Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Life Post Ironman

2+ weeks post IRONMAN WISCONSIN aka the greatest day ever i feel pretty good. It feels like the race was 2 months (or more) ago! 3 days post race I found myself halfway down the subway stairs and suddenly realized that I had no muscle soreness. I expected a lot worse- my hard marathon efforts left me way more sore. I can only guess that a bunch of low intensity exercise (even if it was 14:39 worth) didn't destroy my muscles like a sustained hard run effort.

The only physical complaint I have is that the top of my foot hurts and is a little swollen. I first noticed it on Monday while walking to pick up CB. At the peak of its existence, the top of my foot felt like it was cramping up bad while I walked. 2 weeks later, it's still noticeable but much improved. I'm not rushing to the doctor yet because I think it has to do with my bike shoes and how I was pulling up on the pedals during the second part of the race (for a change in muscle usage). The good thing is that it is not load bearing so I know it's not a bone issue. It's likely a tendon being pissy or bruise.

First week post IM, I did elliptical for 30 min on Saturday and Sunday. 2nd week post IM, I ran less than 30 min on the Saturday and Sunday. My foot doesn't seem to be bothered by light running or elliptical, but it will be a few more weeks before I return to running. I'll start cycling on the trainer and resume swimming soon. I'm surprised at how much I don't miss working out right now, but I've also been super busy at work and at home. I'll get into a more regular routine with more core+strength within the next week.

Mentally, I feel weird post IM. I'm definitely not experiencing post race blues, but I've had a difficult time adjusting to "normal" life. I wake up too early for no reason and then try to go back to sleep. But In the first week post IM, I felt like I could sleep for days. I also got a bad allergy/cold thing which lasted a little over a week. Not surprising since hard endurance efforts decimate your immune system. I like having a plan to follow for workouts because, structure is good. At the same time I'm enjoying doing whatever I want, when I want even if it includes mainly no workouts and sleeping in (something I usually don't do).

Outside of IM stuff, I replaced the tires, tubes and brakes on my 16 year old beater hybrid bike, moqueca. I went to my local cycle shop to buy rim tape (to cover the area where the spokes join the rimei prevent tube punctures) which was likely the cause of the flat. I asked the employee for rim tape and he replied which color? I thought that was a weird question since you wouldn't see it since it's on the inside of the rim. And he brought out handle bar tape. We laughed a second when I reiterated what I had come in the store for. I haven't ridden Moqueca yet because I need to adjust the brakes, but I look forward to rides to the pool and other adventures soon. Mortadella will likely live on the trainer unless there's some decently warm days this fall.

The Friday post IM I registered for the Boston Marathon after buying FOBAB tickets. Dream come true. FOBAB was a blast last year and I know Boston will be incredible.

The next week Vicky and I celebrated Ironman and Boston with cake. And I continue to wear M dot branded shirts out even though it's not my usual style.

I went to Boston with L for a beer festival this past weekend. We had a blast meeting new friends and catching up with old friends. I got to see some family and eat beach pizza which made this trip awesome.

I also slogged over to the Boston Finish Line to take a few pictures. All. The. Feels. Especially after seeing the memorial. No words.

What's next?

•I'm going to not run for at least 2 more weeks (minus our MRC run this Saturday). I'll keep doing light elliptical for 30 min every few days. I feel great but I see no reason to rush returning to a jarring exercise like running.

•Buy a pool membership and go swim laps 1-2x a week

•Start cycling again

•Cook lunch and dinner a lot more, drink alcohol a lot less

•Start sketching out a plan to start return to running/base building for Boston, and eventually write a 10 week training plan for the race. Also geek out analyzing training plans and methods. I'm in no rush to jump back into training for anything for a while.

•Focus on core/PT/strength

•Enjoy life now that I don't have 140.6 miles looming like a dark cloud over my head.


  1. I've never heard of rim tape, interesting. Maybe I'll get some. I'm looking forward to biking a little in the recovery week(s) post-marathon. Congrats on your Boston acceptance! I know how long and hard you worked to get that notification, so it must be extra sweet to finally see that pop up in your email! You're smart to take the two weeks off from running post-IM. I'm sure it's the best thing for you after 14:39 of continuous "exercise". Better to rest than trying to force your still recovering muscles and joints to absorb the impact for little or no benefit. That cake and ice cream dish is as big as a house - I'm sure it was delicious!

  2. Signing up for Boston is really exciting! Now it seems like a long time ago that you qualified! A whole Ironman training block ago! It will be fun to just be able to work out whatever way you feel and for ever how long you want!

    I ran this past weekend as I was signed up for Ragnar Trail Northwoods and wound up so sore Sunday thru Tuesday. Ouch. Ironman left me sore but I felt pretty good by day 3 too! I'll probably take some more time off running though I do want to ride my bike more!

  3. So excited for you that you are going to Boston this year and glad that you are enjoying your time off. I would wear those Ironman shirts for a long time and shout your accomplishment from the rooftops :)