Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 2 of base building for races next year

Learning new things is super fun, although it's totally overwhelming at times. Just when I start to feel more confident about something, I discover many more items I need to learn about and research. It's like peeling apart an onion and seeing all the layers. Buying a bike was a very positive experience, but it just doesn't end there. Now I need X, Y and Z and need to do X, Y and Z to it to ensure it stays in working order. I sometimes wish triathlons were as simple as running, but that is part of the draw for me. I really enjoy pushing boundaries and learning new things, so it makes me happy to be soaking up all of this new information. And besides that, I really love a good challenge!

Monday: 10 miles cycled

Tuesday: 4 mile run, 3 miles cycled

Wednesday: REST aka Hungover.

Thursday: 12 miles cycled

Friday: REST aka Buy my bike!

Saturday: 11 miles cycled, 4 mile run

Sunday: AM: 16.2 miles on my new bike!!

Sunday: PM: 3.8 miles cycled inside, 2 mile run

Total: 66 miles, 5:12

56 miles cycled, 10 miles run

Goals from the previous week:

  • Manage time better.   Did better this week, but work is also extremely busy right now.
  • Run more. Check. wanted more than 10 miles, but given the 2 rest days, i'm happy.
  • Wake up earlier to complete workouts before work. Check. 
  • Start swimming again. FAIL. 
Other stuff:
  • Bought my bike on Friday! Went with my friend Vicky who helped me decide which one to get after zooming around the parking lot. (More on that in another post)
  • Felt good with all of my workouts despite being stretched extra thin at work.
Goals for next week:
  • Start swimming again
  • Continue to increase run and cycle time
  • Add one small speed sesh for cycling and running.
  • Log my strength/core work. I currently do at least 4 sessions a week, but dont keep track of it.

We went to the last Bulls preseason game on Tuesday evening with some friends and had a blast! We even ran into Emmers who was also at the game. I had a bit too much fun and felt like shit the next day, but it was worth it.
Friday I bought my first road bike! A beautiful Giant Avail Advanced 2. 
A post just isn't complete without a cameo from the CB dog.



  1. Phew! I was worried we wouldn't see CB!

    Isn't it NUTS how much there is to know about cycling? I read Bicycling Magazine and feel like that helps me a little... but I bet most of it is live and learn! :)

    Congrats on your new ride! She's a beauty!

    1. Thank you :) It is so overwhelming yet so interesting to me! Im loving this new hobby a lot.

  2. Ah! Yay for mileage building! Can't wait for you to kick some ass next year.

    1. Thanks! Slow and steady buildup is the name of the game.. Taking after you for building smartly :)

  3. Congrats on the bike. And you may have the coolest bike jersey ever.

    1. Thank you ! My good friend Kim got me the jersey and I squealed with excitement when I saw it :) Owls = speed.

  4. Congrats on the bike!! And the CB photos always make me smile. :)

    1. thank you :) CB is happy to know he made you smile :)

  5. Yay for a new bike! I love that you are pushing yourself to learn new things and take on a tri. I hate my bike and am too cheap to buy a new one so I just stick with running :) Hi to the litte CB dog :)

    1. Hola Cola! :) Its scary and wonderful and overwhelming going "all in" for these triathlons... but so fun too. I love running but afetr the injury last year I havent been able to get back into longer distances like I used to do (purely out of laziness and fear of injury) So Tri's started looking more and more appealing.