Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ironman Wisconsin: Week 19

Full on taper mode. Only worked out 9 hours and 42 min this past week (including 28 running miles for a total of 4:05). In contrast, the week before the Carmel Marathon I ran 24 miles and cycled 12, for a total of 4:08. I felt pretty good last week- 10 hours of training is a very manageable amount for me even when work gets nutso. The only lowlight of my workouts was my swim. I got very nauseous and cut my swim at 1.2 miles. It was super choppy so I'm hoping that was the cause.

Monday I finally used the voucher I won to go SUP. It was a gorgeous evening and Vicky and I had fun zooming around the harbor. But why on earth did we wait until the end of the season!?! I really want to go again if the weather permits post IM.

Garmin released the "Face It" app and I squealed with delight when I discovered it. I now have my CB on my watch.

Saturday was our 20th Mikkeller Running Club run. As always, we had a ton of fun running and drinking with good people. You should really join us for our next run on October 1. Info: {HERE}

CB is my super dedicated coach. He always wakes up at 4am to supervise me while I'm on the trainer.

Looking forward:

• need to make a list, round up and pack all of my Ironman stuff.

•continue going over my nutrition plan for the bike and morning of the IM

•stop freaking out. I'm equal parts scared, anxious and excited.

4 Days until I become an Ironman!

9 days until I register for the Boston Marathon.


  1. Four days? Seems like only yesterday you posted about how far out the IM was. Anyway, I hope my cheering you on during your swim on Sunday didn't mess you up. I do remember it was pretty choppy that day. Anyway, I'm sure that the lake in Madison will be much, much calmer and Sunday will be the greatest day ever. I'll be following your progress!