Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This is How We Spectate. #ChiMarathon

Early Sunday morning we left our place to get some coffee before heading to mile 23.5 to spectate the Chicago Marathon.

Michigan Ave was completely empty and devoid of spectators and runners- this was the final stretch. Around mile 26. 
We took the EL down to 35th ave to hang out near the Goose Island bus to spectate. This area isn't too crowded and is a prime spot to take photos.

After seeing some  wheelchair athletes fly by, we saw the men's leaders. It is incredible how they make 4:xx pace look so effortless and easy.
A little while later we saw the women's leaders.
And then saw complete bad ass Deena Kastor on her way to a 7th place finish in 2:27 and 10th place Sara Hall who had a huge PR to finish in 2:31!
Eric  who had already volunteered in the morning came out to join our little cheer station. We had a lot of fun cowbelling and cheering and taking photos of our friends who were running this year. Huge congrats to everyone who ran this year!
After seeing many of our friends run by, we decided to to get an IPA from the Goose Island bus to take with us on our walk back home.
Instead of taking the EL back to our place we decided to walk along Michigan ave- there was no shortage of spectators with fun signs to read.
On our way back up Michigan ave, we stopped by Motor Row brewing to rehydrate. Spectating is hard work! We continued watching the runners from the bar on their 2nd level.
We eventually made our way back up to our condo and I cheered for runners while handing out pretzel rods. We brought the Whistle Pig downstairs in time to cheer for one of our Mikkeller Running Club runners who was completing his first marathon. At mile 26 we congratulated him and all took a small shot of whiskey with him to celebrate.
This is how we spectate.



  1. You guys really, really know how to spectate! Great pics of Deena and Sara. Also, thanks for the pics of me.! It is always a good motivator for the 2nd half knowing you guys will be at 23.5 to cheer me on. Also, pretty much right after I see you, I know that all that's left the homestretch ahead on Michigan Avenue. It's a nice coincidence that you guys happen to be by the Goose Island bus every year! I need to try some of that Whistle Pig sometime!

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast! I spectated a couple years ago and had a blast!!!

  3. haha this was amazing. you sure do know how to spectate a marathon :) nice work, and great pics as always!