Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Boston Marathon Training {Week 11}

This week got off to a slow start. Due to all the hill running in TN, my ankles and lower legs were hurting for a few days- so I had to delay my speed sesh to later in the week. This week was nothing to write home about.


When we were in Tennessee, my mom gave me this sweet bracelet. It really captures all of my 2016 athletic achievements. I love how it was custom made for me- All World Athlete, and also has my IM Wisconsin time on a charm. The water bottle represents swimming, (it's not a beer bottle, lol) because there was no swimmer charm. I love it so much.


This week went ok. I imploded by the end of the week due to work and life, but redeemed it with my longest run this year on Sunday.

Training Plan

Monday- easy 4 mile run
Tuesday- easy 4 mile run, 8.25 mile cycle
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday- 2x1200's @ 5:00, 3x800's @ 3:20 for 7 miles total running
Friday- 6 mile run, 11.17 mile cycle
Saturday- rest- dehydrated/hungover
Sunday- 16 mile run, 21.8 mile cycle

I was really upset on Saturday morning that I couldn't run due to feeling super shitty- I had a few drinks Friday night and must have been dehydrated. Last week was awful for many reasons and all I can do is start the next week fresh and with a positive mindset. Ive only got 6 more big weeks left before taper- I just need to put my head down and do the work.

Goals and Stuff

I feel in much better shape than last year. 6:40 pace for my speed work feels much more comfortable than I would have thought- but that's just consistency. I remember early on how 400's @ 6:40 would leave my legs feeling sore for a few days, now after a speed sesh, my legs feel little to no soreness.

Sub 3:30 for Boston is still my goal. I'm feeling good.

I went to my favorite Chicago beer festival on Saturday- "Uppers and Downers." All the beer had coffee in it.

Meal planning is still going well. I made a pasta recipe out of my vegetarian cookbook to eat for a few days. Roasted peppers, balsamic, OJ and feta.

For lunch I made the white bean salad again out of Racing Weight.

No scones this week, although I do have a batch in the freezer to eat. For breakfast this week I'm eating toast with cottage cheese and apricot jam. Because, variety.

Looking Forward

I really need to run outside. I don't know what my hangup is, but I need to run outside more.

Continuing to eat well, and drink less alcohol is also high on my list. I want to give the remainder of this training cycle a good solid effort, and I don't want it to be sabotaged by poor choices.

18 Days to go until March Madness Half

32 Days to go until Shamrock Shuffle

47 Days to go until BOSTON!



  1. Aww, that was nice of your mom to get you that personalized bracelet!

    So you felt okay to run Sunday after drinking Saturday? Do you think you would have been okay Friday if you had more water?

    GIRL, get outside. This "winter" was made for you :)

    Hope this week is better!

  2. Congrats on the 16 miler and all the miles! Sorry to hear about your trashed legs. Summer running downhills in Wisconsin really do a number on my shins, so I can relate. Nice job on eating well this week. How was the coffee infused beer? Were there any side-effects from mixing the caffeine with the alcohol? One time, I tried drinking coffee while drinking beer in New Orleans so I could stay out until the wee hours and unfortunately it gave me a massive headache. However, I bet the beer has less caffeine than a few cups of coffee so it's probably not that bad!

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