Monday, August 29, 2016

Ironman Wisconsin: Week 18

Omg omg omg 2 weeks to go!

I'm in taper now, so I'm *only* working out 10.5 hours a week. It doesn't feel like taper yet since I've been ridiculously busy with work and home life. But to not have to run and cycle all damn day on the weekend is nice. I took an unscheduled rest day due to being tired and enjoyed the extra sleep and dinner at Villains that night (but was in meetings every second of that day, which was very tiring by itself)

Workouts are going well and I feel great. I have good days where I'm so pumped about the race and then the wind changes and suddenly I'm doubting everything. I'll be really happy when I cross the finish line and I can cross "finish an Ironman" off of my bucket list and move on with my life. I've enjoyed this journey for the most part, but sacrificing my summer for a race is not something I want to do again in the near future. I don't get paid to do this, so putting so much effort, money and time into a hobby is a bit much.

CB wanted to be included for the "take a picture of a kid in a backpack and post on social media" photos.

The weather has been so nice lately.

Saturday morning it was super foggy-contrast that with the sunrise earlier in the week.

Saturday we went to 5 Rabbits for the "Summer Crushers" beer festival. It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon. All of the beers had fruit in them- and there was also delicious food.

Sunday we relaxed and I made a mint julep for the first time ever- and used the pineapple mint from my garden. I didn't smash the mint enough so there wasn't an overly strong flavor of mint in the drink, but it was still super refreshing.

Looking forward:

•Write out a nutrition plan for race day.

•Swim and make a warmup routine. also figure out which goggles will be my #1 for race day.

•Bring Mortadella in for a tuneup

•Fix my mountain bike. (New tires, brake pads)

•Try to stay positive about the race. A huge component of endurance events is the mental aspect- I need to remain in a good mindset.

13 Days until I become an Ironman.

18 days until I register for Boston.



  1. Love the "back to school" pic of CB complete with backpack and chalkboard. All of your time and effort this summer will be worth it the moment during the IM that you need to reach down deep and find that you have reserves to get you through those final miles. You'll not only be able to hold pace, but you'll pass boatloads of runners and finish strong! <2 weeks to go - OMG!

  2. Best wishes to you on your race. You've put in hard work, so keep positive! Sending you a virtual high five!

  3. Yes, get in a good mindset! Like you said, you don't get paid to do this, so have fun! :) And enjoy that your life will be back in a few weeks, lol :)

  4. Yes, what Pete said. All of your hard work, training, and summer sacrificing will pay off when you cross the finish line! I feel like someone is cutting onions in here just thinking about how awesome that must feel. And then you get your life back!