Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ironman Wisconsin: Weeks 7, 8 & 9

Week 7:

Quick summary: I worked out a lot, but didn't hit all of my workout goals. I felt bad about this for far longer than I should have.

I just started a new role at work while still doing my old functions until it can be transitioned. My days are long. I wouldn't have predicted that i'd be where I am today in my company- I really enjoy the new role, but the learning curve is steep at times.

I am following an "advanced competitive" plan for the ironman in hopes that if I do cut back on a workout, I'll still be far ahead of the "beginner, just finish" plan. I really need to remind myself of this.

Sometime in the past 3 weeks, Vicky and I painted our pets, Millie and CB. We had a blast!

Week 8:

First group ride in the city- I rode with Live Grit for their 45 mile option.

Again, I felt really discouraged that I'm not doing enough workout wise, but in reality I'm far ahead of the "just finish" plan and getting plenty of solid time in. I think it was this week that I felt pretty crappy for most of the week. I don't want to "just finish" but instead, finish strong in the least amount of time possible. I don't want to be out on the course longer than I need to because I wasn't prepared- ex: not strong at swimming, can't change a flat, etx.

Sometime in the past 2 weeks, L and I went to the semi final for Copa America. I was excited to go to a game with legit passionate futebol fans- Colombia vs Chile.

At halftime a crazy storm came and delayed the game for 2+ hours, we just waited in our seats and were convinced the game would be canceled due to the field being flooded. Once the rain subsided, an army of guys came out with squeegees and got rid of the large puddles, but the field was still ridiculously saturated. Chile won, and I was bummed Colombia didn't.

Week 9:

This week marked my first OWS as well as nailing *most* of my workouts. I felt good overall, but feel really sleepy most mornings which I'm convinced is because it was too warm.

My first open water swim in 2 years went ok. I did 2 intervals of 300m and really struggled to keep my head underwater. My 3rd interval was a half mile and that went much better. 4th interval I decided to see if I could make it 1.2 miles- I did make it- and surprisingly I felt the most comfortable on this longest lap. The only downside was I felt extremely nauseous when I stopped swimming which subsided once I rode my bike home and ate some food before my 2 hour run. I also put a hole in my wetsuit and have since fixed it.

My dad sent me this 33 year old triathlon book. I can't wait to see if anything substantial has changed over the years.

Pizza making Sunday resumed deliciously with a Hawaiian style pie. The scratch made dough I had frozen a few weeks ago was still good and made a crispy crust. Have to say the pizza oven is one of my favorite kitchen appliances hands down.

The garden is exploding. After 30 days of balcony life we have a bunch of peppers and tomatoes growing. The peas and cucumbers were slow to start from seed, but are now thriving.

I am always happy for the end of the week when I can start fresh again on Monday.

Looking forward:

•stop being so negative about training if I cut time or miss a workout. I know I could finish the IM today if I had to.

•more swimming. This is definitely my weak spot. I need to get more comfortable in open water and hopefully more OWS means no more nausea.

•work on nutrition, specifically hydration. I need to sort this out before IM Racine 70.3 It's more about being conscious of drinking seemingly more than I "need." Time to sit down and write out a plan.

18 days until my first half Ironman.

74 days until I become an Ironman.


  1. I love that old school Runner's World triathlon book. That guy with the mustache really looks chiseled! :) I can relate to what you wrote: "I don't want to 'just finish' but instead, finish strong in the least amount of time possible." That's how I feel about distance running. Unless I only had a handful of weeks to train (for example due to an injury), my goal is to always be on the course for as short amount of time as possible. That is: I want to be as fit as possible for a race. When I'm prepared, races are more enjoyable, since they can seem effortless (which feels good) and I never really hit that "struggle bus" zone where I have to slow down and start to drag myself over the final miles. Good luck figuring out your nutrition and hydration. I'm sure consuming the right amount of calories and liquid makes a huge difference during the Ironman.

  2. That pizza looks amazing! Good job on the workouts. Great job on the open water swim! I have only ever done one and that was in my only tri. It didn't go well. Its definitely something I would need to work on if I ever do another one. Good luck with your workouts! It sounds like you're still getting a lot of them in which is great. I can't imagine how much time IM training takes and then to add to craziness at work on top of it! Great job!

  3. Sounds like you are on point with where you need to be, and I agree-celebrate how hard you are working and don't let the negative thoughts creep in to your head!