Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ironman Wisconsin: Week 6

6 weeks down, 14 to go. Whoa. This week I felt pretty good about my workouts. I struggled during the week with feeling really sleepy, so I cutback a little. Turns out I just can't get quality sleep without the AC if it's too hot. No AC = feeling like crap all day long. Problem solved!

I didn't swim again- but I'll be hitting the pool 2x this week. Scheduling has been challenging as well as not being able to go OWS due to there being no lockers yet. I'll overcome this- it's not a huge deal.

I rode Mortadella outside before work one day for 20+ miles. It was so fun zooming up and down the lakefront without worrying about the clueless runners or rent-a-bikers out there.

On Saturday we had the 18th run for Mikkeller Running Club Chicago. As always, we had a blast running together and rehydrating with beer after. Our next run is July 2 and more info is {HERE} Join us!

The garden is thriving after one week. CB is super interested in "helping" me with the plants. When I go out to water them, he follows me and then starts to sniff them which quickly escalates into kissing them which would end in him eating them if I didn't intervene. I keep reminding him that he needs to let them live because I'm growing cucumbers for him- his absolute favorite!

On Sunday, L and I participated in the Udder Century ride. My plan was to do either 62-75 miles. It was such a gorgeous day!

L and I cycled together for 27 miles and then I went on to complete 62 for the day. He finished 50- which was his longest ride ever! It was a great event with a well marked course, aid stations with amazing sandwiches and a really chill friendly vibe.

I even stopped to make some new friends a long the way. The only downside was I got sunburned. I mistakenly thought my shrug would cover all the exposed skin on my back, but realized way too late that it didn't. Lesson learned.

Sunday evening we continued our pizza making tradition. I make the dough from scratch and then we each make a pizza to share. I bought a pizza oven a few weeks ago and it is the best appliance I've got in my kitchen. (I need to start making fresh juice again, sorry juicer). The oven heats up to 600 degrees and the pizza stone chars the crust perfectly.

Looking forward:

• I need to not be too hard on myself if I have to rearrange workouts, or drop a mid week workout entirely. I am transitioning to a new role at work which is requiring me to adjust to a new schedule and also go out of my comfort zone quite a bit which is tiring at times. (All good though).

•Remind myself of the gains I've made with cycling. I feel confident that I could finish 112 miles today if I had to (and follow up with a long run). My nutrition for longer rides is constantly getting tweaked for the better & the saddle is not as irritating as it once was. My endurance is much much better than I could have hoped for.

•Get to a place where I feel comfortable with my swimming. This will come soon, once I can string a few weeks of workouts together.

•Continue to take everything day by day & not freak out about all the workouts I have to complete.


  1. Congrats on the metric century! Looks like a scenic place for a ride. Too bad about the sunburn, that sucks. I need to bike more - well actually I need to just bike! Maybe I'll do it after the RnR in July. What brand of pizza oven do you own? Looks delicious!

  2. OMG - a pizza oven! That pizza creation looks HEAVENLY! I love the tank you are wearing in the Udder Century photos, but am bummed to hear about the sunburn. Right now is that weird time of year where since it was cold so recently ago, it's easy to forget that we need sun protection now! That's so cute that CB likes cucumbers. BTW - is there a story behind the "Mortadella" name for your bike?