving more speed!

I still don't have a goal 5k (or 5ks) yet. I am however signed up for 2 5k's in 2 different countries (USA not included!) but depending on the circumstances of each of them, will probably not be sub 20 worthy... PR worthiness remains to be seen and will not be totally discounted... One has a crazy elevation profile including a brutal uphill finish, the other will be at the end of a week of excessive wine and beer consumption. I'll keep looking for some Chicagoland 5k's to consider for the sub 20.

CB as always was exceptionally cute this week. Very playful and full of energy. I forget he's over 10 years old now.

We also made some more spent grain dog biscuits- with the grain coming from a porter my husband brewed earlier in the week. CB was very happy.

We finished the week at the Inaugural Mikkeller Running Club Saturday morning, and drank with good friends sunday.
"For relaxing times..." 

It was a good 2nd week of training despite the extra rest days. On to week 3!


  1. Way to keep rocking! Just be careful with running too much high impact mileage. It looks like you are getting enough rest/cross training for recovery. You'll likely have to slow down if you want to add mileage volume though to prevent injury.

  2. Wow, you're getting very speedy! It's good that you are not overexerting yourself. That's my problem with speed training - going all out and either burning out or injury. Best to feel that you have something left in the tank at the end. Anyway, at first glance I thought that was a mega dog treat for CB! :)