Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 4 of base building for races next year

4 weeks down and many, many more to go before I actually start training for my goal races. I feel like i've gotten into a nice routine of working out lately- alternating run/cycle days while increasing the duration and intensity little by little also while throwing a brick in the mix. Working out never feels stale because I have options, which I didn't really have when solely training for running races. I find it difficult at times to wrap my head around the fact that my ultimate bucket list goal race is next September- nearly a year from now. It's great because I have a ton of time to prepare, but also exhausting because I will have been focused on this goal for such a long time, and usually I like the more instant gratification of 10 week marathon training cycles or even less for shorter distances. But, this is a great exercise in patience and going outside of my comfort zone and the lessons learned while I go through this process over the next year will be worth it when I hear the words "Charlyn, you are an Ironman" at the finish. Until then I just have to take each workout day by day and continue to stay engaged and excited at weekly milestones.


Monday: 3.12 mile run with the pup.

Tuesday: 16 miles cycled

Wednesday: 12 miles cycled, 2 mile run (brick)

Thursday: 8 mile run- including final 2 with the pup

Friday: 20 miles cycled

Saturday: 3.2 mile run with Mikkeller Run Club Chicago

Sunday: 5 miles cycled on my trainer

Total: 69.32 miles, 5:55

53 miles cycled, 16.32 miles run,

3:27:07 Cycled, 2:27:32 running


Getting to run outside with CB 2 times was awesome! He was so happy and I was super happy the weather was "warm."

Our Mikkeller running club met for our 10th run this past Saturday and it was one of our largest groups with 40+ folks. We always have a great time running and then enjoying post run beers at Northdown. Our next run will be December 5.

I was bummed not to have a longer run/cycle workout this weekend, but was happy to log almost 6 hours.

Goals for next week:

Continue to build duration of workouts and intensity. 

Do some cycling centric speedwork/exercises.

Do one running speed sesh.

Go to the pool. 'Nuff said.

CB and I had a blast running together. His enthusiasm is contagious.
I finally finished my bar cart project! I just need to stock it with booze and it will be good to go. A post about that is in the works.
Our 10th MRC run was a huge success! We meet every 1st Saturday at our clubhouse, the Northdown. Join us for our next run!
CB wasn't amused spectating the Hot Chocolate 15K when we went to get food in the morning. I think he would have rather gone running with the folks participating.



  1. If anyone can complete and Ironman, it's you! Can't wait to follow your journey!

    1. Aww thanks ;) I'm excited for this new challenge!

  2. An IM?!?!?! Must be doing Madison. If so, I can connect you with Chicagoans who have done it :)

  3. Iron Man?! Woah, awesome! You have the wheels (i.e. fast legs and fast bike) to be competitive. It's really good that you are giving yourself a year to train. Gradually building up your base is the best for conditioning and for staying healthy! Nice bar cart. Want to see it full of booze now! :)

    1. Yes! Next year this time I'll be a brand new ironman :) I'm excited to try something completely new- and it's been a bucket list item for me for probably over 10 years now.

  4. I'll see you in Wisconsin! Ironman training is tough but very rewarding!

    1. Yeah!!!! That's awesome you're doing it again ! I can see this process being very difficult, but so rewarding too. :)